You know what’s not fun?  Awakening to find your baby has croup.  But you know what IS fun?  Going to the doctor and discovering FOUR copies of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, complete with an article and picture of yourself.  They interviewed three name bloggers, Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain, Kristen Volksuil of Swistle,  and me, Elisabeth Wilbourn (sic — it’s actually Wilborn) of You Can’t Call It “It”! on baby name trends and advice.  Let me tell you, when you know you only have a few sentences to sum up your entire philosophy on something you have spent the last five years writing about, it’s not easy!  But I really enjoyed the end result and hope you will too. On a side note… my fellow blogger both mentioned the name Reid in their short blurbs.  One spelled it Reid and the other Reed.  Coincidence, or will we be hearing much more of this name in the near future?

NEW HERE?  I do the Facebook and Twitter thing, and sometimes comment on things there that don’t get a full post.  And (mostly) unrelated to the subject of names, I’m an avid Pinterest user.  You get to peek inside my brain there!  If you like what you see there, you might want to consider reading Apartment Therapy, where I am a regular contributor.


Site News

September 1st, 2012

Hello, Everyone.

Many of you have been wondering where I went and have been reaching out for consultations.  I want to explain the unannounced hiatus.

You see, this summer, we moved.  Again.  It was all very much a whirlwind, but the stars aligned and the elements collided and it made the most sense to do it now.  All of this has entailed many plane trips, a search for a new home, a very stressful mortgage process and a three day interstate car trip with children and a dog in tow.

When this began, I didn’t entirely know how it would turn out.  But I burrowed underground and forged ahead, hoping to see the light on the other side.

Now we have.  We are in our new house slowly making it a home.  I can begin to have fun with names again and will be posting here regularly.  I may be able to pick up consultations in the near future, and will make an announcement when that moment occurs.  I thank everyone for your patience, for your understanding, and for your continued support.  I’ve just launched the “Names Like …” column with Sophia, and Jacob is up next.  Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of each other.

International Tapestry

September 6th, 2011

The fall is upon us and changes abound.  I’m looking forward to an exciting season here at You Can’t Call It “It! and have my community of faithful readers to thank.

I am enormously heartened by all the participation in the ongoing Back-To-School post (over 100 lists and growing! Thank you).  Names are being reported from Norway, Italy, Australia, England, Finland, Portugal, and of course all over the 50 states.  It’s never too late to add yours!

Always game to discover new names, these lists don’t disappoint.  Koritsi, Mazziana, PrebenTalaunt and Thayeng are among the glorious eye-openers.

As I type, we also have more reader submissions coming in of a different kind.  Remember my call for guest posts?  You’ve answered!  And I’m so grateful.  Stay tuned for our next installment of international articles, coming shortly.


New Digs.

June 5th, 2011


Hello Everybody!  Welcome to the newly renovated YCCII. What do you think?  Do you like it?  Please say yes.  ;-)

I’m changing a few things around here and really welcome your feedback.

You will see Style Categories listed at the right to help you in your quest.  The categories are up, but it may take a while to get through old posts that were never tagged.  Bear with me on this.  Any category you would like to see that isn’t there?

Both Twitter and Facebook pages are now easier to access.  You can now tweet a post you like, and go directly to my accounts from the buttons at the far right.  I’m working on other social media plugins as well.  Do you have a favorite?  Anybody use Digg?  Stumbleupon?  Kirtsy?

All posts are now white on a black background.  I think it looks contemporary and fresh, but how is it on your eyes?

What would love to have here at You Can’t Call It “It”?  Is there anything that you miss about the old site?

Yea for Spring cleaning!



21st Century Blogging

March 30th, 2010

The time has come.

I wanted to make sure everyone is abreast of a few minor, yet critical changes to You Can’t Call It “It”! that should help to make this site more user friendly.

First, I’m on Twitter now.  Do you tweet?  I’m new to this now ancient activity, so I’m not exactly sure how to best utilize it.  It should be a fun place to shout out to all you fellow name fiends when I meet a real life Perpetua, or to touch base on a celebrity baby birth without writing a whole post.  Will it stay strictly name based?  That is yet to be determined.  What do you think?

Second, you can now easily subscribe to  You Can’t Call It “It”!  so that it winds up in your inbox.  This was always a possiblity, but now it’s done in a simple click at the bottom of the page.  Please do continue to come to the site and offer your astute comments!

Third, and perhaps my favorite of the revelations here, is that we now have a verifiable SEARCH feature.  Want to read about Juliet?  Think Quinns are overrunning the joint?  Just enter in the box below (way down below) and every post where that name has featured will come up for your perusal.  I always wanted to do this but it wasn’t available with this template until recently.

So there ya’ go.  Enjoy!