Everyone has a name that introduces them to the world.  Elisabeth is mine and while I sometimes wish there were fewer of us, it is a fine name to call oneself. You may be currently on the hunt for the perfect name to call your little bun in the oven.  You may be looking for character names for a story or a pet.  Or, if you’re like me, you just love names, and are happy to explore their variety at any opportunity.  Today, I turn my own obsession into a baby name blog.  I hope you enjoy it, or at least find it food for thought.

The process of naming our children was rather involved and a bit grueling. We had a hard time coming to consensus, and our tastes couldn’t be more divergent.  I relished the process of pouring over baby name books, websites, and online forums. Researching the history of all the names we were interested in, their forbearers, when and where they were popular, how they sang with the surname, pairing middles– it was so all encompassing that I’m still coming off that rush.  Now I have two baby girls whose names seem to suit them.   I learned so much through this process, and it’s time to share that knowledge and help new parents choose the perfect moniker for their little one.

This site is meant to help you find the right name for youyour child, and your family.  My comments are meant to in no way be the emperical last word, and I hope they will only serve to give you enough information to make the right choice for you.

Elisabeth can be found elsewhere online at Nameberry, where she is a frequent guest poster.

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You Can’t Call It “It”! is the middle child of Elisabeth Wilborn, a Mother, Artist, Writer, and Baby Name Consultant.  Elisabeth has a B.F.A. from Cornell University where she studied Fine Arts and Comparative Literature.  She counts travel, cooking, reading, and all things stylish among her interests.  Mostly though, she just thinks about what to name your baby.  Elisabeth resides with her family in Brooklyn, New York.



Personalized Name Consultation

If you would like help from YCCII readers naming your little one, please email me at youcantcallitit AT gmail DOT com. A public consultation is free and has the added benefit of drawing from the minds of a wide range of astute, interested, caring community of namers.  I am also happy to offer personalized name consultant services, should you have the need.

Birthday Club

We want celebrate your little ones! Please send birthday announcements one to two weeks in advance and accompanied by up to three pictures.  You are welcome to share anything about them and their name, be that how it was chosen, how it suits them now,  what nicknames they go by, anything.

Ask Away

If there are any burning name questions you’d like to see addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to incorporate your question into a post.  Any unusual names you’ve heard in real life, crazy spellings, first name/last name combos that just should not be, tell us about them!  Help gently name the next generation just a little bit better than we did the last.  Let’s get the word out.

Post from “Fundamentals“, May 20, 2008:


First of all, naming a baby is HARD work.  You may be one of those people who has known what you were going to name your first born since you were twelve, but now there’s just one small glitch:  you’re not the only one who gets a say.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a spouse who concedes to your favorite, you must honestly ask yourself if it goes well with your surname, and if it feels like family to all of you.  If you conclude you’ve found the name right away, I congratulate you.  If, after months of searching, you and your spouse still cannot come together on anything, don’t despair!  The baby name journey is one I’d hate to see anyone be deprived of.  So, if you have a baby to name, lace up your hiking boots, load up on water, and let’s get crackalacking.


  • Given name and Surname must complement one another, or at the very least, not clash.  Hereupon we must strike any names that rhyme or might sound aggregiously similar to any phrase (Jade Greene, Eileen Wright) when strung together
  • Initials shouldn’t spell anything unpleasant, or be an acronym for something tease-worthy (who wants B.O.?  V.D.?).  Secondly, does alliteration (repetition of same first letter) sound good to you, or hopelessly silly?
  • Style is one of the most important things to consider.  Do you like classics like Elizabeth and William, surnames as first names like Hadley and Sawyer, or invented sounding names like Mckyla and Jaxton?
  • How Popular would you like a name to be?  Do you want your child to blend in and be one of many, be the only one anyone has ever met, or somewhere in between?
  • Do you have anyone you’d like to Honor?  A relative, a friend, or even a Nationality?
  • Is Meaning important to you?  Finding a name related to something you treasure is a symbol your child will hold dear their entire life.
  • Compromise is, unfortunately, last but of the utmost importance.  You are two parents, who will raise this child together, and coming together on their name is a great testament to who you are as a family.



68 Responses to “About”

  1. Jess Says:

    Hi QB!
    I would love to see a list from you regarding “o” names since they are on the rise and oh-so-funky. Keep up the good work!

  2. youcantcallitit Says:

    You got it Jess! There’s a good one in this week’s saints’ list. Look for “O” boys this week!

    Any more requests?

  3. Nana Says:

    Not a request, but a couple of questions:
    I’m curious about “Kids in the store, Part 3″. Elisabeth, do you own/work at a children’s clothing store??? And where are Parts 1 & 2?
    I’m really enjoying your baby name blog, agree with you on issues such as using full names on birth certificates and standard spellings, and love all your interesting research and comments about a multitude of names. But when I clicked on one of the names following a blog (Susanna, the name of one of my daughters), I was surprised to find a link to a porn website. Your website is visually lovely, but such links certainly distort that impression. ???

  4. youcantcallitit Says:

    RE: Susanna- Nana, I can assure you I had nothing to do with that!!!! A couple of links have been coming in via the comments section that aren’t needing my approval. I’ll see what I can do about that and if I need Worpress techs to take care of it.

    RE: The Kids in the Store: I work in a children’s store in a hip, urban mecca. I am intrigued by the naming trends around here, but as they belong to actual people, I want to be respectful. I’ve decided to keep them up temporarily. Perhaps there is a better solution?

    Susanna is one of my favorite names by the way. Totally wholesome, but with sass! Now off to do some detective work…

  5. youcantcallitit Says:

    Ah! It’s the way these tags work on wordpress. Shame. I am redirecting the way I use tags to be more specifically baby name based and to refer internally to related topics, rather than be so general. What a shock! So sorry!

  6. Nana Says:

    Elisabeth, I see that you’ve deleted the Susanna link. I was sure that someone who illustrated a blog entry with “August, from the Trés riches heures du duc de Berry” wouldn’t want to be connected to such websites!!!

    I’m pleased to add your blog to my many baby name bookmarks. Like you, I love names and am “happy to explore their variety at any opportunity.” I fervently hope that parents presently looking for a name for Baby will find your blog. As you’re showing, there are many, many”unique” names — if that’s what’s wanted — without resorting to creative (aka non-standard) spelling or one of your other “seven deadly trends”. Keep up the good work!

  7. youcantcallitit Says:

    Thanks Nana for your thoughts and your tips about the link. I am so happy to find kindred name spirits online!

  8. youcantcallitit Says:

    JESS, I’ve been ruminating on O names. You mean boys’ names ending in O, right? Or should I do boys’ and girls’ names that begin in O?

  9. MommyMeglet Says:

    Hola my dear QB…. I was hoping that maybe you could do an entry and list on names from mythology?

    I’ve come to realize that I adore a lot of names from especially from Greek Mythology… although I have a fondness for lots of folklore names as well.

    I would love to hear what sort of list you could come up with to give me some much needed inspiration. :0)

  10. youcantcallitit Says:

    Consider it DONE Meg! (But give me a few weeks. I’m still working on O names for Jess).

    Mythology names are both easy and hard. Easy to come up with a faboo list of names, hard to find all their stories and to determine whether or not it’s a positive reference. Many are on the fence. Are you particularly interested in Greek mythology? Norse? Celtic? Boys? Girls?

  11. MommyMeglet Says:

    Awesome!!! No rush though…. I’m not popping out another baby any time too soon. ;0)

    I tend to be drawn to more Greek mythology sort of names but I’d love to hear almost anything you come up with.

    I was was pondering several names that I adore- Phaedra, Daphne, Persephone, Hermoine etc and realized they all had a common thread of being from Greek mythology. It made me wonder what other names I might be missing out on…. and you are the lucky person I thought I’d ask. ;0)

    Lots of loves

  12. youcantcallitit Says:

    Only too happy to, Meg. You know that.

  13. Sarah (nfate) Says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    I just love reading your blog. I get so many great ideas from your blog – It was you infact that rekindled my love for my nanna’s middle name, Adelaide, which is now tied with Beatrix for spot number 1, granted it is a little girl that I have (in September). He or She will be Big Brother or Sister to 3 year old Edward Nole.

    We chose his first name for my great grandfather, but 99 percent just because we love it.

    I also have a name blog and just I would let you know; you have been added to our blogroll. If you ever get time I would love to hear what you think.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. youcantcallitit Says:

    Hi Sarah, good to hear from you! I have seen your blog and really enjoy it.

    Edward is one of my favorite classics. He sits so well with Beatrix or Adelaide! You have a tough decision on your hands.

    I myself am due in three weeks, and wish it were narrowed down to two choices! Alas, there is a bit of a name battle going on in my household, and we’re not very close to deciding on a name.

    I will blogroll you right away, and thanks for the link. ;-)

  15. Justine Alexandra Says:

    I love this site. I check in at least once a week.

    But where o’ where are the Italian names? I am in great need of a truly unique Italian name.

  16. youcantcallitit Says:

    Welcome Justine!

    Italian names shall be on the list– be forewarned though, I have Japanese, Basque, and Greek names ahead of you. I will do it soon though. Are you pregnant?

  17. Justine Alexandra Says:

    *Sigh* Not yet.

    However, I currently have one boy, Gianluca Falcone, and know my house will be blessed with many boys to come. And after searching high and low for a truely fabulous second boys name I am yet to find one.

  18. youcantcallitit Says:


    Lorenzo is one of my favorite Italian boys’ names. It’s not rare by any means, but it is oh so handsome! Love Orlando too, but that may be more Spanish.

  19. Justine Alexandra Says:

    Lorenzo is actually our running favourite. But I keep telling myself there must be some more unique and less common out there! Amedeo, is another more recent thought, but who knows how long I may like it.

  20. MM Says:

    Just wanted to add another deadly sin…punctuation–accents, apostrophes, and hyphens where they do not belong. I noticed that Raven-Symone has a misplaced accent on the “e” at the end of Symone. An accent there would make the name sih-mo-nay not sih-mone.

  21. sarahlipoff Says:

    I love the photographs on your site along with your great baby naming advice! I look forward to seeing and learning more!
    Sarah from Top Baby Names Buzz

  22. Jessica Says:

    I love this blog. I spent years picking baby names for my little girl. We arrived at Emmeline Rose. We call her Emmy-Rose. Hope you like it!!

  23. Kelyn Says:

    I’ve just discovered your site and I am loving it, but, therefore, I apologize if you’ve already covered this topic: what rank is too popular?

    I’m currently searching for a name for my second daughter (due in Sept). With a name of Kelyn, and first daughter, Atley, I clearly prefer names that don’t break the top 1000. However, finding names not on any list proves to be rather difficult (nay, impossible?). So, like everyone else, I simply look to the lists and choose names I love. The problem, the names I love are easily top 500. For example, I love Riley (#38 – forget about it), Harper (#174 and climbing – hmmm), and Quinn (#486 – yet I know altogether too many). I know region can have an effect but the SSA provides only the top 100 by state.

    So this begs the question, in your opinion, how popular is too popular?
    Thanks! Kelyn

  24. youcantcallitit Says:

    Everyone has a different threshold for what is too popular. Regional popularity (see states lists on the Social Security page) are more important than national popularity. Other things to consider: is it a classic, like Emily or a time stamped name, like Peyton? Is it fast rising, like Isla? There’s nothing inherently wrong with a popular name. To be safe, anything out of the top 200 with a relatively stable rank should be fine.

  25. Carey Says:

    I am in the throes of naming my second child- a girl! I love the name Bryony but am confused. I’ve seen it on your site (and many other sites) pronounced Bree-on-y. In the movie Atonement and in terms of the vine it’s pronounced Bri(like rye)-on-nee. What do you think, is it a name destined to be mispronounced? Are there two pronunciations depending on your preference? Thank you!
    BTW, I have been thoroughly addicted to your site – it’s amazing!

  26. youcantcallitit Says:

    It’s Bryony, the first syllable rhymes with sky and pie. My instinct used to be to pronounce it Bree, but I haven’t found any validation that it’s a correct alternate pronunciation. I guess in my heart I prefer the incorrect pronunciation because the other way sounds like you lopped a Y onto Brian. That’s a terrible reason though, and I prefer to honor history and grammar before I honor my own whims. That’s sort of a general rule if you read my Seven Deadly Trends.

    Any botanists among us? Are there ever two pronunciations for the vine?

  27. Lauren Says:

    Your writings are fantastic and very entertaining!
    I have a boy named Max and would like to name my daughter Molly. I detest the idea of the entire family having names that start with the same letter but I am really in love with that name for a girl and find it to be classic and not overused. Is it totally nerdy and obnoxious if both of my kid’s names start with the same letter? Did I mention my husband is also an ‘M’?

  28. youcantcallitit Says:

    I think two children whose names start with the same letter is alright. At three, it becomes a little themey, and I would search beyond M. You have to ask yourself if you want more than two children, will a third child feel left out? It may seem like a silly question, but if that child is the odd one out anyway it could only serve to make them feel more of an outsider. It’s likely a moot point though. Two Ms is fine.

  29. anne Says:


    I’m searching for a middle name for my little girl due in November. Fairly certain her first name will be Lavinia. I have many loved ones born in February and would like her middle name to honor that month. Not the biggest fan of Lavinia Amethyst or Lavinia Violet. Any other ideas? I’m also a February birthday and have never appreciated the entire month’s strong connection with Valentine’s Day. Thanks!

  30. youcantcallitit Says:

    What about references to the season of winter, or very oblique nods to V day?
    Blanche (my pick with Lavinia)
    Hermione (the messenger)

    Try the saints calendar too!

  31. Irene Says:

    Hi Anne,

    A february connection could be made through typical early spring flowers. Besides Violet you could think of Iris or Primrose.

  32. We Finally Named Our Baby Boy! | Being Pregnant Says:

    [...] him. Totally stressed, and thinking he may be born without a name, we hired Baby Name Consultant, Elisabeth Wilborn, and I’m so happy we [...]

  33. Angel Says:

    I love your blog, but still haven’t found inspiration I’m afraid.

    We are expecting babies #4&5, a boy and a girl. Since this is our first boy he was an easy choice. His name will be Matthew Luke. But our baby girl will be our fourth girl and we’ve kind of run out of ideas! We also named ourselves into a corner with the theme of our first three girls’ middle names. Nicole Faith, Isabella Grace and Lily Evangeline Hope. (Okay, we couldn’t decide on a second name for her so we gave her two!)

    Our surname begins with M and ends with an n.

    We have a preference for traditional, girly type names, but really don’t want to choose something that is going to be too popular and have every second baby girl named the same thing. Olivia was one on our short list, but that seems to be very popular.

    Any suggestions for us, please??

  34. youcantcallitit Says:

    Hi Angel,

    If you would like to do a private consultation please email me at youcantcallitit {at} gmail {dot} com. Unfortunately I am not able to thoroughly answer everyone’s questions in the comment section. Perhaps our readers can also help.


  35. Coasting anon Says:

    So I totally just watched Pregnant in Heels for the first time and it was FAN.FREAKING.TAS.TIC!! But I had to giggle because it was the baby name episode and I saw it and immediately had to go online to confirm that was you I saw. I feel so on the up and up having followed your site for well over two years now :)

    I was very humored by the name selection process…especially since the names they liked (aside from the one they ended up choosing) are all so young, urban, professional popular right now. I know at least six Asher’s and don’t get me started on Miles!

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know how fun it was to ‘recognize’ you on TV. Also wanted to thank you for your latest post on girl names. You touched upon how hard it is to find something unique when everyone around you is drawing from the same ‘unique’ pool and I really appreciated it.

    Miriam – mt Garrison Reid, bn 07/08/09 and baby #2 due 11/7/11 who hopefully is a girl because there are no more good boy names left.

  36. youcantcallitit Says:

    Aw, thanks for writing Miriam! It means so much to have my readers support for the show.

    We’re always here if you find yourself in the eleventh hour without a name. There are still a few good boys’ names out there too. ;-)

  37. Deb Says:

    Just discovered your blog and I love it. I wanted to know what English speakers would think of the name Sixtine. And I am probably gonna stick with Sixtine for a girl and Calixte for a boy (French influence) but there are so many nice names I hadn’t even thought about, I might have to reconsider having an only child and make more babies once I have this first one ! Any ideas for a middle name going well with Sixtine?

    Thank you and keep up the good work !

  38. Ali Says:

    Found your blog last week (the 7 Deadly post was SPOT ON!) – My Sister in Law just called and said they’re having a girl. My dumb brother has the most horrendous name in mind. I’m done naming kids. Named mine the three most vanilla names ever. I’m totally sharing this with them.

  39. Elisabeth Wilborn Says:

    I think English speakers will always hear the number “sixteen” (16) when they hear the lovely Sixtine. It may be tricky to swallow for an American audience. Love Calixte! Could that work for a girl as well?

  40. Elisabeth Wilborn Says:

    Thank you so much Ali! One baby at a time…

  41. Sherri Says:

    I am a huge fan of your blog! I have a Bijou and a Blaise and am all about finding unique names with meaning. I have been passing your blog along to all of my pregnant friends. :)

  42. Steph Says:

    Hi! My sister turned me on to your blog about a year ago when I was pregnant with my now 9 month old (Jonah Harrison…btw). Anyway, we are going to be visiting GA for Thanksgiving and I would like to take Jonah to Babyland General Hospital (where Cabbage Patch Kids are born!), so I was checking out their website and noticed some GREAT name combos. Their “babies for adoption” come already named and I thought you might want to check it out to share for name inspiration. Just an idea!

  43. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I’ve done this in the past and think it’s a great idea for a post! Thanks for the idea Steph. Have fun on your vacation with sweet Jonah!

  44. Adelaide Says:

    Hi. I`m quite new to your blog but I have seen your list on lesser used Irish names and was wondering if you might do a Welsh one.

  45. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    That’s a great idea Adelaide! I’ll keep it in mind for the near future.

  46. Jenny Says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    I know people are concerned about sibsets when naming their children but I was wondering if you or your readers think it’s strange if children from the same family have drastically different middle names (e.g. one child has a Greek middle name, another has an Irish one and the other child a German middle name)?

  47. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    No, I don’t think it’s strange at all in this global village we live in today. Use names that you love.

  48. Jenny Says:

    Even if each child has two middle names?

  49. Mimi Says:

    Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) You can see the info on my blog, The Rainy Day Review. http://therainydayreview.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/versatile-blogger-award-2011/ Please pass it on!


  50. Deb Says:

    Hello, found the site thru pintrest, My daughter in law loves the name Kennedy and so do I. She also likes Reagan, I suggested that she should name their children after (last names) presidents (if they have any children). But anyway with the Presidential election coming up I thought you might do a post on it. Other names we kinda like :
    Girls- Kennedy, Reagan, Madison, Quincy
    Boys – Jackson, Clinton, Carter, Lincoln

  51. Val Says:

    First I must say that I love your blog, I stumbled upon it 3 years ago when we were naming our first. Now we are expecting our second and I still come to your site! One thing I noticed though was that you used to have links to other naming websites, but it seems with the new layout of your blog, either you no longer link to them, or I just can’f find them. I was wondering if there are still other sites that you see as inspiration?

  52. sandy Says:

    Please help! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 5 weeks ago and my husband and I are still stuck on a name for him. Do you still offer private name consultations?

  53. Saffy Says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve loved reading through your blog this morning. The 7 Deadly Trends cracked me up! :) It made me smile to see both my daughters’ names on your Easter list – we have a Daisy and a Beatrix.

  54. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    We have a Beatrix too. ;-)

  55. Jiinxsay Says:

    dear Elisabeth,

    as far as baby name sites/blogs, you are my idol! i only just discovered all the sites last week and promptly make one of my own so i could join others!
    the ending of this msg will go to your email, but since i’ve got all the girls here, i thought i’d get as many inputs as humanly possible! i am changing my name. the light, airy, specialness of the name i chose is a DIRECT result of your post R & B, about how Rebecca used light, “fluffy”, word names for her kids. i had had soooo many names, trying to honor fam, who wouldn’t even care anyways, tons that i love; i.e. Makenna. so i bolted awake with;

    Alicie Verity Lue Tarina Willoughby !

    how’s THAT for light and airy? and Tarina is Finnish for tale/story, just like Rebecca’s Fable. problem = i feel people will pronounce 1st name AALISS-ee instead of uh-LEE-see. here is a list of other possible spellings, however! i am severly attached to this spelling :(

    Alicey Alicy Aleighcie Aleighcey Aleighcy Aleighci
    Alisie Alisey Alisy Aleighsie Aleighsey Aleighsy Aleighssie Aleighssey Aleighssy
    Alycie Alycey Alycy Aleighcy Aleighsey Aleighsi

    as much as i love the -eigh endings in names, i find it totally inappropriate for this. so VOTE away girls, pleasssssssssssse, i beggggggg youuuuu!!!
    either that or tell me it’s completely fine for me to use Alicie and pn it for people! i grew up Alice, hated it, went to Ali, then Aly, both were pn’d by folks like AH-lee, so was set to change legally, using Jiinxsay as 1st. then, on one of these sights there it was! my name with a lil ole “i” to make me love it :)

    sorry to take up a whole post on this Elisabeth!! forgive me!! i’ll email you immediately!
    your FAN, ___________?

  56. Richard Says:

    I gave birth to a little wooden voice recorder and I now feel certain it was given a very proper name. Hope everyone is getting some laughs and if you ever have any problems just let me know.
    I am still laughing and the awesome robot moves and “I am a robot”. Total awesomeness.
    sooner rather than later-

  57. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Elisabeth! I will join the masses and say that I just LOVE your blog. I think the art of naming is beautiful, and I’m thankful for people like you that are taking strides to return it to an art!

    Any suggestions for variations on my mother’s name? I desperately want to honor her, but I am really struggling with a new take on her name- Pamela Jean. “Jean” is a family name that is passed down as middle name for the oldest daughter in the family. I would like to keep this tradition in tact, but again- I’m drawing a blank!


  58. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thanks Rebecca, and welcome! I actually think Pamela Jean is kind of an adorable name for a little one, though perhaps Pam isn’t quite ready for her comeback yet. I would definitely consider using Jean in the middle.

    Takeoffs of Pamela:
    Paloma Jean?
    Mela Jean (mela means apple, but I have seen it used as a name as well)
    Alma Jean
    Palma Jean

    I found this on Behindthename.com:
    “This name was invented in the late 16th century by the poet Sir Philip Sidney for use in his poem ‘Arcadia’. He possibly intended it to mean “all sweetness” from Greek παν (pan) “all” and μελι (meli) “honey”. It was later employed by author Samuel Richardson for the heroine in his novel ‘Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded’ (1740), after which time it became used as a given name. It did not become popular until the 20th century.”

    Taking off of that, what about Arcadia? Or a name that means honey? Melisande? Melina (as in little Pamela)?

  59. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you! Definitely food for thought :) I really love Mela- let’s see if I can convince my husband! Thanks again!

  60. Jasmine Tell Says:

    Hi Elisabeth! So I’m TOTALLY addicted to your blog! Wanna help a girl out? I have a 17 month old daughter, and we’re expecting again. Boys names we have covered by I’m stumped if this kid is a girl! See, we sort of set our expectations high with our first… her name is Ilyria. (I-LEER-ia) We love classic sounding names, and want to have a theme of girls names ending in “a”, which sounds great until you try to come up with names! I like Olivia and Sophia but they are waaay too popular. Athena was our next choice but friends named their daughter that. Help!

  61. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Hi Jasmine! Check out my “Names Like Olivia” and “Names Like Sophia” posts for starters. Nothing there? “Names Like Chloe” will get more adventuresome still. Good luck!

  62. Court Westcott Says:

    Do you consult for baby names? If so how much? If not, could you recommend anyone? Thanks Court

  63. Kate Says:

    Hi Elisabeth! Not sure if this is the right spot on the website to ask this question, but I was just wondering… I often read the British birth announcements (times and telegraph) but I’ve never come across anything similar in the U.S. – it seems like none of the big newspapers print them. Do you know of any websites/newspapers/etc where you can read US birth announcements? Thanks for you help, and good job correctly guessing the royal baby’s name by the way!! :)

  64. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    I am having a hard time committing to a baby’s name for our baby girl. Yep that’s right, she’s 2 weeks old and doesn’t have a name yet.:( Well, I guess that is technically untrue. My husband did go to the hospital on Friday to sign the paperwork for her birth certificate with the name Maddison Grace, but now I am having second thoughts and severe anxiety that we may have named our child the wrong name. I saw your website and thought I would ask for some help. I’m hoping this is the right spot to do this.
    This is our third child. We have two boys, Jacob Louis and Collin Matthew, and I absolutely love both of their names. For some reason though, I have had complete “constipation” for lack of a better word in naming my baby girl. We both like names that are timeless and we both wanted a name with a little spunk to it. Some names we had considered originally were Annelise, Caroline, and Amelia or Amelie. It is killing me that I cannot find the perfect name for her. I am honestly in tears daily over this. Unfortunately, no name seems good enough. I have looked through what feels like a zillion names. Do you have any suggestions?

  65. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Is there a way to contact you directly? Do you still do consults? If, so what is your fee?



  66. Chloe Says:

    How much do you charge for consultations?

  67. Ruth Says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    We are looking for some help naming our second child and we don’t have much time left unfortunately!

    Would you be able to help and what are your fees for private consultation?



  68. anamica Says:

    hi !!!! i have a 7.2 month old baby boy !!!!


    have not yet named him — need help — he looks like a little budda -peaceful – smiles most of the time… does not trouble me at all …..
    he is very aleart and observat …

    i am having a hard time naming him — he is so precious to me that i just do not seem to like any name can you hep?


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