Ack!  We’re almost done.  But don’t worry… next week is going to be filled with some fun analysis, plus a very public baby name consultation.  Stay tuned, and keep naming.



1. Pick five names from the list below you might choose for your own children.  

2. Two boys, two girls, one of your choice. 

3. Bonus points for adding middles — from or off the list!

I’ll post my own set after the action is well underway.


800 Tristin Mara
801 Dominique Averi
802 Kaeden Nola
803 Samson Tara
804 Kyree Taryn
805 Jovani Emmalee
806 Lionel Aubrianna
807 Amos Janae
808 Giancarlo Kyndall
809 Misael Jewel
810 Callum Zaniyah
811 Quintin Kaya
812 Valentino Sonia
813 Gavyn Alaya
814 Lennon Heather
815 Jamir Nathaly
816 Kamron Shannon
817 Zavier Ariah
818 Arlo Avah
819 Junior Giada
820 Killian Lilith
821 Leandro Samiyah
822 Konnor Sharon
823 Hezekiah Coraline
824 Jordyn Eileen
825 Markus Julianne
826 Ramiro Milania
827 Callan Chana
828 Chace Regan
829 Johnathon Krystal
830 Lyric Rihanna
831 Fisher Sidney
832 Rashad Hadassah
833 Kamryn Macey
834 Legend Mina
835 Duncan Paulina
836 Harold Rayne
837 Camilo Kaitlin
838 Hendrix Maritza
839 Seamus Susan
840 Coleman Raina
841 Vance Hana
842 Rylee Keyla
843 Elian Temperance
844 Jaeden Aimee
845 Jamie Alisson
846 Krish Charlize
847 Abdiel Kendal
848 Antoine Lara
849 Camdyn Roselyn
850 Van Alannah
851 Branden Alma
852 Cayson Dixie
853 Gibson Larissa
854 Javion Patience
855 Izayah Taraji
856 Darwin Sky
857 Jamar Zaria
858 Mike Aleigha
859 Randall Alyvia
860 Brecken Aviana
861 Hassan Bryleigh
862 Thiago Elliot
863 Heath Jenny
864 Arnav Luz
865 Kingsley Ali
866 Kyrie Alisha
867 Xavi Ayana
868 Damari Campbell
869 Deangelo Karis
870 Jionni Lilyanna
871 Joziah Azaria
872 Makhi Blair
873 Vaughn Micah
874 Zeke Moriah
875 Konner Myra
876 Ean Lilia
877 Frankie Aliza
878 Yael Giovanna
879 Benton Karissa
880 Oakley Saniya
881 Efrain Emory
882 Marcel Estella
883 Rolando Juniper
884 Maxton Kairi
885 Jaycob Kenna
886 Keenan Meghan
887 Rowen Abrielle
888 Yousef Elissa
889 Ishaan Rachael
890 Jedidiah Emmaline
891 Remy Jolene
892 Todd Joyce
893 Reagan Britney
894 Bodhi Carlie
895 Damarion Haylie
896 Juelz Judith
897 Valentin Renee
898 Austyn Saanvi
899 Broderick Yesenia

87 Responses to “Sibset Name Game: 2012 800s”

  1. Vilde Says:

    Dixie Zaria
    Lilia Campbell
    Valentin Arlo
    Elian Heath
    Nola Juniper

  2. Kim W. Says:

    A little all over the place but…

    Sonia Julianne
    Estella Emmaline
    Zeke Duncan
    Amos Fisher
    Hadassah Susan

  3. candy Says:


  4. Kristi Says:

    Arlo Lennon
    Callum Hendrix
    Juniper Alma
    Lilia Temperance
    Myra Kairi

  5. Brit Says:

    Estella Blair
    Myra Juniper
    Judith Elliot
    Lionel Vaughn
    Amos Lennon

  6. Sydney Says:

    I had a more difficult time with these…plenty that I liked, but few that seemed to fit well together. I ended up making two separate sibsets: one traditional/Puritan and slightly Gaelic with retro-vintage nicknames, the other with a gypsy-esque flavor.

    Duncan Amos
    Callum Arlo
    Judith Sonia “Dita”
    Susan Patience “Sosie”
    Paulina Campbell “Lina”

    Juniper Estella
    Yesenia Lilith
    Maritza Aimee
    Rolando Yael
    Giancarlo Dominique

  7. Gabrielle Carolina Says:

    They’re getting tougher; I would use both boy first names, and I like my girl names okay, but would never apply them to real life.

    Samson Arlo
    Callum Remy

    Emmaline Hadassah Patience
    Juniper Estella Sky
    Aviana Larissa Heather

  8. Rita Says:

    Remy Harold
    Callum Lionel
    Alma Coraline
    Estella Juniper
    Temperance Hana

  9. Toni Says:

    Amos Heath
    Duncan Vance
    (since I’d never use Amos or Duncan IRL, I’ll indulge here)

    Taryn Judith
    Myra Charis (really dislike the Karis spelling)
    Juniper Meghan

  10. AJO Says:

    Juniper, Coraline
    Samson, Amos, and Arlo

  11. Hillary Says:

    Arlo Samson
    Amos Callum
    Coraline “Cora” Blair
    Temperance “Tempe” Lilith
    Juniper “June” Elliot

    Arlo, Amos, Cora, Tempe, & June

  12. marginamia Says:

    Valentin Amos
    Remy Samson

    Judith Luz
    Estella Roselyn – ‘Este’

    Lionel Antoine – ‘Leo’

  13. marginamia Says:

    ‘Estee’ I mean

  14. Taz Says:



  15. C in DC Says:

    With the exception of Marcel (and a spelling change or two), these were all names we discussed at some point.

    Jenny Coraline
    Judith Paulina
    Jamie Marcel
    Jedidiah Chace
    Johnathon Arlo

  16. Krista Says:

    Sonia Marie
    Mara Louise
    Arlo James
    Remy David
    Amos William

  17. Shelly Ok Says:

    Juniper Raina
    Estella Luz
    Coraline Hadassah

    Lionel Legend (I couldn’t stop the whimsy)
    Amos Valentino

    It is always surprising to see some of the names that do chart, when there are some magnificent ones not in the top 1000.

  18. TaraRhode Says:

    This set had more options that I liked than the last set. And finally, I see my own name!

    Duncan Arlo
    Callum Vaughn
    Seamus Todd
    Myra Shannon
    Nola Susan


    Arlo Duncan
    Bodhi Heath- Bo
    Juniper Alma- June, Junie
    Lilith Coraline- Lilo, Lily
    Temperance Susan- Tempe

  19. Cynthiajane Says:

    These are becoming a little more difficult – some great names, but putting together subsets is a challenge. My first list is a bit European:

    Leandro Vaughn
    Remy Valentin ( my youngest brother’s name)
    Antoine Lionel
    Abrielle Milania (I prefer the Abrial spelling)
    Giada Julianne

    My second list is a bit American 1940 – 1950′s:

    Harold Vance
    Frankie Junior
    Susan Estella
    Joyce Eileen
    Dixie Sharon

  20. Natalie Says:

    The boys were pretty hard this time but I’d use these three girls names anytime!

    Two boys and three girls;

    Arlo Rowen
    Remy Valentin
    Coraline Estella
    Lilia Blair
    Juniper Luz

    I’m a little bit in love with those last two names

  21. Erin Says:

    I really like the girls names.

    Susan Renee
    Meghan Estella
    Eileen Sky
    Samson Chace
    Lionel Seamus

  22. Leslie Says:

    Temperance Luz
    Blair Campbell
    Karis Emory

    Callum Arlo
    Zeke Broderick

  23. Clare Says:

    Harold Duncan
    Samson Vaughn
    Lara Patience
    Judith Aimee
    Paulina Susan

    This set was much harder than the last, especially for boys.

  24. Lindsay Says:

    Kaya Elliott
    Juniper Joyce

    Lyric Duncan
    Darwin Kingsley
    Bodhi Vaughn

  25. K Says:

    Juniper Elliot
    Nola Rayne
    Karis Luz
    Vance Fisher
    Amos Vaughn

    (this was tough)

  26. Caroline Says:

    Coraline Mina
    Juniper Luz
    Alma Lilith
    Valentin Lennon
    Harold Antoine

  27. Cynthiajane Says:

    I mean sibsets – my brain must have been underwater when I wrote subsets!

  28. Stef Says:

    Coraline Mina
    Alma Juniper
    Amos Duncan
    Arlo Heath
    Remy Vaughn

  29. Stef Says:

    We’re name twins. I came up with Amos Duncan and Arlo Callum, but ended up swapping in Heath instead.

  30. Hannah Says:

    Mina Juniper
    Rachael Sonia
    Seamus Harold
    Callum Fisher
    Duncan Arlo

    This one took me forever for some reason, and I’m still not sure I’m totally happy with it.

  31. Chelly Says:



  32. Karen Says:

    Uncommon firsts that sound fresh and hip to me with last name/first name middles:

    Amos Fisher
    Lionel Duncan
    Lilith Blair
    Roselyn Elliot
    Coraline Macey

    And the “a’s” have it: Arlo, Amos, Aimee, Alma, Alisha

  33. Lola Says:

    Emmaline Jewel
    Hendrix Benton
    Aliza Dixie
    Lennon Broderick
    Mina Campbell Emory

  34. rosamonte Says:

    Leandro Valentín
    Thiago Lionel
    Efraín Camilo
    Alma Coraline
    Luz Paulina

  35. Jocelyn Says:

    Duncan Amos
    Seamus Lennon

    Judith Emmaline
    Susan Juniper
    Sonia Temperance

  36. Eva Says:

    Blair Lilia
    Kaya Juniper
    Nola Roselyn
    Callum Hendrix
    Heath Lennon

  37. Sam Says:



  38. Nina Says:

    Emmaline Juniper
    Paulina Patience
    Estella Luz
    Bodhi Valentin
    Lennon Lyric Legend

  39. CaitieO Says:

    This one was really hard, so my names are more of a hodgepodge and less of a cohesive sibset.

    Seamus Arlo
    Darwin Remy
    Killian Heath
    Juniper Alma
    Emmaline Mina

  40. Janet Says:

    Posting mine, then will go read through the others. This was a fun list for me, especially the boys!

    Lionel Marcel
    Remy Vaughn
    Rowen Bodhi
    Nola Juniper
    Coraline Blair

  41. Janet Says:

    I also picked Nola Juniper! (below)

  42. Nancy Man Says:

    Mina, Paulina, Judith, Duncan, Mike

  43. araminta Says:

    Coraline Patience
    Juniper Lilith
    Lionel Amos
    Samson Fisher
    Arlo Seamus

  44. Kay Says:

    Arlo Callum
    Nora Campbell
    Fisher Lennon
    Coraline Blair
    Oakley Vaughn

  45. Rachel Says:

    I just can’t get into this list. Either I’m tired (I’ve had to play catch-up on lists 300-800), or I just don’t care for them. Not much jumped out at me this time.
    I like Duncan, Seamus, Lilith, and Julianne. I couldn’t even find a fifth name that I really liked to complete the set.

  46. Meagan S Says:

    I love this one, mostly because I hope to one day name a daughter Emmaline!

    Vaughn Duncan
    Benton Heath
    Callum Harold
    Emmaline Judith
    Julianne Renee

  47. Sydney Says:

    That’s too funny!!! I like Heath, too….very tragic/romantic a la Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

  48. Shoshana Says:

    Lilith Maritza
    Coraline Sonia
    Mina Juniper
    Callum Leandro
    Arlo Seamus

  49. Sara Says:

    Remy Leandro
    Bodhi Abdiel
    Arlo Valentin
    Juniper Kenna
    Sidney Blair

  50. Hetta Says:

    Seamus Marcel
    Sonia Luz

  51. Endellion Says:

    Amos Duncan
    Callum Heath

    Lilia Coraline
    Juniper Alma
    Emmeline Judith

  52. FranA Says:

    Kyndall Mara
    Azaria Luz
    Quintin Remy
    Hendrix Callum
    Kingsley Vaughn

  53. Jordana Says:

    Callum Arlo
    Amos Duncan
    Jolene Sky
    Avah Juniper
    Elliot Roselyn

  54. Stef Says:


    Also, I didn’t see Sosie on your list before. Love it so much.

  55. Abby@AppMtn Says:

    Coraline Lilith Mina
    Juniper Elissa Sky
    Campbell Kenna Blair
    Gibson Remy Van
    Arlo Hendrix Heath

  56. Malin Says:

    Duncan Lyric Antoine
    Marcel Valentin Leandro
    Estella Temperance Maritza
    Judith Sky Aimee (Aimée)
    Alma Coraline Joyce

  57. Wren Says:

    Seamus Alaric
    Duncan Somerled

    Juniper Araminta
    Estella Primrose

  58. a Says:


  59. Sophie Says:

    Campbell Sidney
    Lilith Blair
    Todd Darwin
    Vaughn Seamus
    Arlo Heath

  60. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Love to see you playing Abby!

  61. Sara A. Says:

    Coraline Jewel
    Hadassah Sky
    Alma Juniper

    Arlo Thomas
    Seamus Broderick

  62. Vanessa Says:

    Arlo Fisher
    Seamus Oakley
    Juniper Coraline
    Nola Dixie
    Callum Heath

  63. Livlife Says:

    Wow! This set is very popular.

    I loved this boy list. Most of my favorites on this list. So, naturally, I used none of them. I decided to go theme, because I had a really hard time with the girl portion.

    So, single syllable firsts….2 syllable middle for boys, 3 syllable middle for girls. Just to keep it interesting.

    Vance Gibson
    Rayne Juniper
    Heath Samson
    Blair Coraline
    Chace Fisher

  64. kates Says:

    Temperance Jewel
    Mara Coraline

    Samson Amos
    Arlo Rowen

    Elliot Lennon; Lennon Elliot (girl/boy – boy/girl)

  65. Jessica Says:

    Regan Sabrina
    Lilith Maeve
    Alma Larissa
    Harold Benton
    Duncan Wilder

  66. Amelia Says:


    (Funny to see names like Heather and Tara on this list. So popular in my age group.)

  67. Sarah Shacklette Says:

    Rowen Seamus
    Benton Heath
    Mara Juniper
    Lilia Sky
    Callum Broderick

  68. Hannah T. Says:

    Juniper Luz
    Emmaline Sky
    Arlo Vaughn
    Thiago Heath
    Lionel Zeke

  69. Dani Says:

    Seamus Fisher
    Callum Rowen
    Heath Bodhi
    Mina Coraline
    Juniper Dixie

  70. Emily Knox Says:

    This one is hard, so no middle names!

  71. Camilla Says:

    Arlo Augustus
    Seamus Struan
    Mara Artemis
    Patience Bea
    Lara Lucy

  72. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I’m going for sort of a Southern-Bayou-meets-Mexican-influence-old-money thing:

    Susan Alma
    Patience Luz
    Mina Dixie
    Remy Thiago
    Leandro Marcel

  73. Ellen Says:

    Amos Fisher
    Gibson Heath

    Blair Elliot
    Coralline Luz
    Nola Juniper

  74. Cojo Says:

    Amos Lincoln
    Heath Abram

    Coraline Karen
    Emmaline Pearl
    Abrielle Irene

  75. Lynn Says:

    Julianne Susan
    Blair Coraline
    Callum Vaughn
    Heath Amos
    Sonia Emmaline

  76. Elle Says:

    Paulina Juniper
    Julianne Milania
    Duncan Arlo
    Seamus Valentin
    Callum Hezekiah

  77. Elisabeth L Says:

    Nola Coraline
    Susan Emmaline
    Duncan Harold
    Callum Vance
    Lionel Amos

  78. Crystal Says:

    Samson Vaughn
    Callum Heath
    Arlo Seamus
    Estella Rosalyn
    Eileen Coraline

  79. K6tlin Says:

    Samson Amos
    Arlo Remy
    Alma Juniper
    Moriah Heather
    Judith Paulina

  80. Amy3 Says:

    Mina Judith
    Juniper Lilith
    Remy Marcel
    Harold Seamus “Hal”
    Duncan Arlo

  81. Catriona Says:

    Estella Grace
    Coraline Lilith
    Juniper Emmaline

    Samson Boaz
    Seamus Arlo

  82. Danielle Says:

    Coraline Zora
    Juniper Heidi
    Giada Fleur
    Samson North
    Heath Bromley

  83. Lucy Says:

    Juniper Alma
    Coraline Estella
    Lennon Marcel
    Arlo Callum
    Remy Anders

  84. Lucy Says:

    Change Remy Anders to Remy Duncan.

  85. Jamie Says:

    Emmaline Dixie
    Coraline Luz

    Arlo Fisher
    Duncan Vaughn
    Remy Callum

  86. Amandine Bloom Says:

    What beautiful choices. I had difficulties in keeping to 5. Sorry!
    Juniper Blair
    Mara Temperance
    Dixie Rayne

    Benton Todd
    Maxton Van
    Callum Amos


  87. Selu Says:

    Arlo Callum
    Lionel Andres

    Estella June
    Coraline Beatrice
    Alma Jane

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