Ace Trumps Jack.

July 6th, 2013

So… it appears I took a little breaky-break after the whole Kimye debacle.  I’m still not sure we have the true name on that score, but we shall speak no more about it.  For now.

In other celebribaby news, Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby boy.  Poor Jessica.  She can never seem to keep her mouth shut, this one.  The name Ace Knute was announced years ago!  I like Ace quite a bit,  and as for the middle?  You do pronounce the K.

I failed to mention here but Anna Paquin’s twins’ names were revealed: Poppy and Charlie.  I like.  Simple and friendly.  Perfectly in harmony with half-siblings Lilac and Billy.

Busy Phillips has also gone and had another one.  What would you name Birdie’s sister? 

More recent celebrity births include Maven, Sterling, Everly, EmersonJustice and Doone.  All girls.  Gone are the days when a gender-bending girl’s name is even remarkable.  Now the goal perhaps is to find one that is remotely attractive.

I am taking the weekend to look over the Sibset Games from weeks past.  Will post a few favorites soon.  In the meantime, I’ve noticed some of you have taken this time to play catch up.  More great lists still come in every day!

Now that the Sibset Game is over, I’m considering what’s next on the blog this summer.  What would you like to read?  More “Names Like…” posts?  A list of 100 alternates?  Lists of Babycenter or London Telegraph births?   International gems by country?  Your suggestions welcome!

20 Responses to “Ace Trumps Jack.”

  1. Jaime Says:

    Let’s see…Birdie and:

    Frannie/Francie (or Frances with nn options)

  2. Leslie Says:

    I like Ace and the middle name was reported to be a family name so I’m cool with that, I think Jessica wins the naming game over her sister.

    I’m fond of the name Everly. Which is weird because it is not the type of name I normally like.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I like the “names like” posts, and the alternatives to the top 100.

  4. Cynthiajane Says:

    I think Birdie and Fern, Daisy, Clover or Saffron sound like sisters.

    I would love posts on medieval and ancient names from different cultures, ancient Hebrew names, and most popular names from countries other than England ,Australia and France; for instance, Serbia, Russia, Poland and the Netherlands would be very interesting and fun.

  5. Jane Says:

    Have you seen this yet, Elisabeth?

  6. Lashley Says:

    I think another nature-inspired or noun name would suit Birdie’s sister. Maybe something from Girls Gone Child’s cast-off list? I like Harbor, Clover, and Blythe.

    As far as more posts, alternatives to top 100 sounds great. Any thing that generates names in that “familiar, but not common” category everyone wants to land in!

  7. JessicaD Says:

    There are no words.

  8. Sam Says:

    This woman is very strange. I get her wanting her children to be surrounded by ‘good’ people, but I think her idea of what contitutes a good person is severely flawed and based on sheer ignorance. I’m not working class (we don’t really have class in New Zealand, but I would probably fit somewhere in the middle) but have known and do know many wonderful people who are. They are not all devoid of values, morals, manners, prospects, etc. In fact, I have met several upper-class people who are devoid of all of these and only have prospects because their parents pay for them, not necessarily because they deserve them and put the time and effort in to achieve them.

    I totally admit to judging parents for giving their kids names that are kre8tiv or that I find particularly unpleasant, but I would never assume their children are undesirable playmates. I would need actual proof of that, and most of the time whatever is undesirable stems entirely from the parents and that is certainly something you find across classes. Bad parenting and bad behaviour don’t descriminate based on class, they can be everywhere.

  9. Jo Says:

    I love your site so much.
    I sent you a personal email a couple of times. Once about 9 months ago and then I resent it recently but never heard back. Did u ever receive it?if not, where should I send it?
    Thanks again x

  10. Sophia Says:

    I have been hanging out to hear what Busy and Marc name Baby Silverstein! (Ooh, Birdie and Baby? Haha). I think it’d have to be another “cute” name, like maybe Coco, Evie, Hattie, Olive….. Hmmm, curious to find out.

  11. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Sorry you never received a reply. I will check and get back to you. Sometimes they go to the spam folder and I don’t see them until it’s too late.

  12. Stef Says:

    I think Birdie is a fantastic name and would love to see a sister named Cricket, but realize that’s going beyond cute and into gimmicky. She could do Rosie, Glory, Lola…

    I was terribly bummed to see the Everly announcement, only because I adore the name and it’s sure to go up in popularity now. Sigh.

  13. Sophia Says:

    They did it! Cricket Pearl Silverstein! Gimmicky it is ;)

  14. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thanks Sophia! Just posted on FB. I thought it was cute, until the relationship between a “Birdie” and a “Cricket” sunk in shortly thereafter. Yeesh!

  15. Stef Says:

    Whoa! I had no leads on Cricket, it just tops my personal list. Relationship to Birdie aside, I think Cricket Pearl is a fantastic combo.

    My husband would never allow Cricket, but I’m holding out hope to use it as a middle name, perhaps.

  16. Sophia Says:

    Kinda sounds like she’s gonna eat her baby sister, huh! Ah well…. I think Busy will probably cop a lot of flak for the name but all in all it’s pretty sweet I think.

  17. Sophia Says:

    Haha it’s amazing that you picked it! Cool! It’s definitely growing on me :)

  18. Stef Says:

    I keep coming back, hoping for new posts. If you’re still thinking about blog direction, above all I like name consultations. I realize that requires a bit extra time on your part though, so I understand why they may be limited. Names like… posts are also excellent.

  19. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thanks! I know! I keep starting, unable to finish and press “publish.” I’m hoping for new posts soon too.

  20. Kate Says:

    I really, really enjoy your London Telegraph posts, as well as name consultations! Still, nothing beats Telegraphed. :)

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