We know now!  He’s here, and he’s named.  As predicted, the future king of England is GEORGE!!! (I really cried it from the hilltops too — whew). His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Just as YCCII arrived at George by process of elimination, so too did the royal parents, I imagine.  It is the name of many kings, and most recently belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s father.  Alexander, which for some reason was calling to me yesterday, honors the queen in the best way they could.  It’s after her second middle name, Alexandra.  Louis is slightly more of a surprise.  There are many names that could have taken precedence: Philip after Wills’ grandfather, Charles after Wills’ dad and next sovereign, Michael after Kate’s father, Francis, after Diana’s middle and Michael’s middle, and so on.  Louis is likely after Louis Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle who featured prominently in his upbringing and died in an IRA attack in 1979.  It is also William’s third middle name.  His full moniker is William Arthur Philip Louis.

Is anyone surprised?  They straddled tradition and modernity: George is as regal as it gets, Alexander is somewhat more pedestrian but recalls voyagers like Alexander the Great.  Louis is worldly, regal, and slightly exotic.

Expect a rise in the name George on both sides of the pond.

The biggest surprise to this name nerd is why on Earth did they not seize the opportunity to use at least four names?

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  1. Jen Maselli Says:

    Man, you nailed it. There’s a reason you’re the expert. :)

  2. Emily Says:

    Well done, Elisabeth! My George is 2.5. While we love the name (obviously), I hope it doesn’t rise too high in the US!

  3. Mykka Says:

    Hmmm I’m not a big fan of George, a bit dusty and George Zimmerman certainly didn’t help me like the name more this year.
    I think they honored tradition, I dont see modernity anywhere. modernity would’ve been naming their kid Spencer after Diana, that would’ve been a pleasant surprise.

  4. Amy Says:

    I agree I was wanting to see Spencer in there somewhere! I’m 25wks preg and George was actually on our list for 2 1/2yrs…..thinking it’s getting crossed off now!

  5. K Says:

    I agree – why not use 4 names?!? I told my husband last night my it would be my dream to give a kid 4 names.

    I like George and Louis. I’ve never been a big Alexander fan. I would have liked to see something more modern in the middle.

  6. Heather Says:

    I was surprised that Charles and Phillip weren’t int he middle, or even Michael. Kate and WIlliam both are very smart in their choices about almost everything, I imagine they might consider holding these other names ‘in reserve’ for the next child. William did say he wanted 2. I hope they have a girl in their future, though. Maybe this little George will change their minds to have an even bigger family. Best of luck to them!

  7. Stef Says:

    I was just typing pretty much this exact comment. I WISH I could name someone with 4 names.

    George and Louis are excellent,. Alexander isn’t my favorite but I understand the reasoning.

    I’m surprised by the suggestions of Michael. I could never imagine a Royal with the name Michael, but I’m also entirely uninformed on royal naming. The Spencer suggestions drive me batty – never gonna happen

  8. nichole Says:

    I was really surprised that they didn’t go with 4 names and by not using Philip or Francis. Perhaps they are holding onto one or both for the next child?
    I would love to know what names they were playing around with had the baby been a girl. The use of Alexander as a middle name makes me think that Alexandra would have either been her first or middle for sure.

  9. Frances Clementine Says:

    I want to like George more than I actually do. I should love it because it is so simple and classic, but it doesn’t excite me. George does seem like a solid choice for the Prince. Alexander is a nice way to honor the Queen. Louis is my favorite of all his names (although I might be biased as it is my brother’s name). I would have loved it as a first name, but it is probably too French for a future King of England.

    I hope they do add a fourth name. If they do my guess would be a more direct family name. Phillip, Charles or Michael are probably the most likely. However, I definitely could see them using Francis because I remember when William and Kate got engaged and he gave her his mother’s ring because he wanted to make his mother a part of the happy occasion. Using Francis could definitely involve Diana in the birth of her grandchild.

  10. Nina Says:

    Hip hip hooray! George Alexander Louis is a great name steeped in tradition! It’ll be fun watching HRH grow up!

  11. Jaime Says:

    I was shopping with a friend who has a 2 yo George (it’s her maiden name) and she actually screeched when she received a text message about the prince’s name. She is not a happy camper about the presumed climb in popularity (in the US, that is) and I totally get it.

    I, too, was surprised that Philip or Charles or even Spencer wasn’t in the name. Love George but I figured they wouldn’t go with a name that everyone was saying they would choose (and that is already so popular in the UK). Alexander is alright and I love Louis. I would’ve loved to have seen Louis as the first name but then I was thinking of all the joke potential involving the loo. Wonder if that factored in?

    Anyway, overall a solid choice.

  12. emily Says:

    George has been the bookies favourite here for weeks. Don’t forget, our patron saint is St, George, and a special coin for this baby featuring St. George and the Dragon was minted a few weeks ago prompting furious speculation.

    I like it, its a sweet name for a modern prince.

    He probably won’t get a fourth name at baptism. We’re not a catholic country and its not something the C of E tends to do. I certainly didn’t get any other names when I was baptised. I think the multiple name this is just dying out among the royals. None of Williams cousins have 4 names, and neither do their children. Isla Philips only has the one middle name! They need to be seen as modern now, and multiple names won’t help that image!

  13. Clara Says:

    Sad news for me…due in a couple of weeks with a boy and George was #1 on my list. I shouldn’t let this dissuade me but it does! Any ideas for names like George? I like Howard, Hugh, Charles, and that’s about it (but I don’t love those names like I love George)! I’m picky. Bummer!

    Would love anyone’s creative ideas here! :)

  14. Nina Says:

    Hugh and Charles are two of my absolute faves. Understated, dignified, intelligent, masculine-yet-sensitive. Howard is one I haven’t pondered enough but it’s underused and certainly deserving of consideration! Sounds as if you’re on a pretty good track here, I would love any updates you might share!

  15. Stef Says:

    Love Hugh. These are all on our own list, along with Theodore (my #1), Arthur, Patrick, Harry, Henry, Peter, and Louis. Any of those work for you?

  16. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I’m so sorry! I know how you feel. George wouldn’t be playing copycat (it’s a classic), but it may always carry the association to the prince now. It could be way worse. ;-) Hugh is the winner for me from your short list, but they are all pretty great. I do love Charles and Charlie, and find Howard slightly geek-chic and daring. Other’s I’d consider: Arthur, Frederick, Paul, Peter, Philip, Timothy, Thomas. Great suggestions by Stef, too. Do let us know what you decide on!

  17. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thank you. :-)

  18. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thanks, Jen. Nice of you to say.

  19. Clara Says:

    Thanks, all! Still pondering over the names. I like the Arthur and Harry suggestions and will consider those!

  20. waltzingmorethanmatilda Says:

    George is also the baby on Downton Abbey … William and Catherine are fans of the show, so do we have a pop-culture prince???

    (Seriously, Spencer was NEVER going to happen as ANY of the prince’s names, can’t believe people are still surprised!)

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