Baby Boom Roundup

October 20th, 2011

Well hello there!

I’ve been away a bit and much has happened in the way of the baby name universe.  Just today, Carla Bruni, supermodel wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, gave birth to a baby girl.  No name has been yet released, but the child joins four older brothers: Aurelien (10), from Maman’s side, and Pierre (26), Jean (25), and Louis (14), from Papa’s.  Bruni has said birth is just not that interesting for French people, and that this baby will never be photographed.  Let us hope that they don’t keep the name so close to the chest!  UPDATE: New Sarkozy baby is now rumored to be named Dahlia.  Let’s hope Twitter holds true, though if I were the president of France I might opt for a name that actually originates in France.

Joy Cho welcomed precious gem Ruby Katherine.  Not on our list of suggestions, but definitely of the Poppy-Daisy variety.  She even gave us a shout out!

No Big Dill’s Katie was also appreciative of the input, and finally chose a name for child #6.  Divine, Pearl, Olive, Azure and Clover have a new baby brother: Drummer Zion.

Also waiting until after the birth to choose a name, reader Siobhán chose Remy Aurelius Clement for her second child.  He joins Luca Cy, and she reports she’s considering adding Raphael to his name.

Virgil Ephraim and Hector Adrien are now doting on their baby sister Clea Maxine.

Another longtime reader who we didn’t get a chance to do a post for, did just fine on her own.  Coraline Audrey is the newest addition to a family who can sure make some lovely ladies.  Her big sisters include Philippa Violet, Romilly Alice, Beatrix Joanna, and Juniper Lucy.  Read about how Coraline got her name here.

I’m still waiting for news on the twin girls.*



(If you follow me on Facebook or are a regular reader of baby name sites, much of this won’t be new news to you.  But I wanted to recap for my readers here because I will be referring to some trends I see in future posts).

Mariska Hargitay shocked the world this morning when she announced her second adoption this year!  She kept with a theme of all A’s.  Baby Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann has older siblings Amaya Josephine and August.  I can’t even imagine having two under a year at different stages, but more power to them.  They may need it (!)

Two unrelated Davis women also joined the adoptive parent club. Kristin Davis welcomed  Gemma Rose into her home, while Viola Davis chose Genesis, the beginning of all, for her precious girl.

The dapper Caspian Julius was born to openly gay representative Jared Polis, D. Colorado.

Kelsey Grammar’s daughter Spencer may have given birth to the first child in this family with an unambiguous first name: I’m loving the alliteration of Emmett Emmanuel.

Johnny Knoxville appears to be in the Kelsey camp when it comes to bequeathing monikers.  He’s now father to baby girl Arlo.

Ali Landry kept it tradtional, as we knew she would.  Estela Ines now has a baby brother called Marcelo Alejandro.

Ne-Yo chose Mason Evan, for a boy.

Cowboy (and girl!) names are all the rage, or should I say range.  Eric Church had a little Boone McCoy, conjuring up images of Daniel Boone.

Jenna Fischer chose the Western-sounding Weston Lee.

John Rich had a son Colt Daniel, which makes me think alternatively of baby horses and guns.

David Chokachi’s daughter Brit Madison could easily hang with this crew.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s Tristan Milos could go either way, but I have a feeling he’ll be hanging with characters with names like Arabella, Portia, and Sebastian.

Mike Myers went a different direction, but not far from his own moniker.  He calls his baby Spike.

Danny McBride welcomed perhaps my favorite name on this list, Declan George.  A mom in our music class also just gave birth to a baby Declan, brother to Callum. 

Finally, last but not least, it’s good to know that the designer of my handbag’s good taste extends beyond leather goods.  Rebecca Minkoff’s baby boy?  Luca Shai.  In my opinion, Luca is to Max as Finn is to Aidan.  Watch for more of this name in the coming years.

*To those of you requesting name consultations, right now I have a lot on my plate and am trying to space out requests.  If you don’t hear from me right away, know that you will.  I’ll fit in as many as I can.  If you have had a public consultation on the blog, please do right in with your birth announcement so that we can celebrate with you, and put our minds at rest.  :-)

It’s fun seeing all these new names from disparate backgrounds on one list like this.  Really paints a picture not only of our naming climate, but of our society as a whole, don’t you think? 

Pictured Above: 4-day old Remy Aurelius Clement

Happiness is the definition of Joy Cho.  Do you read her style blog, Oh Joy!?  It’s a delight.  I love her “this and that” combos and that she incorporates all her passions from food to flowers.  Not long ago she and hubby Bob announced that they were going to share their joy with a new bambino.  And then we found out that it was a bambina (which is fab — Joy’s design sense has a distinct feminine sensibility).

She’s due super soon, and I’ve been laboring myself over what name matches them best.  It should be something cheerful and slightly hip, but manage to stand the test of time.  Here are a few recommendations/guesses.  Will she go a heavy duty Agatha-Winifred route, with a happy-go-lucky Daisy, or with something else entirely?  We’ll know soon!

Agatha - If anyone can pull off Agatha, it’s these two.  Can they breathe new life into this old saint?

Blythe – If my name were Joy, the felicitous Blythe might be too tempting to pass up.  It might be anyway.

Cecily – While Cecily may not mean “happiness”, it connotes it in the bounce and rhythm of the name.

Cordelia- Shakespearean Cordelia.  She could go by Coco or Dells, Delia or Cora.  Though Hollywood’s already gone there, the symmetry of Coco Cho could be appealing to a designer.

Daisy – If ever there was happiness wrapped up in a name, it would be here.

Elsa – Should they opt with short and sweet like mom’s name, Elsa is like the chic up-do of Ella.

Flossie” (Florence?) – The British are coming, and names like Flossie are long overdue on these shores.

Georgina- I do see these two picking something with a vintage European flair.  Though I don’t know him one iota, perhaps daddy Bob would like having a daughter George, but Georgina is just enough frills for mom?

Harriet- Compiled before yesterday’s bombshell of an announcement, I almost left this one off.  While I can’t see them choosing to call a daughter Hattie now, Harriet is still just the right amount of retro for a pair like the Chos to bring it boldly back to the fore.

Imogene – I was preferring Imogen until I met a local girl who uses the long E version.  It’s due to return, so I bequeath it to this baby.

Louisa- While sister names Sophia and Olivia reign, Louisa is another queen’s classic that has been overlooked.  They could be “Lulu” types.

Marjorie- Yes, I love Marjorie for many of the reasons mentioned above.  Retro chic, unexpected, and undeniably peppy on the right child.

Mirabel- Will Joy go for something classically “pretty”?

Penelope – My gut instinct and first thought for them.  Not sure if the celebrity birth of Tina Fey’s babe will have any bearing on this one way or the other.

Poppy- While it could be a nickname for Penelope, it deserves its own entry.  Poppy Cho has designer written all over her.

Susannah- Will somebody please use this?  You could call her Zuzu, Susie, Sanna, so many options!

Sylvie- Sylvie gives the somewhat dowdy-but-not-dowdy-enough Sylvia a lift.

Tabitha- It would take just one more style maven in the public eye to push this into the mainstream.  That of course may not be what Joy wants.

Viola- Love the long O repetition of this with Cho.  Fits the criteria we’ve set up nicely.

Winifred- I’ve met several Chinese women named Winnie, no doubt because it works well in both languages.  I believe Bob’s family is Chinese, I’d be just tickled if they had a little Winifred.


Blogger Kids

September 19th, 2011

Birthing in the blogosphere was BIG NEWS last week.  Boheme and Reverie made their entrance, as did the as-yet-unnamed first son in the Dill family.  My Cakies also had her fourth daughter, who we’ve yet to announce here:  Joining True, Brave, and Soul?  Glow Amorette.

Yes, blogland is a veritable treasure trove of unusual names.  Some of these blogs, like Baker’s Dozen, actually came across my path because of the children’s names.  Others, like Crib Chronicles and Bijou and Boheme, are written by mamas who go way back with me to early baby name boards, before I started this blog.  Many are kindred name spirits, and all take an interest in one of the first gifts we give a child.  We even helped name a few!

Are they the new reality stars?  Will these blogger children start offshoots of mini trends, as I suspect Archer and Olive already have?

What blogs do you follow?  Are you anxiously awaiting the birth of any blog babies? 


Archer Sage, Fable Luella, Boheme Shalom & Reverie Lux – From the much talked about Girl’s Gone Child -See our guesses for the twins here and here.

Divine, Pearl, Olive, Azure, Clover & ???No Big Dill; SEW inspiring.

Eleanor Ann & August RayMaking It Lovely - Mid-century taste and dedication make for a pretty, pretty home.  Find our suggestions for Nicole’s son here.

Finnian, Blaise, & ScoutDoobleh-Vay - A creative soul adept at many diverse endeavors, from writing to toy-making. We also tried to help name Scout!

Fox & AnnikaMomfluential; Personal blogger and creator of the media outlet “network of co-conspirators.”

Hudson Paxtyn- Hither & Thither; Wanderlust at its best.

Iris & Jasmine - Pirouette.  Interviews and behind-the-scene looks at the world’s greatest children’s fashion.

Kingston Harlow - Baby Blackbird.  Kinder style.

Leta & MarloDooce.  The first.

Mia & Claudine - Sweet Fine Day.  A fellow Brooklyn Mama who holds nothing back, and takes the loveliest photos.

Moses & RomanOh Happy Day, currently spending a year in Paris.

Nona Plum & Valo June ReverieMarginamia.  My new name-blog crush.  Find their name stories here and here.

Oscar & Josephine ”Posey” – Crib Chronicles; A must-read for anyone who loves great autobiographical writing.

Philippa Violet “Pippa”, Romilly Alice, Beatrix Joanna, Juniper Lucy- Jodilightful.  They also have one son going through the adoption process, and another baby on the way!  You can read about their name stories here and here.

Ralph Wallace, Maude Emma, Olive Jean , Oscar Stanley Groberg, Betty (no middle), & Flora “June”- Design Mom.  See your suggestions for baby #6 here.

Scarlett & Malcolm – Bijou and Boheme.  Lust-worthy feminine baubles, interiors, and frills.

Tilly, Ezra, Keziah, Boaz, Adalia, Enoch, Judah, Kalina, Jubilee, Mordecai, Hezekiah, Avi, Tucker, Apollo - Baker’s Dozen.  Life with a large family.

True, Brave, Soul & Glow Amorette- My Cakies; California, and the livin’ is easy.

Viola Frank; Della & Beppe- Dos Family.  After reading this blog I would move to Sweden in a heartbeat.

Vivi Charles - Lay Baby Lay.  New nursery inspiration boards posted weekly.

WolfModern Kiddo.  A one-stop-hop for all things mom + kid vintage.


Image via Dos Family