Ace Trumps Jack.

July 6th, 2013

So… it appears I took a little breaky-break after the whole Kimye debacle.  I’m still not sure we have the true name on that score, but we shall speak no more about it.  For now.

In other celebribaby news, Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby boy.  Poor Jessica.  She can never seem to keep her mouth shut, this one.  The name Ace Knute was announced years ago!  I like Ace quite a bit,  and as for the middle?  You do pronounce the K.

I failed to mention here but Anna Paquin’s twins’ names were revealed: Poppy and Charlie.  I like.  Simple and friendly.  Perfectly in harmony with half-siblings Lilac and Billy.

Busy Phillips has also gone and had another one.  What would you name Birdie’s sister? 

More recent celebrity births include Maven, Sterling, Everly, EmersonJustice and Doone.  All girls.  Gone are the days when a gender-bending girl’s name is even remarkable.  Now the goal perhaps is to find one that is remotely attractive.

I am taking the weekend to look over the Sibset Games from weeks past.  Will post a few favorites soon.  In the meantime, I’ve noticed some of you have taken this time to play catch up.  More great lists still come in every day!

Now that the Sibset Game is over, I’m considering what’s next on the blog this summer.  What would you like to read?  More “Names Like…” posts?  A list of 100 alternates?  Lists of Babycenter or London Telegraph births?   International gems by country?  Your suggestions welcome!

Site News

June 18th, 2013

Thank you to and blogger Aela Mass (pretty name, by the way). You Can’t Call It “It”! was included amongst their TOP 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013.  Quite an honor.  I’m in good company.  You should head over there to see the whole list.

I got interviewed.  Thank you also to the lovely Anna Otto over at Waltzing More Than Matilda.  Let me know what you think!  ETA: In the interview, I mention that I think it’s time to rewrite the Seven Deadly Trends, which are now 5 years old (as is the blog).  I have a few hits on my list, but I’m open to suggestions.

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding the Kardashian-West child.  It seems not only the name-conscious are obsessed with this impending announcement, but the whole Twittersphere.  In addition to Klementine Star, I’ve read Kai Georgia Donda, Kaidence Kardashian-West, and even Khrist.  Something like Kaianya or Kelila seems more their speed…or maybe Kassi’D (Cassidy)?

Ooh I think I could be very comfortable in the 400s.  You??


1. Pick five names from the list below you might choose for your own children.  

2. Two boys, two girls, one of your choice. 

3. Bonus points for adding middles — from or off the list!

I’ll post my own set after the action is well underway.


400 Donald Julissa
401 Albert Scarlet
402 Raul Helen
403 Darius Breanna
404 Archer Kyra
405 Colten Madisyn
406 Damon Rosalie
407 River Brittany
408 Gustavo Brylee
409 Philip Jayleen
410 Atticus Arielle
411 Walker Karla
412 Matteo Kailey
413 Randy Arya
414 Saul Sarai
415 Rocco Harley
416 Davis Miracle
417 Enzo Kaelyn
418 Noel Kali
419 Orion Cynthia
420 Jamari Daphne
421 Remington Aleah
422 Bruce Caitlin
423 Darren Cassandra
424 Larry Holly
425 Mathew Janelle
426 Russell Marilyn
427 Dennis Katelynn
428 Tony Kaylie
429 Chris Itzel
430 Porter Carolina
431 Rodrigo Bristol
432 Armani Haven
433 Zaiden Michaela
434 Kade Monica
435 Ari June
436 Hugo Janiyah
437 Zachariah Camilla
438 Kamden Jamie
439 Mohamed Rebekah
440 Quentin Audrina
441 Solomon Dayana
442 Curtis Lana
443 Leonel Serena
444 Issac Tiana
445 Khalil Nylah
446 Alberto Braelyn
447 Jerry Savanna
448 Alec Skye
449 Gianni Raelyn
450 Moises Madalyn
451 Gunnar Sasha
452 Adriel Perla
453 Lawrence Bridget
454 Alijah Aniya
455 Chandler Rowan
456 Ronan Logan
457 Prince Mckinley
458 Payton Averie
459 Arturo Jaylah
460 Jimmy Aylin
461 Orlando Joselyn
462 Ricky Nia
463 Mitchell Hayley
464 Maximilian Lilian
465 Cason Adelynn
466 Malcolm Jaliyah
467 Muhammad Kassidy
468 Kasen Kaylin
469 Marvin Kadence
470 Jalen Celeste
471 Cyrus Jaelyn
472 Mauricio Zariah
473 Warren Tatiana
474 Jonas Jimena
475 Kendrick Lilyana
476 Rhys Anaya
477 Dane Catalina
478 Ryland Viviana
479 Pierce Cataleya
480 Johan Sloane
481 Rory Courtney
482 Uriel Johanna
483 Major Amari
484 Bryant Melany
485 Reece Anabelle
486 Casey Francesca
487 Ibrahim Ada
488 Nikolas Alanna
489 Arjun Priscilla
490 Sullivan Danna
491 Finnegan Angie
492 Alfredo Kailyn
493 Royce Lacey
494 Ahmed Sage
495 Amare Lillie
496 Lance Brinley
497 Ramon Caylee
498 Jamison Joy
499 Brayan Kenley

Word names are all the rage, it’s true.  They’re darling, they’re direct, they feel new.  But what if your partner isn’t on board, you want to honor a family member, or you yourself have a rather stodgy classic in need of freshening up?  I propose with these nicknames, you can get the best of both worlds.


Arc – Archibald, Arthur

Bee, Bliss - Beatrice

Charm - Charles, Charlotte

Doe - Dorothy

Free - Frederick

Fox – Felix, Foster, Frederick

Grove - Grover

Happy - Harriet

Honey - Hannah, Honora

Lark - Lawrence

Jolly – Julius

Muse – Muriel

Plum - Pamela

Rogue – Roger, Robert

Silly - Sylvia, Sylvester

Sunny, Swan- Susannah, Sonia

True – Truman

Way - Walter

Wish - Aloysius

Wren - Lawrence, Lorena, Rowena


Don’t be afraid to take a chance on a nickname!

Can you think of any fun word names that could stem loosely from something more traditional? 

This is my first post gathering children’s names from Apartment Therapy Family since they changed their name and I began writing for them  (search “Ohdeedoh” for older collections).  In a recent post, editor Carrie McBride notes that names on the wall is one of the biggest kids’ design trends of 2012.  It seems what we call our children has increasing weight, and we want to show off that choice (I too, have my children’s names above their beds).  The image above is from a child’s birthday party in Brazil.

Do you proudly display your child’s name somewhere?


Aashi Bea



Alice Mae








Coralie June


Elliot “Ellie”

Eloise (x3)

Elsa (2)

Emerson Kate





Harper (x2)





















Tessa Jean














































Zé Luca

Image: via Apartment Therapy Family

In the great immortal words of Bill Clinton, let’s get down to the brass tacks here.

What do you name the future King or Queen of England?  

That’s right.  Kate Middleton has gone and gotten herself knocked up, no doubt about to influence maternity fashion and nursery design the world over.  But what about baby names?  IF her fashion sense and the way she carries herself can be any  indicator, we can expect a solid, traditional choice that is also fashion forward.

The name does have to get approved so those lying in hopeful wait for Holiday or Bear will be sorely disappointed.  Names that get a thumbs up are result of process of elimination.  The royal child will likely have a royal name that isn’t currently used by any immediate family members.  Likewise, names that get an immediate “NO” are those that are already taken by immediate family members and whose association is too strong.  The Queen gets ultimate veto power over a name, so expect the name to be used historically in the royal family.

Middles are perhaps easiest to predict.  A boy surely will have Charles and Philip as part of his name, with the addition possibly of Michael, Catherine’s father.  Coincidentally, Charles and Philip honor Catherine’s mother Carole and sister Philippa Charlotte as well.  A no brainer.  A girl will likely have Elizabeth and Diana as a middle name, and in addition to being the reigning queen, Elizabeth happens to be Catherine’s middle name as well.  But don’t hold out hope for Diana as a first name.  She was far too controversial, and remember, the queen gets veto power.

YES: George

NO: Andrew, Charles, Edward, Henry, James, John,  Louis, Peter, Philip

MAYBE: Arthur, William

OUTLIERS: Albert, Alfred, Christian, Frederick, Stephen

MIDDLES: Charles, Michael, Philip, William

YES: Alice, Elizabeth, Victoria

NO: Anne, Beatrice, Diana, Eugenie, Louise, Margaret, Philippa, Sarah, Sophie, Wilhelmina

MAYBE: Alexandra, Eleanor, Frances, Helena, Jane, Mary

OUTLIERS: Adelaide, Albertine, Alexandrina, Amelia, Augusta, Catherine, Caroline, Cecily, Charlotte, Helena, Edith, Georgia, Henrietta, Louisa, Matilda, Michaela, Olive, Rose, Sophia

MIDDLES: Elizabeth, Carole, Caroline, Charlotte, Diana

I suspect George Charles Philip Michael for a boy and Alice Elizabeth Diana Carole for a girl.  But how fun would it be to have a Princess Helena or Princess Henrietta?  I just read that Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria, founded the Red Cross.  Seems worthy of a namesake, no?

What do you think the royal couple will choose?  Let’s have fun with combos, shall we?

Names Like Mason

November 4th, 2012

Whew. Little hiatus there between family visits and settling in to the new digs.  But we’re back now to continue our “Names Like…” series.  Do you like them to go in order of popularity, alternating between boys and girls?  Or would you rather me choose randomly?

Mason has climbed an astonishing 10 spots in one year, up from number 12 in 2010 to second place just behind Jacob in 2011.  No, Kourtney K. is not to receive sole credit.  Though she did help hoist the name into further notoriety.  Mason fits perfectly with the climate we are living in: he’s got two syllables, ends in N, and has that lovely long A everyone’s raving about.  Oh, and he ends in “son.”  To quote Laura Wattenberg, “we’re still living in the house that Jason built.”

So what to sub for Mason?  My immediate thought is to go toward trade names, those particularly associated with building.  Thatcher.  Sawyer.  

That’s not going to satisfy you long-A-ends-in-N lovers though.  For you, I offer one little letter change with Macon (place name?).

Without further ado, here’s the whole list:











Sisters: Callie, Gwyneth, Harper, Lyra, Tamsin

Brothers: Declan, Grant,  Kirby, Quinlan, Walker

What would you name Mason’s brother?  Melissa Joan Hart chose Braydon and Tucker.  Kelsey Grammer opted for Mason for his little girl.  He also has daughters named Spencer, Greer, and Faith, and a son called Jude.


Above: Mason nautical name block set from Snipitsick


Names Like Isabella

September 9th, 2012


Isabella, oh beautiful Isabella.  When my parents named me your French/German equivalent in 1979, Isabella was perceived as too flowery, too over-the-top.  Now, you are just shy of on top at #2 nationwide.  You are lovely.  ”Is a bella” sounds like “is a beauty.”  You are worthy of queens and movie stars.  But you must step aside now, and let others have their chance to shine.


Araminta – This four syllable English gem has all the makings of a star.  Perhaps it’s that “mint” sound people can’t get past?

Casilda – An old Spanish saint with a lovely name and the ready-to-wear nickname Cassie.

Cosima – This Italian patron of the arts made its way onto three famous newborns in as many months.  Sofia Coppola, Claudia Schiffer, and the royal Windsors all have Cosimas.

Delphine – A hot ticket in 1970s France, Delphine missed the boat ride.  She’s as objectively pretty as any other.

Eleanora – Add an A and this stately classic sings.

Fiorella – Here’s a fun undiscovered Italian friend with that “ella” ending you all love so much.

Isadora – Lop off the “ella” and trade it for our favorite cartoon friend and you get Isadora.  You’ll be in creative company, Bjork gave this name to her child.

Isolde- Tristan’s love is deserving of more attention.

Isotta – This actually *is* the name of Isabella Rossellini’s twin sister, who chose being a professor of Italian over acting. I’m besotted.

Mirabelle – This one screams “look! I’m beautiful!” (in a good way).

Serafina – Bennifer Affleck yadayadayada.  Spell it with an “F” for more cultural authenticity, or use a ‘PH’ in the French Seraphine.


Sisters: Calantha, Guinevere, Marina, Penelope, Valentina

Brothers: AnatoleBalthazarCasimir, Lorenzo, Paolo


For more strictly Italian substitutions, please visit Le Tante Sorelle di Isabella

Above: Portrait of Isabella d’Este by Titian

Names Like Jacob

September 3rd, 2012

Jacob is one with widespread appeal.  It must be, if it’s overtaken the number one spot for 13 years running.  What is it that we love about Jacob so much?

  • We love his ancient, Judeo-Christian, venerable history.
  • We love his homespun quality.
  • We love his snappy, friendly nickname.
  • We love his J.
Here are some lesser used stalwarts that encompass one or more of the above qualities.  Have any more suggestions for Jacob lovers?  Do share please!














Brothers:  Asa, Boaz, Clyde, Moses, Phineas

Sisters:  Dinah, Harriet, Opal, Susannah, Willa


Image: “Interior with Jacob and Esau” by Hendrik Martensz Sorgh

A New Series.

June 7th, 2012

What to do when you love a terribly popular name?  I say, go ahead and choose the name you love the MOST.  But if you’re already convinced that you don’t want your child to be one of three in her class, maybe we can come up with alternatives for you.

What’s that you say?  You have baby name regret because you already hear your son’s name on multiple children everywhere you go?  You’re expecting a second child and don’t want to do this again?  Maybe we can help you find something in the same style, but isn’t quite so popular yet.

That’s why I’m starting a new series, “Names Like _____.”   I’ll start with Sophia and Jacob, and go down the list from there.  Sound like fun?  I hope so!  I’m looking forward to new discoveries and connections.

Image: Personalized name tiles by Nina van de Goor at Ninainvorm