Kentucky Derby Names

May 2nd, 2009



Couldn’t pass up this chance to talk about Kentucky Derby Names.  Perhaps it will help us name our dogs, cats, and hamsters…

Nah, mostly duds in the name department if you ask me.  Such missed opportunity!  I am kind of liking Midshipman, Nowhere to Hide, and Dunkirk.  I for one, am betting on The Pamplemousse.



West Side Bernie

Musket Man

Mr. Hot Stuff


Hold Me Back

Friesan Fire

Papa Clem

Mine That Bird

Join in the Dance 

Regal Ransom

Chocolate Candy

General Quarters

I Want Revenge

Atomic Rain


Pioneer of the Nile

Summer Bird

Nowhere to Hide

Desert Party

Flying Private


Off the Trail

Old Fashioned


Vineyard Haven

The Pamplemousse


Take the Points

Square Eddie

Win Willy

Stardom Bound


Quality Road


Who would you place your bet on?


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