Title Names

August 3rd, 2011

New Zealand has long been a bastion of creativity when it comes to baby names.  Number 16 Bus Shelter, Talula Does The Hula In Hawaii, and twins Benson and Hedges can attest to this.  Talula disliked her name so much she hid it from her friends and had it legally changed at age 9.

So when parents are willing to go to such extremes, I have some sympathy for name laws.

Except that they are so arbitrary.

Recently the country added to its list of 89 banned baby names.  It’s up to a single judge to decide whether or not a name gets the green lit.  Among the outlawed monikers?  Baron, Bishop, Duke, King, Messiah, and Judge itself, all shot down for the possibility of being mistaken for titles.  But I imagine for some, that’s the point?

Under such a law, Reese Witherspoon’s Deacon might be a Dylan, Donald Trump’s Barron (sic), a Brandon.

In the United States, a country that was founded on the abolishment of the monarchy, we are so removed from nobility that these names (which are also surnames I might add), seem perfectly serviceable.  I’ve met a Duke, a Lord, two Nobles and a Chaplain, none of them any worse for wear.

What do you think of banning baby names?

Are there any title names you like?