We know now!  He’s here, and he’s named.  As predicted, the future king of England is GEORGE!!! (I really cried it from the hilltops too — whew). His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Just as YCCII arrived at George by process of elimination, so too did the royal parents, I imagine.  It is the name of many kings, and most recently belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s father.  Alexander, which for some reason was calling to me yesterday, honors the queen in the best way they could.  It’s after her second middle name, Alexandra.  Louis is slightly more of a surprise.  There are many names that could have taken precedence: Philip after Wills’ grandfather, Charles after Wills’ dad and next sovereign, Michael after Kate’s father, Francis, after Diana’s middle and Michael’s middle, and so on.  Louis is likely after Louis Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle who featured prominently in his upbringing and died in an IRA attack in 1979.  It is also William’s third middle name.  His full moniker is William Arthur Philip Louis.

Is anyone surprised?  They straddled tradition and modernity: George is as regal as it gets, Alexander is somewhat more pedestrian but recalls voyagers like Alexander the Great.  Louis is worldly, regal, and slightly exotic.

Expect a rise in the name George on both sides of the pond.

The biggest surprise to this name nerd is why on Earth did they not seize the opportunity to use at least four names?

It’s a PRINCE!

Sorry to disappoint, but Prince Spencer is about as likely as Prince Crown Royal.  Sussing out Queen Elizabeth’s direct line yields some fascinating gems.  While my money’s on George, here’s a list of his ancestors that in all likelihood will not be the young prince’s Christian name:







Wouldn’t these be fun though???

It’s not Kaidence.  It’s not Kai.  And thank heavens she kept poor Clementine from bastardization with a K.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have evidently chosen the cheeky North to add to his surname.  According to People Magazine, this is the name on the birth certificate at Cedars Sinai Hospital.  ETA E! Entertainment News, Kardashian’s host channel, is also reporting now that she is North West, no middle name.  They might have considered a double middle name, South Easton, perhaps?   If this is indeed it, trademarks and domain names will be a trick.  Although “North by North West” might still be available in certain genres aside from film…

Their baby will at least have some direction in life.  How awesome would it be if she grew up to be a crunchy Doc Marten sporting hippy on the Oregon Coast? It would also be nice if the child can always listen to her own true north if you catch my meaning.  I guess if they have another child this really only leaves South (South By South had become a running joke for this babe), East, or Easton, which they actually love.

Kim indeed did throw us a red herring, as she denied that North was even in the running.  Many people thought at the very least it would be something like Knorth.  It’s much more gender neutral than I might have expected, and really quite simple, beyond the obvious pun.  Maybe my compass is off, but I don’t actually hate it.

Welcome little North West, A.K.A. “Nori.”  We can get back to regular programming now, and rest easy knowing that our choices are likely still safe from going the way of celebribaby.  That’s all I really cared about anyway.

At the risk of being so last week, let’s recap recent naming in the celebrisphere, shall we?  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many of the lastest babes’ names.  Babies are having babies, and these young parents are a good indication that many of our favorite trends, as well as our least favorites, show no sign of slowing down.

TREND #1:  Homespun Granny

We have a Pearl!  Yes, that’s right, Pearl.  Black Sabbath baby Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa had a baby of their own, who they’re calling Pearl.  Grandmother Sharon promises to spoil her rotten.  I have no doubt she’ll keep good on that promise, but oh how I adore Pearl.

Also in the homespun category?  Mabel, sister to Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.  Think this has had a hand in sending Demi over the edge?  I hope not.   In fact, I hope it helps her.

Felicity Keri Russell now has a daughter named Willa who joins big brother River.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is surely past due with baby number two.  Perhaps like Ramona, we’ll get a gently old fashioned name out of this one as well.

TREND #2:  Short and Sweet Son

Luca Cruz is seriously the new sensitive, sexy and smart  boys’ name.  That’s what former child star Hillary Duff called her progeny.  He’s in good company with Milo, Alyssa Milano’s boy, and Leo, son of Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney, brother of Axel (himself a member of the Badass Crew).

TREND #3:  Boys’ Names on Girls

As of two days ago, Jessica Simpson was STILL pregnant.  We’re expecting a girl called Maxwell nicknamed Maxi, but if she’s  given any consideration to what the nickname “Maxi” will do this child in middle school, hopefully they will rethink. Elliotte Anne and Dylan River are among celebrity daughters whose parents I’ve never heard of (Marla Sokoloff and Joe Nichols, respectively).  I’m sure that says more about me than it does them.

TREND #4:  Surnames Reign Supreme for Boys Too

Simpson’s former beau, Dallas QB Tony Romo, now has a son named Hawkins.  It’s probably a family name, but these days, opening up the white pages will do in a pinch.

TREND #5: Newfangled Spelling 

This trend often overlaps with Trend #4.  Zany Mindy McCready has given birth to her son ZAYNE.  I’m sorry but she opened herself up to that.  He joins big bro Zander.

Then there’s Merrin.  I don’t know who this dude Bo is but I read he just had a baby girl who they call Merrin.  The spelling is new to me, but the sound is pleasantly familiar while being relatively uncommon.  That’s a tricky balance many people are after, but few obtain.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have adopted another baby girl from Korea.  No word yet on the name.  If they don’t announce it, feel free to blame me.  I ripped on Naleigh pretty hard, but if they’d just called her Nancy or even Nancy Leigh I might have been ecstatic.  The -eigh trend has run amok.


Guess the Name:

Taylor Hanson, of musical brother fame is now 29.  You may not have heard a recent song from the Hanson Bros, but nonetheless?  He has been busy.  He and his wife are expecting baby #5!  Who will soon join EzraPenelope, River, and Viggo?  Dunno but I can’t wait to find out.  I like to think of their trend as Naturoarty…  Thalia?  Wren?  Dermot?  Jude? 

My beloved Anna Paquin, who is expecting with her True Blood costar Stephen Moyer.  Stephen already has two older children, Billy and Lilac, so I have high hopes for this one.  Something British-y and lithe would be fun.  I hope they have a girl.  Cecily?  Isolde? 

On her third child is Reese Witherspoon.  What will this fine Southern woman choose?  Ava, Deacon, and… Flannery?  Mary?  Draper (her father’s middle name)?

Within weeks after giving birth to third child Hattie Margaret, Tori Spelling is preggo. AGAIN!  Tori managed to come out from behind the trends and be one step ahead all Homespun Granny for her last child.  Liam, Stella, Hattie and who?   Rhys?  Reid?  Frances called Frankie?  

Melissa Joan Hart (any more Clarissa Explains It All fans here?) is expecting baby #3.  We’re thinking Surnamey again, yes?  What do you name Mason and Braydon‘s brother?  Gage?  Drake?  Theron? 

Another Mason is also expecting a sibling, this one a baby girl.  Don’t expect any more K names from Miss Kourtney Kardashian.  I bet they’ll just choose something they like the sound of.  Maybe Lila or Georgia?

Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s first grandchild Tripp, is expecting again.  Girlfriend Sunny has brought the sunshine back into his life, and to the state of Alaska.  This ought to be a good one.

I have an inkling these last few will stick close to their Latin roots.  It’s no surprise that Snooki got knocked up.  I have a feeling the name will be fairly predictable. Gia or Gianni anyone?

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are finally having a baby of their own, y’all.  A surrogate is currently carrying their biological child.  I think/hope she’ll go old school Catholic Italian.  Luisa?  Rocco? Valentina? 

A real life Valentina, Adriana Lima’s daughter, will be getting a sibling later this year.  Lima hails from Brazil.  I like Yasmin and Matheus for them, maybe Lucas.

Lima’s fellow Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, is also expecting her second.    They chose Anja for their first.  What do we like for them?  Adrián?  Arturo? 

What do you think of the latest celebrity baby name choices?  Any births you are eagerly anticipating?

Image: Alessandra Ambrosio

Baby Boy Affleck’s Name

March 1st, 2012

We’ve speculated for years at a potential name for an Affleck boy.  Their daughters’ names, Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, have garnered (pun intended) much acclaim from name nerds and civilians alike.  Violet spawned many a namesake, and we suspect Seraphina is not far behind.  So what, pray tell, would this celebrity couple of onomastic feats choose to call a boy?

I thought they might go with something terribly classic.  Both from traditional families, Jen’s father answers to Bill (William John), Ben’s to Timothy.  People are often much more risk-taking with their daughters’ names, at times to their detriment. James just felt right for them.  Timothy would have been darling.

To some, it’s a bit of a letdown.  To me, it’s pleasant if unremarkable.

Welcome Samuel Garner Affleck.

Sam has a similar vibe as the up-and-coming Max, as the affable Charlie.  As a name that works well in many languages and cultures, it’s more evenly spread throughout the population.  As such, your school is less likely to cater to four Sams than it is to five Maxes or six Henrys.

I’m a fan.  I have a baby cousin named Sam.  He’d be in his mid to late twenties by now.  I’ve always thought it terribly friendly, and despite its high rank (#24!) on the national Social Security scale, I know very few.

How great is it that they preserved Garner?  Did you know that the Ben and his brother Casey were actually born “Affleck-Boldt”, after their mom?  I’m kind of glad they resisted the urge to use Boldt as a first name.  It’s better on a superhero white puppy.

What do you think?  Do you know many Samuels?  Did you anticipate a classic name, or something more exciting?   If you had daughters called Violet and Seraphina, what would you name your son? 

Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary

February 26th, 2012

Sweden has a new second in line to the thrown.  Crown Princess Victoria has given birth to a daughter.  Says King Carl XVI Gustaf: “Her first name is Estelle, and then, of course Silvia, and then Ewa and finally Mary.”   Duchess of Östergötland was also added to the title.  Ewa is pronounced similarly to the English Ava. Though there was no explanation given for the names, we can surmise that Silvia is for Victoria’s mother, and Ewa for Estelle’s other grandmother.  Before you go saying “wow that’s a long name for one person!” — four names are a common formula for royal families.  This one is actually quite a bit shorter than most in both letters and syllables, and maybe as such more modern.

Estelle is a French name rarely found in Sweden.  Many wish that the future queen of their country had a name that was more  representative of their heritage (though the royals can trace their ancestry back to France).  Estelle was also the name of the American-born wife of the king’s godfather, Count Folke Bernadotte.  Maybe the king loved it as a child and was the one who suggested it, or maybe it’s just a coincidence?  Perhaps they chose it for its celestial connotations?  Or like so many parents, maybe they just loved its sound. It’s not unlike Stella, which is already becoming so popular, or Adele, a name I think we can expect to hear more of on little ones in the coming years.  Before her birth, royal watchers speculated Alice and Desirée would be somewhere in the name.  Someone also thought enough of the matter to bother hacking into the Swedish royal website.  A false announcement on Friday morning read that the child’s name was Ulrika Marianna Annika David – Duchess of Upplands Väsby.  I could have also gotten behind Ulrika.

There was a bit of a stir when Victoria married Daniel, a commoner and her workout trainer.  Sweden took it with more grace than other countries might have, and the fact that both Victoria and now Estelle will inherit the crown measures progress.  Do you find the concept of monarchy excessive and needlessly outdated, or do you think they give us some level of enjoyment?

Other recent royal announcements: 

Vincent and Josephine

Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain

Above Image: Swedish family in 1905


Welcome Blue Ivy Carter!

January 8th, 2012

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a new addition to the Carter family.  On Saturday night (under the pseudonym Ingrid Jackson) in New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital, Beyoncé gave birth to a baby girl:

Blue Ivy Carter

First reports indicate that Ivy celebrates the roman numeral IV and the number 4.  Though Blue was born on the seventh of January, her parents share the number four.  Beyoncé was born on September 4 and Jay-Z on December 4.  They were married on April 4, and her new album is called 4.

No word yet if there is any personal significance for Blue, though we do know this name is already popular in celebsville.  Just a few months ago Alicia Silverstone gave birth to Bear Blu, John Travolta’s daughter is called Ella Bleu, Bret Michaels has a Jorja Bleu, Soleil Moon Frye’s second girl is dubbed Jagger Joseph Blue, and Cher may have spearheaded this whole thing years ago when she called her son Elijah Blue.  Can you think of any other famous children who have Blue as a first name?

 One commenter quipped: “Cerulean Algae was taken.”

I don’t know, I kind of like the image that Blue Ivy conjures up.  A color name with a nature name is hopelessly descriptive, but right on trend.  Considering Tiana-May or any of the other names they were said to be going with, this feels just right.

It must be even harder to choose the perfect name if you’re always in the spotlight.  I think they done good.  What say you, Itsies? 

Image below: Peter Agrafiotis

2012 has officially arrived!   Welcome to the annual You Can’t Call It “It”! Mitzi Awards, the best and worst in celebrity baby names. For the year 2011, no baby was left unturned.  Georgia Geraldine, sister to Billie Beatrice (mentioned in last year’s awards) and child of Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane.  They certainly have a penchant for alliteration.  Wonder if they’ll call her Georgie?

Rumors of babies Ethel Mary Cooper, potential name of Lily Allen’s daughter, and of Tiana-May Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s possible babe, remain unconfirmed, so they remain off the list.  But if they are indeed true, this could spurn a new generation of extra dusty grandparent names as well as double-barrel firsts.  Were these to receive a Mitzi, what do you think it should be?

Without further ado,  the 2011 Mitzi Awards:

Best Boys’ Names:

Arlo Robert- son of Toni Colette.  O endings are becoming increasingly popular among the hip crowd.  Arlo is no exception.

Arthur Saint – son of Selma Blair.  What was that we were just saying about dusting off antiquarian grandparent names?  Arthur comes across as a distinguished, international choice, and the middle name “Saint” gives the name an added mystery.

Milo Thomas – son of Alyssa Milano.  A sweet nod to mama’s surname, it manages to sound both modern and classic with family name, Bugliari.

Henry – winning because of his surname Hornsby, more alliterative love here.

Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland – son of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.  His first name is a nod to grandmother Evelyn, and middles all have family meaning too.  We’re big fans at YCCII of multiple middles, especially if they have personal meaning.

Other Trends Worth Mentioning:

MARCEL ET AL: Marcelo Alejandro, son of Ali Landry and Alejandro Monteverde, and Marcel, son of Marion Cotillard and Guillame Canet.  Diablo Cody has a Marcello, born in 2010.


Rex Harrison, son of Niki Taylor, would be on the “Best” list with a tweak of the middle.  But the exact same name as “Sexy Rexy”?  Too weird.  Bingham Hawn was also a near miss from the best list for being slightly odd, but we love how the name has ties to both sides of the family.  Bingham is Bellamy’s mother’s maiden name, and Kurt Russell’s father was called Bing.

Best Girls’ Names:

Clover Elizabeth - daughter of Neal McDonough.  A rarified botanical, with all the makings of a big hit.

Agnes Lark – daughter of Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany.  Another unusual nature name in the middle, buffered by an understated antique first.

Cleo Buckman Schwimmer - daughter of David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman. Cleo is a great twist on mom’s popular modern day first name, and we love to see her maiden name in the middle!

Hattie Margaret – Tori Spelling (pleasantly) surprised the world with her choice of Hattie for her third child.  Similar in sound to Addie but with the sweetness of Sadie, expect this to go huge in the next few years.

Arabella Rose – daughter of Ivanka Trump, Arabella makes the list because it highlights a brilliant alternative to the overplayed but equally gorgeous Isabella.

Other Trends Worth Mentioning:

GREEK NAMES: Cleo is in good company with other beauties Penelope Athena (Tina Fey) and Helen Grace (Robert DeNiro!).

NICKNAMES: Zuzu Audrey, daughter of pastry chef Tania Peterson, made many a “worst name” list, but with its vintage charm a la “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I think it belongs at the top. It’s actually quite similar to Hattie, and of course the beloved Lulu.

NATURE NAMES:  Willow Sage (Pink) would make a great sister name to Clover Elizabeth.

ELLA, ELLA, ELLA, HEY, HEY: Mirabella Bunny (Bryan Adams), would make another great solution to the Isabella conundrum (at least the first would).

VINTAGE: The aforementioned Georgia Geraldine almost knocked Arabella clean off the list.  Look for more alliteration in 2012.

Worst Boys’ Names:

Cree - son of Tamara Mowry (I just don’t “get” it).

Skyler Morrison- son of stylist Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman could not have picked a less stylish choice, and the middle reeks of trying-to-hard.

Kase Townes- son of Jewel and Ty Murray.  I grew up loyal to Jewel’s ingenious music, but her taste in names leaves much to be desired.  If you didn’t know already how I feel about the letter K, you’re getting the picture now.

Colt – son of John Rich.  Colt brings to mind images of guns and baby horses.  His brother Cash (yes, Cash Rich), made the list last year.

Kannon Valentine – Now I adore Kevin James as much as the next gal, but like Colt, Kannon is just violent.  And again people, WHAT is with this affection for the letter K where it has no business being?

Other Trends Worth Mentioning:

WE CALL HIM JUNIOR: Spike Myers may not have dad’s exact name, but he will never be able to escape from his shadow with a name that not only rhymes, but is somewhat comical (in a different way). Just one more krime to report: Kroy Jagger, son of Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak.  They obviously loved it enough to use it again, but sheesh.


Harper Seven, daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, & Aleph (Hebrew letter “A”), son on Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, burst onto the scene the same week.  Numbers and letters as names are the wave of the future, I fear.

NATURAL: Alicia Silverstone’s Bear Blu also popped up on many a worst list, but for some reason I find this relatively inoffensive.  I felt the same way about Buddy Bear Maurice.  Thoughts?

UNNATURAL: Jennie Finch’s son Diesel.  Just too cool for school.

Worst Girls’ Names:

Arlo- daughter of Johnny Knoxville.  A first for the Mitzis when the same name appears on the Best of AND the Worst of lists in the same year.

Monroe – Mariah Carey named her baby girl after a temptress and a tart.  Marilyn Monroe certainly had her charms, but is she a role model for young girls?

Jordan Kay – Like Skylar, a terribly unstylish choice.  Unlike Zoe, we expected nothing more from Federline.

Mosley – Yes, it’s probably a family name for Peyton Manning.  But as a twin, it’s hard to keep straight who’s the boy and who’s the girl, plus the most famous Mosley was also not one to emulate.

Haven – daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.  We loved the story behind this choice, but independent of that it reads downmarket, especially next to big sister Honor‘s venerable name.

Worth Mentioning: Genesis.  We would have loved to see Viola Davis bequeath an equally lovely name to her child.  Like Haven, it does have lovely symbolism.

Best Twin Names:

Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda, Danish children of Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik.  It was impossible not to go royal in this category.

Worth Mentioning: Children of Girl’s Gone Child’s Rebecca Woolf have received a lot of attention on this blog.  Reverie Lux and Boheme Shalom will have many a namesake to be sure.

Worst Twin Names:

Moroccan Scott and Monroe.  Nicknames Roc and Roe notwithstanding,  I’d almost rather call them “dembabies.”


Rumored: Ethel Mary Cooper

December 12th, 2011

Hat tip to faithful reader Jane for this one.

Have you heard?  Though not officially announced, internet rumor has it that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper’s new baby is named Ethel.  Ethel Mary Cooper to be exact, per this tweet from a friend.

I think it’s lovely!  While Ethel is not necessarily an oldie I would have predicted to make a comeback quite so soon, it does have soft sounds of other names popular today, like Lily and Isabel.  Most people will still put her in the same category as Beulah and Irma, though it wasn’t so very long ago that Mabel and Hazel were unthinkable.

Internet rumors proved to be true with Casper and Aleph.  There’s no reason to believe a friend would purposely put out a red herring that appears by all accounts to be so believable, right?

What do you think?

Baby Boom Roundup

October 20th, 2011

Well hello there!

I’ve been away a bit and much has happened in the way of the baby name universe.  Just today, Carla Bruni, supermodel wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, gave birth to a baby girl.  No name has been yet released, but the child joins four older brothers: Aurelien (10), from Maman’s side, and Pierre (26), Jean (25), and Louis (14), from Papa’s.  Bruni has said birth is just not that interesting for French people, and that this baby will never be photographed.  Let us hope that they don’t keep the name so close to the chest!  UPDATE: New Sarkozy baby is now rumored to be named Dahlia.  Let’s hope Twitter holds true, though if I were the president of France I might opt for a name that actually originates in France.

Joy Cho welcomed precious gem Ruby Katherine.  Not on our list of suggestions, but definitely of the Poppy-Daisy variety.  She even gave us a shout out!

No Big Dill’s Katie was also appreciative of the input, and finally chose a name for child #6.  Divine, Pearl, Olive, Azure and Clover have a new baby brother: Drummer Zion.

Also waiting until after the birth to choose a name, reader Siobhán chose Remy Aurelius Clement for her second child.  He joins Luca Cy, and she reports she’s considering adding Raphael to his name.

Virgil Ephraim and Hector Adrien are now doting on their baby sister Clea Maxine.

Another longtime reader who we didn’t get a chance to do a post for, did just fine on her own.  Coraline Audrey is the newest addition to a family who can sure make some lovely ladies.  Her big sisters include Philippa Violet, Romilly Alice, Beatrix Joanna, and Juniper Lucy.  Read about how Coraline got her name here.

I’m still waiting for news on the twin girls.*



(If you follow me on Facebook or are a regular reader of baby name sites, much of this won’t be new news to you.  But I wanted to recap for my readers here because I will be referring to some trends I see in future posts).

Mariska Hargitay shocked the world this morning when she announced her second adoption this year!  She kept with a theme of all A’s.  Baby Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann has older siblings Amaya Josephine and August.  I can’t even imagine having two under a year at different stages, but more power to them.  They may need it (!)

Two unrelated Davis women also joined the adoptive parent club. Kristin Davis welcomed  Gemma Rose into her home, while Viola Davis chose Genesis, the beginning of all, for her precious girl.

The dapper Caspian Julius was born to openly gay representative Jared Polis, D. Colorado.

Kelsey Grammar’s daughter Spencer may have given birth to the first child in this family with an unambiguous first name: I’m loving the alliteration of Emmett Emmanuel.

Johnny Knoxville appears to be in the Kelsey camp when it comes to bequeathing monikers.  He’s now father to baby girl Arlo.

Ali Landry kept it tradtional, as we knew she would.  Estela Ines now has a baby brother called Marcelo Alejandro.

Ne-Yo chose Mason Evan, for a boy.

Cowboy (and girl!) names are all the rage, or should I say range.  Eric Church had a little Boone McCoy, conjuring up images of Daniel Boone.

Jenna Fischer chose the Western-sounding Weston Lee.

John Rich had a son Colt Daniel, which makes me think alternatively of baby horses and guns.

David Chokachi’s daughter Brit Madison could easily hang with this crew.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s Tristan Milos could go either way, but I have a feeling he’ll be hanging with characters with names like Arabella, Portia, and Sebastian.

Mike Myers went a different direction, but not far from his own moniker.  He calls his baby Spike.

Danny McBride welcomed perhaps my favorite name on this list, Declan George.  A mom in our music class also just gave birth to a baby Declan, brother to Callum. 

Finally, last but not least, it’s good to know that the designer of my handbag’s good taste extends beyond leather goods.  Rebecca Minkoff’s baby boy?  Luca Shai.  In my opinion, Luca is to Max as Finn is to Aidan.  Watch for more of this name in the coming years.

*To those of you requesting name consultations, right now I have a lot on my plate and am trying to space out requests.  If you don’t hear from me right away, know that you will.  I’ll fit in as many as I can.  If you have had a public consultation on the blog, please do right in with your birth announcement so that we can celebrate with you, and put our minds at rest.  :-)

It’s fun seeing all these new names from disparate backgrounds on one list like this.  Really paints a picture not only of our naming climate, but of our society as a whole, don’t you think? 

Pictured Above: 4-day old Remy Aurelius Clement