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June 18th, 2013

Thank you to and blogger Aela Mass (pretty name, by the way). You Can’t Call It “It”! was included amongst their TOP 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013.  Quite an honor.  I’m in good company.  You should head over there to see the whole list.

I got interviewed.  Thank you also to the lovely Anna Otto over at Waltzing More Than Matilda.  Let me know what you think!  ETA: In the interview, I mention that I think it’s time to rewrite the Seven Deadly Trends, which are now 5 years old (as is the blog).  I have a few hits on my list, but I’m open to suggestions.

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding the Kardashian-West child.  It seems not only the name-conscious are obsessed with this impending announcement, but the whole Twittersphere.  In addition to Klementine Star, I’ve read Kai Georgia Donda, Kaidence Kardashian-West, and even Khrist.  Something like Kaianya or Kelila seems more their speed…or maybe Kassi’D (Cassidy)?

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  1. Nina Says:

    Congratulations, Elisabeth! Thank you for youcantcallitit!

  2. Jennifer R. Says:

    Hi Elizabeth!

    In the interview you mention that one of your favorite posts is when readers told you their children’s names and you told them what your first instincts are about their families. Can you link to these posts? I’ve always been so interested in this subject (how parents tend to pick names that “fit” their expectations for their child, e.g. a person who pictures an athletic son names him Mack and not Theodore). I look forward to reading these posts!

    p.s. it’s getting pathetic how many times a day I am currently googling “Kim Kardashian’s baby” to finally find out what the name is. I seriously hope they went with Kadence or Kai or something of that nature that I would never use… please not Klementine. The K ruins the sweetness of the name! We are probably all wrong though, watch it will be some non-K totally random name like Sarah haha

    All the best!

    - J

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