It’s a PRINCE!

Sorry to disappoint, but Prince Spencer is about as likely as Prince Crown Royal.  Sussing out Queen Elizabeth’s direct line yields some fascinating gems.  While my money’s on George, here’s a list of his ancestors that in all likelihood will not be the young prince’s Christian name:







Wouldn’t these be fun though???

Snort Worthy

July 9th, 2013

The internet has been aflutter with this video from a talk show based out of England.  Katie Hopkins gets nearly ten minutes of air time postulating on why she judges children based on their names.  The views expressed in this video are not those of this site or its author.

It makes you wonder how she sleeps at night.

This Katie Hopkins character is to be both pitied and reviled.  She uses the names as a “shortcut”, pre-judging CHILDREN and won’t let her own precious progeny associate those who have less desirable names.  She will even cut a friendship off at the pass, and assumes that working class children don’t do their homework and are behaviorally disruptive.  Equally ridiculous, she makes opposite assumptions about upper class parents and their child-rearing skills by the names they choose.  Would she be shocked to find that little Araminta’s mother drinks too much at birthday parties?  Or what about young George, who bullies her precious Maximilian with a cruelty and snobbery that rivals her own?

The similarities between some of Hopkins’ hit list and my Seven Deadly Trends are not lost on me.  I am a self-professed name snob.  Yet there is a world of difference between preferring some names to others and allowing this snobbery to spill over into judgement.  I will not claim this woman as one of my own, and would counter that if she is raising her children with this kind of antiquated elitism she is doing them a great disservice.  Yes, I have been unnaturally excited to meet the mother of “Adelaide and Barnaby”, but I’ve also found that an affinity in names does not a friendship make.  As would be the case should I meet said offender.

What I try to do at You Can’t Call It “It”! is help families come up with the names that best suit them and their children.  Liken it to a difference in taste: some people prefer mid-century modern furnishings, others may opt for Hollywood Regency, others still have no defined “style” at all.  But does that determine whether or not I would want to befriend them, or promote play dates with their children?  Does it mean that I think less of my children’s friends who have monikers that I wouldn’t have chosen myself?  Shudder at the very thought.

English readers, is class still a nightmare of an issue there as Katie Hopkins would have us believe?  Do any of you think that she has a point?

Ace Trumps Jack.

July 6th, 2013

So… it appears I took a little breaky-break after the whole Kimye debacle.  I’m still not sure we have the true name on that score, but we shall speak no more about it.  For now.

In other celebribaby news, Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby boy.  Poor Jessica.  She can never seem to keep her mouth shut, this one.  The name Ace Knute was announced years ago!  I like Ace quite a bit,  and as for the middle?  You do pronounce the K.

I failed to mention here but Anna Paquin’s twins’ names were revealed: Poppy and Charlie.  I like.  Simple and friendly.  Perfectly in harmony with half-siblings Lilac and Billy.

Busy Phillips has also gone and had another one.  What would you name Birdie’s sister? 

More recent celebrity births include Maven, Sterling, Everly, EmersonJustice and Doone.  All girls.  Gone are the days when a gender-bending girl’s name is even remarkable.  Now the goal perhaps is to find one that is remotely attractive.

I am taking the weekend to look over the Sibset Games from weeks past.  Will post a few favorites soon.  In the meantime, I’ve noticed some of you have taken this time to play catch up.  More great lists still come in every day!

Now that the Sibset Game is over, I’m considering what’s next on the blog this summer.  What would you like to read?  More “Names Like…” posts?  A list of 100 alternates?  Lists of Babycenter or London Telegraph births?   International gems by country?  Your suggestions welcome!

It’s not Kaidence.  It’s not Kai.  And thank heavens she kept poor Clementine from bastardization with a K.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have evidently chosen the cheeky North to add to his surname.  According to People Magazine, this is the name on the birth certificate at Cedars Sinai Hospital.  ETA E! Entertainment News, Kardashian’s host channel, is also reporting now that she is North West, no middle name.  They might have considered a double middle name, South Easton, perhaps?   If this is indeed it, trademarks and domain names will be a trick.  Although “North by North West” might still be available in certain genres aside from film…

Their baby will at least have some direction in life.  How awesome would it be if she grew up to be a crunchy Doc Marten sporting hippy on the Oregon Coast? It would also be nice if the child can always listen to her own true north if you catch my meaning.  I guess if they have another child this really only leaves South (South By South had become a running joke for this babe), East, or Easton, which they actually love.

Kim indeed did throw us a red herring, as she denied that North was even in the running.  Many people thought at the very least it would be something like Knorth.  It’s much more gender neutral than I might have expected, and really quite simple, beyond the obvious pun.  Maybe my compass is off, but I don’t actually hate it.

Welcome little North West, A.K.A. “Nori.”  We can get back to regular programming now, and rest easy knowing that our choices are likely still safe from going the way of celebribaby.  That’s all I really cared about anyway.

Site News

June 18th, 2013

Thank you to and blogger Aela Mass (pretty name, by the way). You Can’t Call It “It”! was included amongst their TOP 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013.  Quite an honor.  I’m in good company.  You should head over there to see the whole list.

I got interviewed.  Thank you also to the lovely Anna Otto over at Waltzing More Than Matilda.  Let me know what you think!  ETA: In the interview, I mention that I think it’s time to rewrite the Seven Deadly Trends, which are now 5 years old (as is the blog).  I have a few hits on my list, but I’m open to suggestions.

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding the Kardashian-West child.  It seems not only the name-conscious are obsessed with this impending announcement, but the whole Twittersphere.  In addition to Klementine Star, I’ve read Kai Georgia Donda, Kaidence Kardashian-West, and even Khrist.  Something like Kaianya or Kelila seems more their speed…or maybe Kassi’D (Cassidy)?

Your Challenge.

June 12th, 2013

New game!


1. Name 9 children from *your own* previous choices in the SSA sibset game.

2. 4 boys, 4 girls, 1 your choice.

3. The 9 names must come from at least 7 different centennial sets.

4. No cheating!  No substitutions!


Hint: Think about the original style of the name rather than be preoccupied with its popularity, and most importantly, choose names you love!

Ooh, I’m seeing more cohesive sets pop out at me from the 900s than I did with the 800s.  What’s your favorite centennial for 2012?

Be sure to catch up and make all your lists so that I can include you in this next bit. I’ll be posting a “winner’s circle” (judged by the humble *moi* and a new (related) game!

900 Anders Barbara
901 Alvaro Dallas
902 Mustafa Jaqueline
903 Thaddeus Karma
904 Brenton America
905 Cale Sariyah
906 Clinton Azalea
907 Derick Everly
908 Jorden Ingrid
909 Gilberto Lillyana
910 Jabari Emmalynn
911 Rey Marianna
912 Salvatore Brisa
913 Freddy Kaelynn
914 Donte Leona
915 Ernest Libby
916 Aaden Deanna
917 Axton Mattie
918 Blaise Miya
919 Lucca Kai
920 Maximo Annalee
921 Sidney Nahla
922 Dario Dorothy
923 Rodolfo Kaylyn
924 Trevon Rayna
925 Camryn Araceli
926 Deegan Cambria
927 Sonny Evalyn
928 Cassius Haleigh
929 Truman Thalia
930 Brice Jakayla
931 Brogan Maliah
932 Hugh Saige
933 Yehuda Avianna
934 Agustin Charity
935 Eliot Kaylen
936 Stefan Raylee
937 Zaid Tamia
938 Bridger Aubrielle
939 Damion Bayleigh
940 Eliseo Carley
941 Houston Kailynn
942 Johann Katrina
943 Leroy Belen
944 Sheldon Karlie
945 Dariel Natalya
946 Darryl Alaysia
947 Isai Celine
948 Tyrell Milana
949 Alfred Monroe
950 Demarcus Estelle
951 Kohen Meadow
952 Ignacio Audrianna
953 Rylen Cristina
954 Santos Harlee
955 Cael Jazzlyn
956 Davon Scarlette
957 Kaysen Zahra
958 Mack Akira
959 Darien Ann
960 Ross Collins
961 Titan Kendyl
962 Tyree Anabel
963 Ameer Azariah
964 Zaire Carissa
965 Aditya Milena
966 Briggs Tia
967 Immanuel Alisa
968 Malaki Bree
969 Turner Carleigh
970 Bradyn Cheyanne
971 Graysen Sarahi
972 Kase Laurel
973 Reuben Kylah
974 Yandel Tinley
975 Gaige Kora
976 Jaidyn Marisa
977 Franco Esme
978 Trystan Sloan
979 Maison Cailyn
980 Simeon Gisselle
981 Anton Kasey
982 Darnell Kyndal
983 Emory Marlene
984 Roderick Riya
985 Deon Annabell
986 Devan Aubriana
987 Graeme Izabelle
988 Howard Kirsten
989 Jael Aya
990 Kael Dalilah
991 Karsen Devyn
992 Jarrett Geraldine
993 Apollo Analia
994 Denzel Hayleigh
995 Foster Landry
996 Gilbert Sofie
997 Jaylon Tess
998 Kylen Ashtyn
999 Augustine Jessa
1000 Dangelo Katalina

Ack!  We’re almost done.  But don’t worry… next week is going to be filled with some fun analysis, plus a very public baby name consultation.  Stay tuned, and keep naming.



1. Pick five names from the list below you might choose for your own children.  

2. Two boys, two girls, one of your choice. 

3. Bonus points for adding middles — from or off the list!

I’ll post my own set after the action is well underway.


800 Tristin Mara
801 Dominique Averi
802 Kaeden Nola
803 Samson Tara
804 Kyree Taryn
805 Jovani Emmalee
806 Lionel Aubrianna
807 Amos Janae
808 Giancarlo Kyndall
809 Misael Jewel
810 Callum Zaniyah
811 Quintin Kaya
812 Valentino Sonia
813 Gavyn Alaya
814 Lennon Heather
815 Jamir Nathaly
816 Kamron Shannon
817 Zavier Ariah
818 Arlo Avah
819 Junior Giada
820 Killian Lilith
821 Leandro Samiyah
822 Konnor Sharon
823 Hezekiah Coraline
824 Jordyn Eileen
825 Markus Julianne
826 Ramiro Milania
827 Callan Chana
828 Chace Regan
829 Johnathon Krystal
830 Lyric Rihanna
831 Fisher Sidney
832 Rashad Hadassah
833 Kamryn Macey
834 Legend Mina
835 Duncan Paulina
836 Harold Rayne
837 Camilo Kaitlin
838 Hendrix Maritza
839 Seamus Susan
840 Coleman Raina
841 Vance Hana
842 Rylee Keyla
843 Elian Temperance
844 Jaeden Aimee
845 Jamie Alisson
846 Krish Charlize
847 Abdiel Kendal
848 Antoine Lara
849 Camdyn Roselyn
850 Van Alannah
851 Branden Alma
852 Cayson Dixie
853 Gibson Larissa
854 Javion Patience
855 Izayah Taraji
856 Darwin Sky
857 Jamar Zaria
858 Mike Aleigha
859 Randall Alyvia
860 Brecken Aviana
861 Hassan Bryleigh
862 Thiago Elliot
863 Heath Jenny
864 Arnav Luz
865 Kingsley Ali
866 Kyrie Alisha
867 Xavi Ayana
868 Damari Campbell
869 Deangelo Karis
870 Jionni Lilyanna
871 Joziah Azaria
872 Makhi Blair
873 Vaughn Micah
874 Zeke Moriah
875 Konner Myra
876 Ean Lilia
877 Frankie Aliza
878 Yael Giovanna
879 Benton Karissa
880 Oakley Saniya
881 Efrain Emory
882 Marcel Estella
883 Rolando Juniper
884 Maxton Kairi
885 Jaycob Kenna
886 Keenan Meghan
887 Rowen Abrielle
888 Yousef Elissa
889 Ishaan Rachael
890 Jedidiah Emmaline
891 Remy Jolene
892 Todd Joyce
893 Reagan Britney
894 Bodhi Carlie
895 Damarion Haylie
896 Juelz Judith
897 Valentin Renee
898 Austyn Saanvi
899 Broderick Yesenia

Ooh, it is getting tricky now.  Lots of grandma and grandpa, some lovely Latinas.  I’ve found names I like, but have yet to work out a “set” that works.  Can’t wait to see what you drum up!



1. Pick five names from the list below you might choose for your own children.  

2. Two boys, two girls, one of your choice. 

3. Bonus points for adding middles — from or off the list!

I’ll post my own set after the action is well underway.



700 Adrien Iliana
701 Aydan Mckayla
702 Leonard Adelina
703 Sincere Briley
704 Kyson Elaine
705 Terrence Lailah
706 Jerome Mercedes
707 Jadiel Chaya
708 Kole Lindsay
709 Aron Hattie
710 Aydin Lisa
711 Omari Marisol
712 Ronnie Patricia
713 Zain Bryanna
714 Vicente Taliyah
715 Bobby Adrienne
716 Yosef Emmy
717 Alexzander Millie
718 Harry Paislee
719 Kale Charli
720 Rogelio Kourtney
721 Casen Leyla
722 Ray Maia
723 Clay Willa
724 Masen Milan
725 Sage Paula
726 Ulises Ayleen
727 Kymani Clare
728 Chaim Kensley
729 Javon Reyna
730 Brent Martha
731 Jadon Adley
732 Elisha Elianna
733 Stanley Emilie
734 Jovanni Karsyn
735 Princeton Yasmin
736 Alonso Lorelai
737 Darian Amirah
738 Conrad Aryana
739 Dwayne Livia
740 Eugene Alena
741 Gauge Kiana
742 Rene Celia
743 Kareem Kailee
744 Roland Rylan
745 Ben Ellen
746 Vincenzo Galilea
747 Abdullah Kynlee
748 Camren Leanna
749 Kenny Renata
750 Brentley Mae
751 Memphis Ayanna
752 Blaze Chanel
753 Edison Lesly
754 Osvaldo Cindy
755 Teagan Carla
756 Westin Pearl
757 Deshawn Jaylin
758 Rayden Kimora
759 Cedric Angeline
760 Marquis Carlee
761 Samir Aubri
762 Steve Edith
763 Draven Alia
764 Jairo Frances
765 Giovanny Corinne
766 Brennen Jocelynn
767 Bronson Cherish
768 Crew Wendy
769 Davin Carolyn
770 Kolten Lina
771 Ronin Tabitha
772 Ariel Winter
773 Semaj Abril
774 Alden Bryn
775 Isiah Jolie
776 Lennox Yaritza
777 Davian Casey
778 Jaylin Zion
779 Cain Lillianna
780 Wayne Jordynn
781 Craig Zariyah
782 Lamar Audriana
783 Leonidas Jayde
784 Cristopher Jaida
785 Otto Salma
786 Bo Diamond
787 Darrell Malaya
788 Kolby Kimber
789 Marcelo Ryann
790 Bruno Abbie
791 Fletcher Paloma
792 Justus Destinee
793 Alfonso Kaleigh
794 Theo Asia
795 Tyrone Demi
796 Aidyn Yamileth
797 Harvey Deborah
798 Rudy Elin
799 Brendon Kaiya

Image: Etsy shop Unless Someone Like You by Leslie Hammer

Is it getting harder, or easier?  Can’t wait to see your picks!


1. Pick five names from the list below you might choose for your own children.  

2. Two boys, two girls, one of your choice. 

3. Bonus points for adding middles — from or off the list!

I’ll post my own set after the action is well underway.



600 Kian Liberty
601 Marc Braelynn
602 Rohan Evie
603 Dayton Rosemary
604 Braiden Myah
605 Harper Lizbeth
606 Luciano Giana
607 Nikolai Ryan
608 Kamari Teresa
609 Camron Ciara
610 Joey Isis
611 Santino Lea
612 Ellis Shayla
613 Layton Jazlynn
614 Xzavier Rosa
615 Jefferson Gracelynn
616 Winston Desiree
617 Guillermo Elisabeth
618 Demetrius Isabela
619 Bowen Arely
620 Daxton Mariam
621 Melvin Abbigail
622 Soren Emersyn
623 Neil Brenna
624 Sylas Kaylynn
625 Jon Nova
626 Raphael Raquel
627 Rex Dana
628 Yusuf Laney
629 Shaun Laylah
630 Brodie Siena
631 Tommy Amelie
632 Harley Clarissa
633 Quincy Lilianna
634 Dax Lylah
635 Trace Halle
636 Adonis Madalynn
637 Bently Maleah
638 Giovani Sherlyn
639 Jeffery Linda
640 Odin Shiloh
641 Luka Jessie
642 Kylan Kenia
643 Willie Greta
644 Lewis Marina
645 Tripp Melina
646 Vihaan Amiya
647 Davion Bria
648 Kendall Natalee
649 Arian Sariah
650 Cory Mollie
651 Jamarion Nancy
652 Jonathon Christine
653 Nixon Felicity
654 Rayan Zuri
655 Emery Irene
656 Jermaine Simone
657 Reginald Amya
658 Tomas Matilda
659 Emmitt Colette
660 Ayaan Kristen
661 Zechariah Paityn
662 Billy Alayah
663 Hamza Janiya
664 Micheal Kallie
665 Urijah Mira
666 Aryan Hailee
667 Lee Kathleen
668 Jasiah Meredith
669 Landry Janessa
670 Crosby Noemi
671 Mathias Aiyana
672 Toby Aliana
673 Tristian Leia
674 Will Mariyah
675 Felipe Tori
676 Triston Alissa
677 Eden Ivanna
678 Terrell Joslyn
679 Deacon Sandra
680 Matthias Maryam
681 Jamal Saniyah
682 Makai Kassandra
683 Maxim Danika
684 Sterling Denise
685 Hank Jemma
686 Gerald River
687 Alessandro Charleigh
688 Jaydon Emelia
689 Hayes Kristina
690 Niko Armani
691 Branson Beatrice
692 Flynn Jaylene
693 Kody Karlee
694 Marlon Blake
695 Mayson Cara
696 Allan Addilyn
697 Augustus Amina
698 Jessie Ansley
699 Neymar Kaitlynn