Happy 1st Birthday Galilee!

June 15th, 2011

Galilee June Chapman is one!

My baby girl was born on June 13, 2010 just as the sun was rising.  It was such a lovely birth.  A victory birth.  Her brother had been born by emergency c-section and I walked through a lot of darkness in the months following.  My beautiful Galilee was my “victory” baby.  Her birth was incredibly empowering, and I felt restored and renewed.  Galilee actually means “circle” or “revolution” and it seemed very fitting to describe the healing that this little girl brought me.

The name Galilee was the only name that my husband and I could really agree on for a girl.  We wanted a Biblical name to match big brother Judah (“praise”) and to honor our Christian faith, but we also wanted something unique.  My name is Sigrid… and growing up with such an unusual name made names very important for me.  I wanted something unique to her, but also something she could have a less unusual nickname for.  The plan was to nickname her “Lilee” or “Lee”.  Little did I know just how popular Lily was becoming!

Turns out, we just call her Galilee anyway!  (Or Gallee- big brother often would forget the middle syllable, and we think it’s too cute).

June is from the month she was born and I love the retro sound.

Our other options were the Biblical place names of “Eden” and ”Moriah.”  My husband just couldn’t get on board with either of these names… and it was for the best: in the year since Lil was born, two close friends chose those names for their baby girls!

Galilee is a unique name for a very unique little girl!

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