Ooh, I’m seeing more cohesive sets pop out at me from the 900s than I did with the 800s.  What’s your favorite centennial for 2012?

Be sure to catch up and make all your lists so that I can include you in this next bit. I’ll be posting a “winner’s circle” (judged by the humble *moi* and a new (related) game!

900 Anders Barbara
901 Alvaro Dallas
902 Mustafa Jaqueline
903 Thaddeus Karma
904 Brenton America
905 Cale Sariyah
906 Clinton Azalea
907 Derick Everly
908 Jorden Ingrid
909 Gilberto Lillyana
910 Jabari Emmalynn
911 Rey Marianna
912 Salvatore Brisa
913 Freddy Kaelynn
914 Donte Leona
915 Ernest Libby
916 Aaden Deanna
917 Axton Mattie
918 Blaise Miya
919 Lucca Kai
920 Maximo Annalee
921 Sidney Nahla
922 Dario Dorothy
923 Rodolfo Kaylyn
924 Trevon Rayna
925 Camryn Araceli
926 Deegan Cambria
927 Sonny Evalyn
928 Cassius Haleigh
929 Truman Thalia
930 Brice Jakayla
931 Brogan Maliah
932 Hugh Saige
933 Yehuda Avianna
934 Agustin Charity
935 Eliot Kaylen
936 Stefan Raylee
937 Zaid Tamia
938 Bridger Aubrielle
939 Damion Bayleigh
940 Eliseo Carley
941 Houston Kailynn
942 Johann Katrina
943 Leroy Belen
944 Sheldon Karlie
945 Dariel Natalya
946 Darryl Alaysia
947 Isai Celine
948 Tyrell Milana
949 Alfred Monroe
950 Demarcus Estelle
951 Kohen Meadow
952 Ignacio Audrianna
953 Rylen Cristina
954 Santos Harlee
955 Cael Jazzlyn
956 Davon Scarlette
957 Kaysen Zahra
958 Mack Akira
959 Darien Ann
960 Ross Collins
961 Titan Kendyl
962 Tyree Anabel
963 Ameer Azariah
964 Zaire Carissa
965 Aditya Milena
966 Briggs Tia
967 Immanuel Alisa
968 Malaki Bree
969 Turner Carleigh
970 Bradyn Cheyanne
971 Graysen Sarahi
972 Kase Laurel
973 Reuben Kylah
974 Yandel Tinley
975 Gaige Kora
976 Jaidyn Marisa
977 Franco Esme
978 Trystan Sloan
979 Maison Cailyn
980 Simeon Gisselle
981 Anton Kasey
982 Darnell Kyndal
983 Emory Marlene
984 Roderick Riya
985 Deon Annabell
986 Devan Aubriana
987 Graeme Izabelle
988 Howard Kirsten
989 Jael Aya
990 Kael Dalilah
991 Karsen Devyn
992 Jarrett Geraldine
993 Apollo Analia
994 Denzel Hayleigh
995 Foster Landry
996 Gilbert Sofie
997 Jaylon Tess
998 Kylen Ashtyn
999 Augustine Jessa
1000 Dangelo Katalina

69 Responses to “Sibset Name Game: 2012 900-1000”

  1. Vilde Says:

    Estelle Cambria
    Monroe Leona
    Apollo Johann
    Thaddeus Blaise
    Lucca Maximo

  2. Kristi Says:

    Alfred Blaise
    Graeme Tyrell
    Azalea Dorothy
    Esme Thalia
    Everly Cambria

  3. Kim W. Says:

    Ingrid Ann
    Dorothy Tess
    Estelle Bree

    Alfred Graeme
    Truman Briggs

  4. Eva Says:

    Ingrid Azalea
    Esme Milena
    Scarlette Dorothy
    Blaise Truman
    Hugh Emory

  5. Candy Says:

    Just three girls for me:

  6. Erin Says:

    Libby Monroe
    Dorothy Marlene
    Jessa Ann
    Thaddeus Emory
    Alfred Sidney

  7. Rita Says:

    Emory Hugh
    Alfred Brogan “Alfie”
    Blaise Eliot
    Ingrid Everly “Indy”
    Milana Charity “Mila”

  8. kates Says:

    Tess Belen
    Jaqueline Everly

    Thaddeus Rey
    Ross Immanuel

    Sloan Emory/ Emory Sloan (girl/boy – boy/girl)

  9. K Says:


  10. Jessica Says:

    Hugh Whitman
    Eliot Wilder
    Graeme Ezra
    Marisa Rose
    Lilyana Tess

    A literary bunch…

  11. Sarah Shacklette Says:

    Augustine Alfred
    Howard Ernest
    Esme Jaqueline
    Anabel Ingrid
    Jessa Estelle

    I would use every one of these names, though I prefer Earnest to Ernest.

  12. Amelia Says:

    Barbara Tess
    Esme Estelle
    Ross Leroy
    Truman Mack
    Hugh Foster

  13. Amelia Says:

    Dangelo Vickers!

  14. Clare Says:

    Hugh Gilbert
    Alfred Reuben
    Ann Thalia
    Laurel Ingrid
    Tess Geraldine

  15. a Says:



  16. CaitieO Says:

    Hugh Walter
    Alfred Oscar
    Laurel Llewella
    Tess Miriam
    Graeme Edgar

  17. marginamia Says:

    Augustine Ernest – ‘Augie’
    Ingrid Estelle
    Howard Apollo
    Leona Marlene – ‘Leonie’
    Cassius Hugh – ‘Cas’

  18. Malin Says:

    Apollo Immanuel Thaddeus
    Roderick Eliot Augustine
    Ingrid Annabell Leona
    Thalia Dorothy Azalea
    Estelle Tess Marlene

  19. Caroline Says:

    Ernest Apollo
    Simeon Eliot
    Tess Azalea
    Esme Thalia
    Dorothy Saige

  20. Nina Says:

    Hugh Augustine
    Alfred Blaise
    Thaddeus Stefan
    Thalia Laurel
    Estelle Anabel

  21. Dani Says:

    Blaise Eliot
    Graeme Truman
    Hugh Bridger
    Laurel Monroe
    Estelle Collins

  22. Natalie Says:

    I’m trying not to be too sad that this is the last list. I found this one challenging especially for the girls, I’m pretty happy with my set though.
    Three boys and two girls;

    Hugh Cassius
    Alfred Thaddeus
    Reuben Augustine
    Esme Collins
    Azalea Belen

  23. Gabrielle Carolina Says:

    I had to cheat because there was only one boy’s name I really loved:

    Jessa Laurel Jaqueline
    Esme Carissa Estelle
    Kora Dorothy Azalea
    Libby Leona Celine

    Simeon Gilbert Augustine

  24. Shelly Ok Says:

    Gilbert Cassius
    Augustine Mustafa
    Denzel Ignacio

    Estelle Zahra
    Azalea Ingrid

  25. Amelia Says:

    As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I’m secretly thrilled that Landry (and indeed, Dallas) are in the girls’ category.

  26. Cynthiajane Says:

    My first set is mostly favorite names from books:

    Ernest Eliot
    Alfred Augustine
    Gilbert Graeme
    Dorothy Dalilah ( prefer Delilah)
    Barbara Bree

    My second set is ancient and mythological, for the most part:

    Blaise Maximo
    Apollo Simeon
    Cassius Anders
    Thalia Saige (prefer Sage)
    Cambria Tess

    The firsts and middles are all from the list. I really love the first set!

  27. Sara Says:

    Ingrid Tess
    Ann Esme
    Alfred Cassius
    Hugh Agustin
    Graeme Ignacio

    or a gender neutral bunch

    Collins Meadow
    Sloan Everly
    Truman Brice
    Graysen Emory
    Sidney Houston

  28. Hannah Says:

    Laurel Katrina
    Ingrid Estelle
    Kirsten Marianna
    Ross Alfred
    Anders Hugh

    It all ended up being very Scandinavian.

  29. Leslie Says:

    Annalee Esme
    Evalynn Saige

    Truman Eliot
    Mack Foster
    Graysen Gilbert

  30. Lola Says:

    Azalea Jessa
    Kora Harlee
    Axton Cale
    Ross Houston
    Ingrid Meadow

  31. TaraRhode Says:

    Cambria Meadow- Cammy
    Laurel Ingrid- Lolly
    Reuben Graeme- Reu
    Anders Brogan- Anz
    Gilbert Hugh- Gibbs


    Azalea Ann
    Laurel Barbara
    Meadow Tess
    Graeme Alfred
    Hugh Anders


    Alfred Wilder- Alfie
    Howard Mack- Howdie
    Ingrid Laurel- Indie/Inga

    Dorothy Tess- Dot
    Thaddeus Graeme- Tad

  32. araminta Says:

    Dorothy Tess
    Esme Thalia
    Gilbert Foster
    Hugh Cassius
    Alfred Truman

    Dot, Mae, Gib, Hugh & Fred

  33. Jocelyn Says:

    Thaddeus Hugh
    Simeon Eliot

    Sofie Azalea
    Laurel Esme
    Meadow Tess

  34. Kristin Says:

    Everly Monroe

  35. FranA Says:

    Anders Truman
    Thaddeus Hugh
    Esme Tess
    Sofie Estelle
    Libby Azalea

  36. Stef Says:

    Everly Leona
    Scarlette Laurel
    Avianna Estelle
    Thaddeus Anton
    Foster Hugh

  37. Endellion Says:

    Anders Augustine
    Cassius Reuben
    Thaddeus Hugh

    Ingrid Milena
    Leona Estelle

  38. Jordana Says:

    Hugh Brenton
    Truman Eliot
    Thalia Meadow
    Annalee Azalea
    Sloan Zahra

  39. Sam Says:

    Earnest Eliot
    Hugh Thaddeus
    Ingrid Dalilah
    Estelle Azalea
    Katrina Dorothy

  40. Sophie Says:

    Mack Cassius
    Hugh Augustine
    Anders Thaddeus
    Laurel Belen
    Ingrid Estelle

  41. Chelly Says:

    Reuben Eliot
    Turner Anton
    Kohen Foster
    Ingrid Sloan
    Leona Monroe

    I also love Franco, Everly, Estelle, Dalilah, Sofie, and Tess
    This was a tough one, only because there are so many names that I like.

  42. Livlife Says:

    For the first time, I found the girl list easier. Though I did notice there is an abundance of Y’s on the girl side of things…

    Collins Everly
    Anders Darien
    Brogan Hugh
    Leona Ingrid
    Esme Thalia

    (and don’t think I didn’t notice that their first initials spell CABLE)

  43. rosamonte Says:

    Ignacio Blaise
    Álvaro Agustín
    Araceli Laurel
    Leona Belén
    Santos Eliseo

  44. Sara A. Says:

    Reuben Anders
    Gilbert Emory

    Ingrid Leona
    Dorothy Laurel
    Geraldine Cambria

  45. Karen Says:

    So many great names made this one difficult. I’m second-guessing already…

    Ross Augustine
    Gilbert Graeme
    Turner Simeon
    Dorothy Estelle
    Laurel Celine

  46. Rachel Says:

    I almost did Leona Monroe…and I have Thaddeus Blaise on my list, too!

  47. Rachel Says:

    Thaddeus Blaise
    Simeon Hugh
    Ingrid Saige
    Dorothy Estelle
    Thalia Esme

  48. Vanessa Says:

    I noticed a lot of people thought of Dorothy Tess – such a great name! I actually love all of these names and would use any of them in a heartbeat.

    Esme Leona
    Hugh Apollo
    Thalia Ingrid
    Graeme Cassius
    Dorothy Tess

  49. Emily Knox Says:

    Gisselle Monroe
    Jaqueline Saige
    Simeon Mack
    Gilbert Stefan

  50. Camilla Says:

    Thaddeus Alfred
    Gilbert Mack
    Esme America
    Tess Serena
    Marisa Minna

  51. Shoshana Says:

    I think this is my favorite set.

    Azalea Belen
    Laurel Anabel
    Thalia Celine
    Graeme Augustine
    Sidney Apollo

  52. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Anders Stefan
    Blaise Augustine
    Hugh Cassius
    Ingrid Azalea
    Thalia Tess

  53. Hillary Says:

    Estelle Celine
    Laurel Monroe
    Katrina Tess
    Truman Thaddeus
    Alfred Sidney

  54. Ellen Says:

    Libby Estelle
    Collins Monroe
    Tess Laurel

    Hugh Gilbert
    Freddy Clinton

  55. Cojo Says:

    Foster Alan
    Ernest Oliver

    Nahla Jade
    Collins Louise
    Laurel Everly

  56. Meagan S Says:

    Blaise Foster
    Anders Houston
    Turner Gaige
    Leona Ann
    Jessa Sloan

  57. Lynn Says:

    Azalea Ingrid
    Ann Leona
    Cassius Truman
    Graeme Anders
    Hugh Foster

  58. Elle Says:

    Leona Ingrid
    Estelle Dorothy
    Hugh Gilbert
    Eliot Stefan
    Graeme Apollo

  59. Elisabeth L Says:

    Libby Estelle
    Ann Everly
    Tess Azalea
    Graeme Howard
    Hugh Foster

  60. Crystal Says:

    Alfred Ross
    Gilbert Augustine
    Laurel Ingrid
    Estelle Dorothy
    Anabel Tess

  61. Amy3 Says:

    Dorothy Ann
    Tess Meadow
    Sidney Howard “Sid”
    Gilbert Anton “Gil”
    Alfred Apollo “Al”

  62. Catriona Says:

    Sofie Tess
    Marianna Estelle
    Esme Laurel

    Hugh Ernest
    Ignacio Blaise

  63. Danielle Says:

    Laurel Sapphira
    Jessa Victoria
    Hugh Griffin
    Ross Calloway
    Sonny Julian

  64. Lucy Says:

    Truman Cassius
    Anders Hugh
    Laurel Esme
    Estelle Dorothy
    Blaise Apollo

  65. K6tlin Says:

    Sidney Rey
    Alfred Eliot
    Leona Ann
    Dorothy Ingrid
    Thalia Estelle

  66. Jamie Says:

    Thaddeus Clinton
    Eliot Alfred
    Hugh Emory
    Esme Laurel
    Jessa Marlene

  67. Selu Says:

    Cassius Graeme
    Alfred Ross

    Jessa Ingrid
    Laurel Marianna
    Marlene Tess

  68. Leah PS Says:

    Hugh Roderick
    Clinton Briggs

    Libby Monroe
    Estelle Collins

  69. JD Says:

    Cassius Mack
    Graeme Andres
    Ann-Laurel Gisselle
    Rayna Annabell
    Avianna Saige

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