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1 Crystal January 13, 2014 at 9:07 pm


My husband and I are expecting #4 March 20, 2014. We do not know what we are having so are in need of both gender names. Our kids’ names are:

Iris Lynnlee
Vivien (Vivi) Schaw
Thaddeus (Thad) John Robert

The girl name we have selected is Elouise Wilmine (we’ll call her Lou). All of our middle names honor family so we want to have James as a boy middle name. We had Lewis selected but close friends of ours just had a boy and named him Louis. Ah!

With Thaddeus being such a strong name, we would like one to match. We really like the name Thatcher (Thatch) but think it is too similar sounding to Thad. We also like Major or Merrick but we think they may be too modern compared to our other names. We love Ezekiel (Zeke) but it is a family friends’ name & I don’t want to steal it.

Please send any incredible names my way if you are able. Thank you!



2 You Can't Call It "It"! February 10, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Hi Crystal, thanks for writing in. I don’t do consultations anymore but wonder if the Elouise spelling will cause needless confusion? I think you could use the standard Eloise and still call her “Lou.” Good luck! Love your children’s names.


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