Longtime loyal reader Christina Fonseca came to me with a refreshingly fun concept, and fully fleshed out post entitled “Change a Letter, Change a Gender.”  The idea?  You alter one letter in a name, and it goes from a girl’s to a boy’s name, or visa versa.


Rocco –> Rocio.  Rocco is an old male saint’s name, and Rocio, which means dewdrop in Spanish, is a commonly given girl’s name in Mexico.

While Christina has probably thought of every configuration under the sun, I thought it would be fun to turn this into a challenge.

How many examples can YOU come up with?*

A few more examples to get the full concept:

Mark –> Mary

Will –> Jill

Glen –> Gwen

*If you want to make it really challenging, see how long a chain you can make, going back and forth between male and female names by changing only one letter each time. 

Christina’s full list will be up on Friday morning.


Christina’s list of the Change A Letter, Change A Gender came in several installments.


Change a Letter -> Change the Gender


Ada                 Asa
Adah               Adam
Addie              Eddie
Allie                Ollie
Barb                Bart
Basia               Basil
Bess                Jess

Bev                  Ben
Daria              Darin

Day                 Dan
Diane             Duane
Dot                  Dom
Fiona              Fionn

Garnet             Garret
Jane                 Zane
Jen                   Jeb
Jen                   Jed
Jen                   Jet
Judy                Rudy
Lina                 Linc
Marin              Mario
Nan                 Ian
Nancy             Nancy
Rocio              Rocco

Tamar            Lamar
Tess                Jess



And then there’s Elie, as in Elie Weisel:



Day                 Dag
Day                 Dax
Ellie               Ollie
Grace             Trace
Jayne               Wayne
Josie                Josue
Lark                Lars
Lea                  Leo
Luz                  Luc
Macy               Mack
Mary               Mark
Noa                 Noe
Nora                Norm
Roz                  Rob
Roz                  Rod
Roz                  Ron
Roz                  Roy
Ruby                Rudy
Rue                  Rui (Portuguese name)
Star                  Stan



Aria                 Arie

Ava                 Asa

Bea                  Ben

Brynn              Bryan

Cara                 Carl

Cate                  Nate

Cari                  Carl

Clara               Clark

Clio                  Elio

Danae             Dante

Day                  Jay

Day                  Ray

Elvia                Elvis

Erin                 Eric

Fay                  Jay

Fay                  Ray

Gwen              Owen

Honor              Conor

Jade                 Jude

Jade                 Cade

Jade                 Wade

Jane                 Dane

Jane                 Jake

Jane                 Jase

Jane                 Kane

Jane                 Lane

Jean                 Dean

Joy                  Job

Joy                  Jon

June                 June

Kara                Karl

Kari                 Kart

Kate                Nate

Kay                 Jay

Kay                 Ray

Kira                Kirk

Lara                Lars

Lea                  Lex

Lilo                 Milo

Lois                 Loic

Malia              Malik

Mandy            Randy

Mara               Marv

Mara               Mark

Marlo              Marco

Marlo              Mario

Mary               Mark

Mary               Marv

May                Jay

May                Ray

Mercy             Percy

Mila                Milo

Nell                 Neal

Nell                 Neil

Olive               Clive

Opal                Oral

Rosa                Ross

Rose                Mose

Rose                Ross

Vera                 Vern

Zoe                  Moe


and I’m adding one more: Theodora –> Theodore.  Can you still think of more that haven’t been found?