Your Challenge.

June 12th, 2013

New game!


1. Name 9 children from *your own* previous choices in the SSA sibset game.

2. 4 boys, 4 girls, 1 your choice.

3. The 9 names must come from at least 7 different centennial sets.

4. No cheating!  No substitutions!


Hint: Think about the original style of the name rather than be preoccupied with its popularity, and most importantly, choose names you love!

48 Responses to “Your Challenge.”

  1. Sarah Shacklette Says:

    1) Louis Titus (pronounced Louie)
    2) Myles Elliot
    3) Winston Hayes
    4) Howard Ernest
    5) Gloria Maeve
    6) Daphne June
    7) Miriam Eloise
    8) Norah Kate
    9) Esme Jacqueline

    I love these games!

  2. Vilde Says:

    Abel Mateo
    Luca Maximus
    Abram Walter
    Rocco Noel
    Sasha Skye
    Selah Marie
    Jolie Tabitha
    Dixie Zaria
    Jagger Lucian

  3. Leslie Says:

    Bennett Burke – 200s
    Emmett Cole – 100s
    Mack Foster – 900s
    Callus Arlo – 800s

    Eloise Ruth – 300s
    Violet Jane – 1-100
    Meredith Blake – 600s
    Annalee Esme – 900s
    Temperance Luz – 800s

  4. Dani Says:

    Ezra Jude
    Rowan Dexter
    Crosby Lewis
    Graeme Truman
    Daphne Scarlet
    Lola Genevieve
    Hattie Frances
    Mina Coraline
    Ivy Eleanor

  5. Hillary Says:

    Well, it looks like I took a bit of a break from playing for the 300s-500s, so these are only from six of the lists, but…

    Estelle Celine (900s)
    Amos Callum (800s)
    Edison Eugene (700s)
    Beatrice Felicity (600s)
    Matilda Rosemary “Tilly” (600s)
    Georgia Camille (200s)
    Simon Bennett (200s)
    Ruby Vivian (100s)
    Theodore Wesley “Theo” (100s)

    Theo, Ruby, Simon, Georgia, Tilly, Beatrice, Edison, Amos, & Estelle

  6. Hannah T. Says:

    Ronan Orlando (400s)
    Arlo Vaughn (800s)
    Harvey Theo (700s)
    Clark Tobias (500s)
    Stanley Otto (700s)
    Daphne June (400s)
    Felicity Mollie (600s)
    Juliette Lucille (300s)
    Tess Dorothy (900s)

  7. TaraRhode Says:

    This was actually much easier than I anticipated!

    I would use all of these names IRL, although I would perhaps change some middle names to ones of family significance.

    Oliver Thomas
    Jasper Dean
    August Beau
    Callum Vaughn
    Hugo Atticus
    Bridget June
    Felicity River
    Willa Pearl
    Meadow Tess

  8. Cynthiajane Says:

    Dante Rafael
    Louis Armando (pronounced Louie)
    Rex Alessandro Maxim
    Bruno Leonidas Bo
    Cassius Anders
    Jocelyn Lily
    Eleanor Ivy
    Virginia Dulce
    Rosemary Isis Colette

    This was fun!

  9. Sara Says:

    Mary Clara – 100
    Ingrid Tess – 900
    Olive Jane – 300
    Edgar Simon – 200
    Milo Desmond – 300
    Matilda Elisabeth – 600
    Francesca Helen Bridget* – 400
    Harvey Alden – 700 – a twin
    Hugh Agustin – 900 – a twin

    *Francesca Helen was a particularly difficult birth born on St Bridget’s day so she received an additional name…

  10. Malin Says:

    I have used too many Rose-variants in my best combos, that won’t do for a sibset … Nor will two Leo- names, or two August- names. So these are not the very best combos, because I also wanted them to be a sibset I could accept. ;) (But I still have Miriam and Moses? Oh well.)

    Josephine Alice Aurora (100s)
    Miriam Phoebe Vivienne (300s)
    Solomon Rory Matteo (400s)
    Moses Frederick Nathanael (500s)
    Felicity Amina Simone (600s)
    Noemi Rosemary Isis (600s)
    Bo Leonidas Sincere (700s)
    Estella Temperance Maritza (800s)
    Roderick Eliot Augustine (900s)

  11. Clare Says:

    Jonathan Charles (000s)
    Naomi Julia (000s)
    Edward Mark (100s)
    Arthur Felix (300s)
    Bridget Rowan (400s)
    Sylvia Anne (500s)
    Toby Neil (600s)
    Elin Edith (800s)
    Tess Geraldine (900s)

  12. CaitieO Says:

    1. Audrey Amelia (00′s)
    2.Nora Josephine (100′s)
    3.Hector Finn (200′s)
    4.Miriam Jane (300′s)
    5.Alec James (400′s)
    6.Hugo George (400′s)
    7.Lewis Dell (600′s)
    8.Rosemary Winifred (600′s)
    9.Edith Pearl (700′s)

  13. Karen Says:

    I loved my list from the 800s best, so it sets the tone here….

    Calvin Maxwell (100s)
    Walter Knox (300s)
    Amos Fisher (800s)
    Lionel Duncan (800s)

    Camille Esther (200s)
    Roselyn Elliot (800s)
    Maeve Marlee (500s)
    Corinne Clare (700s)
    Laurel Celine (900s)

  14. Hannah Says:

    James Dominic (000s)
    Arthur Desmond (300s)
    Rory Philip (400s)
    Kieran Francis (500s)

    Eleanor Ivy (100s)
    Fiona Madeleine (200s)
    Iris Evangeline (200s)
    Olive Jane (300s)
    Mae Martha (700s)

  15. Natalie Says:

    This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be and (almost) unintentionally I’ve named 5 daughters with “botanical” names. Actually when I looked over my shortlist nearly every girls names has either a flower name in the first or middle spot.

    Four sons and five daughters;

    Elijah John, from the 0-100′s
    Ezra Jude, from the 100′s
    Archer Matthew, from the 400′s
    Rohan Augustus, from the 600′s
    Ivy Catherine, from the 100′s
    Olive Juliette, from the 300′s
    Daphne June, from the 400′s
    Lilia Blair, from the 800′s
    Azalea Belen, from the 900′s

    Elijah, Ezra, Archer, Rohan, Ivy, Olive, Daphne, Lilia and Azalea :)

  16. Jocelyn Says:

    Clark Douglas (500s)
    Malcolm Pierce (400s)
    Chandler Russell (400s)
    Desmond Arthur (300s)

    Frances Patricia (700s)
    Beatrice Simone (600s)
    Rose Genevieve (200s)
    Alice Penelope (100s)
    Hazel Josephine (100s)

  17. Eva Says:

    Ingrid Azalea (900s)
    Esther Arabella (200s)
    Sylvia Maeve (500s)
    Tabitha Pearl (700s)
    Adelaide Anastasia (300)

    Jonas Hugo (400s)
    Desmond Beckett (300s)
    Jasper Simon (200s)
    Wesley Calvin (100)

    Ingrid, Esther, Sylvia, Tabitha, Adelaide, Jonas, Desmond, Jasper, Wesley
    Indie, Tessie, Vivie, Betsy, Daisy, Joe, Dex, Jack, and Wes :)

    (After reviewing these, I’ve determined that the 300s were my favorite set I created! This was so fun!)

  18. cojo Says:

    Keith Abram (300s)
    Augustus Robert (600s)
    Mason Liam (0-100s)
    Theodore Rylan (100s)

    Coraline Karen (800s)
    Georgia Leigh (200s)
    Ruth Keaton (300s)
    Abrielle Irene (800s)
    Laurel Everly (900s)

    Keith, Gus, Mason, Theo, Cora, Georgia, Ruth, Ellie, and Laurel.

  19. araminta Says:

    Calvin (100s)
    August (300s)
    Walter (300s)
    Hazel (100s)
    Lewis (600s)
    Annabel (500s)
    Hugo (400s)
    Pearl (700s)
    Eliza (200s)

  20. FranA Says:

    Miles Theodore
    Alice Quinn
    Juliet Camille
    Desmond Felix
    Phoebe Juliette
    Hugo Maximilian
    Quinton Jacoby
    Roland Zain
    Esme Tess

  21. Nina Says:

    using the same combos from the same group, i decided to form four-name combinations, Telegraph style. I hope that’s not cheating!

    Alice Penelope Daisy Maria (100′s)
    Juliet Athena Rose Madeleine (200′s)
    Beatrice Elisabeth Matilda Rosemary (600′s)
    Maia Frances Emilie Angeline (700′s)
    Paulina Patience Estella Luz (800′s)
    Milo Frank Desmond Lorenzo (300′s)
    Gustavo Albert Solomon Hugo (400′s)
    Salvador Julien Francis Tobias (500′s)
    Hugh Augustine Alfred Blaise (900′s)

    In short:

  22. Ellen Says:

    Luke Wyatt (0-100)
    Silas Grant (100s)
    Beau Arthur (300s)
    Amos Fisher (800s)

    Naomi Claire (0-100)
    Lola Bee (200s)
    Halle Simone (600s)
    Martha Mae (700s)
    Lorelai Frances (700s)

  23. Erin Says:

    I am adding/changing middle names since I stuck to the lists for them and would rather use middle names I’d use in real life.

    Patrick Werner
    Mary Claire
    Rosalie Jacqueline
    Stephen Matthew
    Susan Eileen
    Helen Louise
    Joseph Douglass

  24. Erin Says:

    Teresa Anne
    Alexander Stanley

  25. Amelia Says:

    Truman Mack
    Rhys Walker
    Arthur Kellan
    Julian Thomas
    William Ryder
    Frances Winter
    Beatrice Colette
    Johanna Skye
    Zara Elyse

  26. Stef Says:

    Adeline Juliet (200s)
    Cora Josephine (100s)
    Sloane Carolina (400s)
    Simone Colette (600s)
    Everly Leona (900s)

    Theodore Paul (100s)
    Sebastian Henry (000s)
    Julian Charles (000s)
    August Reed (300s)

    I think my numbers are right, apologies if they’re not.

    This might me the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet. These are all very much on my active name list. I’m sad to not include a few (can’t really name all my girls Adeline, Adelina, Adelaide, Cora, Coraline, and Coralie. HA!) but really love everything here. Adding in Mary for our grandmothers, Cora Mary Josephine may have just leaped to the top of my actual name list.

  27. a Says:

    Paloma (700s)
    Rosa (600s)
    Naomi (000s)
    Isabel (100s)
    Viviana (400s)

    Daniel (000s)
    Simon (200s)
    Tobias (500s)
    Abel (100s)

  28. Sophie Says:

    Frances Millie
    Amelie Simone
    Elsa Zara Eve
    Gemma Phoebe
    Edith Willa
    Warren Bryant
    Walter Milo
    Arlo Heath
    Hugh Augustine

  29. Camilla Says:

    Nathaniel Rex
    Albert Jago
    Soren Frederick
    Asa Gabriel
    Gilbert Mack
    Angelica Jean
    Esme America
    Sasha Ophelia
    Elsa Josephine

  30. marginamia Says:

    Salvador Tobias – ‘Sully’ (5)

    Rose Athena Camille (2)

    Greta Beatrice (6)

    Remy Samson (8)

    Hugo Bruce (4)

    Augustine Ernest – ‘Gus’ (9)

    Esther Diana (2)

    Mary Willow Isabel (1)

    June Rosalie (4)

  31. Meagan S Says:

    Adelaide Jane
    Julianne Renee
    Leighton Marie
    Madeline Grace
    Margaret Paige

    Walker Atticus
    Barrett Arthur
    Patrick Juke
    Graham Elliot

  32. Endellion Says:

    Cassius Reuben (900s)
    Hugo Lawrence (400s)
    Soren Raphael (600s)
    Felix Abram (300s)
    Everett Judah (200s)

    Juniper Alma (800s)
    Paloma Frances (700s)
    Rose Emilia (200s)
    Ivy Isabel (100′s)

  33. Bella Says:

    Raphael Luka
    Dorian Frederick
    Nicolas Ezekiel
    William James

    Sophia Grace
    Helena Nathalie
    Phoebe Juliette
    Genevieve Rose
    Cassandra Daphne

    Such beautiful names

  34. Vanessa Says:

    This was much harder than I thought, since I tend to be very picky about using names that match in style, but not in how they look/sound. It was also hard because I used different naming styles for different sib-sets. Overall though, I am happy with these names and would use any of them in real life, except for some of the middles.

    Olive Alessandra (300′s)
    Maxwell Jonah (100′s)
    Celia Winter (700′s)
    Norah Juliet (200′s)
    Arlo Fisher (800′s)
    Julian Henry (0-100)
    Colette Elisabeth (600′s)
    Graeme Cassius (900′s)
    Elsa Phoenix (500′s)

  35. Kim W. Says:

    Henry William
    Ivy Catherine
    Walter Brennan
    June Rosalie
    Helena Anne (Nell)
    Lewis Soren
    Frances Pearl
    Estella Emmaline (Essie)
    Alfred Graeme (Alfie)

  36. Crystal Says:

    Clara Josephine (100)
    Adelaide Ruth (300)
    Matilda Kathleen (600)
    Lorelei Vera (500)
    Eliza Madeleine (200)
    Alfred Ross (1000)
    Harry Cedric (700)
    Jasper Martin (200)
    Felix Quinn (300)

  37. Sara A. Says:

    Phillip Dexter and Felix Arthur- Twins

    Harry Conrad
    Arlo Thomas
    Emmett Nicholas

    Ruby Alice
    Ellen Frances
    Ingrid Leona
    Cecilia Hope

  38. Sam Says:

    The following are names (including middles) which are from my Name Game lists, according to your rules.

    1. Archer Malcolm (400s)
    2. Atticus River (400s)
    3. Jasper Dean (200s)
    4. Charlie Elliot (200s)
    5. Mila Penelope Delilah (100s)
    6. Gemma Eloise (300s)
    7. Edith Galilea (700s)
    8. Vera Sylvia (500s)
    9. Beatrice Matilda (600s)

    The next are names using firsts and middles from my Name Game lists, but they may not necessarily be the original full name I chose. This list is probably a lot more reflective of my taste.

    1. Atticus Edward
    2. Archer Dean
    3. Jasper Harry
    4. Malachi Ezra
    5. Edith Juniper
    6. Vera Eleanor
    7. Luna Beatrice
    8. Gemma Iris
    9. Cecilia Pearl

  39. Amy3 Says:

    I set some extra challenges for myself. All of the siblings had to have a different initial letter for the first name. I wanted each of the first names to have its own ending sound, not shared by any of the others, but that broke down on #9 when I had to choose another -ee ending. I also included my daughter’s name (Astrid) to further tighten the parameters:

    1. John Adrian (top 100)
    2. Paul Emmett (100s)
    3. Miriam Eloise (300s)
    4. Olive Ruth (300s)
    5. Daphne June (400s)
    6. Elsa Gwendolyn (500s)
    7. Frederick Kieran (500s)
    8. Beatrice Jemma (600s)
    9. Sidney Howard (900s)

  40. Caroline Says:

    Tess Azalea (900)
    Alma Lilith (800)
    Elsa Maeve (500)
    Bianca Eloise (300)
    Rose Emilia (200)
    Clara Penelope (100)

    Leonard Sage (700)
    August Leon (400)
    Ezra Jude (200)

  41. Danielle Says:

    Vera Matilda, 11
    Milo Russell, 10
    Lillian Cerys, 9
    Vivienne Isla, 9
    Adrian Patrick, 7
    Hazel Hermione, 5
    Toby Brighton, 3
    Iris Ottilie, 2
    Heath Bromley, 3 months

    The twins and the baby are the only ones with nicknames: Lily & Vivi (viv-ee), and baby Brom.

  42. Catriona Says:

    Oh, this was too hard! (A bit like choosing a favourite child?!)
    To stick by the challenge’s rules, and to make a cohesive sounding sibset, I’ve painfully whittled it down to…

    Eleanor Ruby (100s)
    Daisy Clementine (100s)
    Evangeline Pearl (200s)
    Rosalie Florence (400s)
    Meredith Patience (600s)

    Christian Alexander (1-99)
    Calvin Jude (100s)
    Walter Frederick (300s)
    Leonard Roland (700s)

    Eleanor, Meredith, Daisy, Evangeline, Rosalie, Christian, Calvin, Walter and Leonard…I would use any of these in a heartbeat. Husband, on the other hand, might take a bit more persuasion ;)

  43. Lucy Says:

    Theodore Roman (100s)
    Felix Desmond (300s)
    Malcolm Archer (400s)
    Clark Lucian (500s)
    Blaise Apollo (900s)

    Eleanor Hazel (100s)
    Juniper Alma (800s)
    Matilda Simone (600s)
    Francesca Bridget (400s)

  44. K6tlin Says:

    Margaret Isabel
    Jane Phoebe
    Jessie Elisabeth
    Martha Wendy
    Nicholas William
    Theodore Jesse
    Jasper Finn
    Arthur Jakob
    Arlo Remy

  45. Shoshana Says:

    Lincoln Mateo – 100s
    Willa Marisol – 700s
    River Felicity – 600s
    Elliot Dean – 200s
    Audrey Victoria – 0s
    Mina Juniper – 800s
    Walter Frank – 300s
    Malcolm Cyrus – 400s
    Josephine Elise – 100s

  46. Jordana Says:

    Caleb Easton
    Asher Joel
    Leland Scott
    Gideon Tate
    Daphne June
    Paloma Winter
    Avah Juniper
    Jolene Sky
    Isla Evangeline

  47. Jamie Says:

    Atticus Orion (400s)
    Arlo Fisher (800s)
    Emerson Tate (300s)
    Remy Callum (800s)

    Vera Marie (500s)
    Sawyer Virginia (500s)
    Esme Laurel (900s)
    Maia Frances (700s)
    Cara Shiloh (600s)

  48. Selu Says:

    Hazel Violet
    Georgia Ellen
    Willa Pearl
    Evelyn Alexandra

    Rhys Davis
    Cyrus Solomon
    Arlo Callum
    Silas Charles

    Felix Thomas

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