Welcome to the third annual Mitsy Awards!  Note: I’ve changed the spelling from Mitzi to Mitsy. Other than that, the best and worst celebrity baby names are a-go like they’ve been in the past.  Feel free to disagree, and please voice your opinion.  This is only an opinion, after all, and is in good fun!

One of the biggest trends in celebrity baby naming for 2012 was the highly irritating tendency to DELAY ANNOUNCING the name, or worse still, not announcing it at all!  We’re still on tenterhooks awaiting the monikers of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s’ twins.  Come on, guys!  It’s not too late to win a Mitsy!  Stephen you have a daughter dubbed Lilac so we know it’s good.  Tell us!  We don’t even know the sex of these little ones. (Maybe, they’re actually vampires.  That would explain a lot.)  It’s all at their own detriment too.  Adele may face a fine for not registering her son’s name in time with the British government.  Not that she’ll have any trouble paying it.

Adele is also at the forefront of another 2012 trend: TRADEMARKING.  Adele is currently attempting to trademark her own name, which is also irritating for the simple reason that it’s far from unique to her.  It is a lovely historic name, let the rest of have a chance to use it, puh-leeze.  Lucky little Blue Ivy, born this year, has her name trademarked, and I’m sure “Kimye” will do the same, both with their own mashup as well as with their baby, if they haven’t done so already.

Celebrities across the board were hopping on some well-established baby name trends this past year.  In so doing, my belief is that they perpetuate them.  So what’s hot now?

1. BUMPKIN CHIC: Dixie Pearl, Delta Fay, Gloria Ray, Jedidiah LindsayMabel Ray, Memphis, Tennessee (yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s two different kids) and Willa Lou were all born into this world. Designing Women appeared to be a big influence this year.

2. HEDGE FUND COOL: Exton, Hawkins, Kendrick, KlineLivingston, Macallister, Miller, Spencer and Truman should be set nicely for life.  Some of these are innocuous, but in general I have a hard time getting completely on board with this one.

3. ADJECTIVES AND NOUNS: Blue Ivy got a double dose as did Clover ClementyneOlive, Gray, Pearl were all over too, and we met a little Lion and a Pepper.

Without further ado, The Mitsy Awards…


This was a remarkably difficult category to narrow down this year!  So many beautiful choices, and it didn’t help that I have a penchant for Bumpkin Chic.  So, keeping in mind that I pretty much lurve all of the names under number 1 above, I bequeath the awards to:

1. Wilhelmina Jane – This name fell onto several “worst of 2012″ lists, and my mouth was agape in horror.  Wilhelmina Jane, you are simply, the queen of 2012.  Those Hanson boys have a knack for names, I tell ya’. (Taylor and Natalie Hanson)

2. Romy Hero – Two equally unexpected names in a jaunty energetic combo.  Who cannot help but love this? (Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson)

3. Theodora Rose – Ok, unfair advantage here. Those of you who’ve been following this blog for years now know how much I adore this name.  Were I able to asexually reproduce this would be daughter number two’s name for sure.  But who would want that? (Robbie Williams and Ayda Field)

4. Marlowe Ottoline Layng – Kudos for cool on this one, Marlowe’s name is full of meaning, and beauty. (Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge)

5. Gloria Ray – What can I say?  I just love Maggie Gyllenhaal so much.  She nailed it with Ramona, and while I don’t think young Gloria will have an avalanche of namesakes, it seems so very right, and I’m *pissed* I didn’t think of it for them. (Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard)

Honorable Mentions: Ethel Mary (cheers for pushing the boundaries of grandma), Beatrice Jean (restrained elegance, a pleasant surprise) Cecilia Delphine (two underused lovelies in a fluid pairing).

Near Misses: Adalaide Marie Hope (sub Adelaide please), Clover Clementyne (Clover is named after grandmother Natalie Wood’s character, but there’s that awful gratuitous Y), Penelope Scotland (nice homage to grandma’s home country, or cheeky honoring of unworthy dad?), Maple Sylvie (too syrupy, though Maple could work in another combo).


Most people named their daughter beautifully this year, and I’m beaming with pride!  As if I had anything to do with it.  But no, seriously, I’m enjoying the way many trends are headed.  Thank you Hollywood for helping to foster old glamour.  As for these, I could easily narrow it down to number one and let that be the end of it.  Three of the others fall to one  flaw, which I realize is a mammoth trend that I should be getting used to by now. It’s my problem. 

Breeze Beretta – Guns and baby girls are not synonymous, in my humble opinion.  And that first name begs teasing. (Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby)

Elliotte Anne – Yes, I have a pet peeve for boys names on girls.  Adding an E on the end makes it all the more irksome. (Marla Sokoloff)

Kline Olivia – At least Kline’s parents didn’t sugar coat it. (Mike Eli)

Halcyon Juna – The sedative drug has ruined all other lovely associations of this word for me.  I did read they’re calling her Hallie.  (Beth Littleford)

Maxwell Drew – As if Maxwell Lue wasn’t bad enough earlier in the year, Jessica Simpson played copycat.


The boys’ list was looking rather shapeless, until Claire Danes and Neve Campbell announced.  Never did I think I would be giving ‘Snooki’ a “Best of” award for anything other than drama queen.  And so it goes, people surprise you.  

Lorenzo Dominic – Who would have thought Snooki would ever be the recipient of any “best of” award in earnest?  But color me impressed, I love this underused choice.

Cyrus Michael Christopher – Another lovely surprise!  We hope this helps wrestle Cyrus away from Billy Ray and Miley.  It’s a great name.  (Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy)

Caspian – Neve Campbell, who commented that she enjoyed having an unusual name growing up, and wanted to do give that gift to her son.

Finn Davey – Tori Spelling is another rather shockingly good namer.  The adorable Davey was plucked from the family tree.

Jedidiah Lindsay – I love the cojones that went into this name.  A four syllable Biblical wonder is daring on a boy, but it has the pleasant three letter “Jed” to go by should he want.  I’m also all for reclaiming names like Lindsay for the boys. (Graham Elliot)

Honorable Mentions: Leo Grey (an adjective and noun that sound more namey than not), Emet Kuli (I’m intrigued), Micah Emmanuel (solid but unexpected Biblical choice here).


Astala Dylan Willow – What IS this?  For a girl, this whole name would be interesting.  But somehow on a boy, it’s just pushing the boundaries of ridiculousness, much like his mother’s Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof.  But hey — it keeps her “relevant” right?

Rocky James – Oh, what a disappointment!  I actually thought they might choose the lovely James, but Rocky?  So not them.  It surely has a hidden meaning. (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr.)

Lion- Leo?  Yes.  But Lion?  I don’t get it. (Alex O’Loughlin)

Tennessee James – After the playright is kind of cool maybe, but after the state?   I dunno.  Going with my gut on this one to say that this is another that was sorely disappointing.  What would you name Ava and Deacon‘s baby brother?

Zayne – Poor Mindy McCready.  Any baby name that emphasizes your “zaniness” should really be off limits, please. (Mindy McCready)

Honorable mention: Livingston.  If “live life” was what they were getting at with Levi and Vida, they missed so many opportunities with this one.  On Facebook I retroactively suggested Adan, Lazaro, and Omar which all connote life in less obvious ways, and pair well with their kids’ names without cheesily containing the actual word “living.”


Kick – Let me guess, he was super active in the womb?  Come on! (By the way Jeremy Sisto consulted with pal Alicia Silverstone who named her offspring Bear Blu).  He accidentally lucked out with a pretty fab first name of Sebastian.


In their own special categories, neither best nor worst, are perhaps the two names that got the most tongues wagging:

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. As if the child’s name isn’t already long enough, she has a hyphenated surname?  And goes by the unintuitive LUNA, plucked from the fourth name in the whole combo?  I sort of love the idea of this, but she really could have cut out a name, or three.  If she wanted to call the poor child “Luna”, why not place Altalune up front?  Why so complex? (Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson)

Blue Ivy – I’ve already covered this name above, but this was a third for me that was a bit of a disappointment.  I expected bigger, bolder, more princessy.  Beyoncé and Uma should consult with each other next time to achieve some kind of happy medium. (Beyoncé and Jay-Z)

That’s what I gots for 2012.  What were your favorites?  Any that send shivers down your spine?  

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43 Responses to “Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names of 2012: The Mitsy Awards”

  1. Sara @ What About Sara Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with choice #1 for best girl names – those Hansons are great namers! :)

    We recently found out that Wilhemina is lurking in our family tree, and I’d love to be bold enough to use it for a future daughter…tips on a nickname that wouldn’t send the grandparents into a tizzy? :)

  2. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Oh I would love to hear of another Wilhelmina. What about Billie, Willa, Mina, or Minnie?

  3. K Says:

    I have a bit of a soft-spot for Micah Emmanuel as it would have been the name I would have picked for my 2012 baby if she had been a boy.

    Cyrus Michael Christopher is my overall favorite of the year. I don’t hate Tennessee James, although I didn’t expect it following Ava and Deacon.

  4. Sara @ What About Sara Says:

    I love Mina! Our last name is Willis with a G, so Billie and Willa may sound strange, but I love Mina :) off to propose this name to my guy! Thanks, as always, Elisabeth!

  5. Gabrielle Carolina Says:

    A little shocked Tennessee James ended up on your “worst” list, but I agree entirely about the rest- particularly the hope for a collab between Beyonce & Uma for their next bebes.

  6. Rita Says:

    I’ll play devil’s advocate and defend the feminisation Elliotte – is it really diferent from Francis/Frances, René/Renée or even Charlot/Charlotte? A modern twist on a timeless tradition.

    And as for Maxwell Drew – those are actually the surnames of the kid’s mother and grandmother. I’m not the biggest fan of surnames on girls, but in a culture where children only recieve the father’s name, I can’t blame people who do it when they are actually family names. Or maybe they could have used Maxwelle or Maxwella…

    My favourites this year were Penelope Scotland and Cyrus Michael Christopher.

  7. JessicaD Says:

    Ava, Deacon, Tennessee.. they better stop having children be the letter amount is doubling each time. Not good.

    I have had a secret crush on Wilhemina for along time.

    Girl Name Honorable Mentions are my perfect names sans Ethel.

    A friend recently named her baby Sterling Grey. I can’t love it bc it is too colors. Bro to Elin Julia (grandmother references) and Laila Jeanette (J is mom).

  8. Matilda Magazine Says:

    Great choices, but I like Tennessee for Reese.

    Caspian would be my #1 for a boy & I loved Carson Daly’s pick of Etta (even though I would have preferred Henrietta).

    Here’s a long list of celebrity babies born this year if anyone is interested.

  9. Matilda Magazine Says:

    Also, Jeremy Sisto’s son is named Bastian Kick, not Sebastian. :)

  10. SarahP Says:

    I’m pleased to see Delphine make the list as a middle name, even though I have no idea who her parents are (and I even googled, they aren’t on my celebrity radar). If the LO I’m carrying now is a girl, she will be Elena Delphine, after our grandmothers. I think its a lovely name!

  11. Anon Says:

    While I don’t love the trend of feminizing boys’ names for girls (i.e. Elliotte), Rita does have a point. You confess to loving the name Theodora, itself a “feminine version of…” Sure, it’s been around longer, but it had to have a had a beginning somewhere.

    Also, curious as to why you switched this from Mitzi to Mitsy?

  12. Teseve Says:

    I love Delphine out of the names listed. I do have a question though. I love the name Lucy, or as I saw it spelled on a blog Lucie. But I would want it to be a nickname. What are some names that would be able to utilize that as a nickname? Not Lucille though, dont care for that.

  13. jess Says:

    I always anticipate the Mitsy awards, and this year does not disappoint. I like Tennessee though.

  14. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Cyrus Michael Christopher could easily take number one. And Micah is so sweet.

    I seem to find myself defending the Tennessee choice. I just don’t think it fits, and Tennessee Toth sounds like a whiskey or something.

  15. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Philosophically, of course you’re both right. I love to see girls inherit family names, and as I said, I’m *trying* to evolve on this one. It’s the history of use that helps a name not feel dated, and I don’t like names that tell one’s age.

    I changed the spelling from Mitzi to Mitsy because of it’s similarity to Itsy (I like the connection should I resurrect another blog of mine, The Itsy Factor).

  16. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Great resource!

  17. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Good call. I remembered it as the full Sebastian, and will have to edit the post.

  18. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I wish I could have fit Cecilia Delphine in the top 5. I thought Theodora was slightly more daring, but Delphine definitely trumps Rose, so it was a tough call on that one.

    What a perfect name is Elena Delphine? I love that she’s named after her grandmothers.

  19. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Lucie is a French spelling, and a complete name on its own. If you want a longer version? Maybe Lucinda, Lucia. I love Lucille though.

  20. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Oh I’m so glad not to disappoint Jess! Thank you.

  21. SarahP Says:

    Thanks! We are big on family names. Our other option was Elena Celestine, but I prefer Delphine. Our DS is Alexander Tiberius (yes, those are family names) so if we have another boy, that one will be hard for us to top.

  22. Jane Says:

    I am 99% sure that Anna Paquin had a boy and a girl. Despite knowing people that know her, I can’t get the names so far, but I am trying for you Elisabeth!!!

  23. Kiana Says:

    I don’t think this name would have come up on your radar being in the U.S., but my favorite boy’s name of 2012 was chosen by world famous futbol star, Leo Messi and his girlfriend. They named their son Tiago. I love it!!!

  24. Lashley Says:

    We have 4 chickens, each named after a queen, and since my husband is Dutch, one is Wilhelmina. We usually call her Mina :)

    I promise that I KNOW chickens aren’t children, but since you’re talking about hypothetical children, I thought I’d put it out there.

  25. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Fabulous. I must know the other three chickens’ names, Lashley!

  26. Rachel Says:

    What about Lucretia or Luciana?

  27. Rachel Says:

    how do you know people who know a movie star? That’s pretty rad…

  28. Rachel Says:

    Wilhelmina is an awesome chicken name!

  29. Lashley Says:

    I have to reply to myself as we’ve run out of reply turns. Our other chickens are Esther, Cleo(patra), and Bess (after Elizabeth I, of course)!

  30. Sophia Says:

    Ooh, it’s this time of year again! Such fun :) Just a warning, I am going to go to town and back with this so feel free to glaze on over ;)

    My favourite girl’s name for this year was Mabel Ray. Simple and timeless and unpretentious. I’m a sucker for Mabel at the moment, and also uncharacteristically liking Ray in the middle, so this one hit the nail on the head. Very cute :)
    Honorable mention to:
    Olive- I’m dead at the feet of this name, I don’t know why exactly but I love it absolutely to bits. If it wasn’t my little sister’s name I’d be all over it for my own future daughter for sure.
    Dixie Pearl- Sugary Southern Belle sweetness.
    Beatrice Jean- I pretty much love all revitalised “granny” names, and this one is especially elegant.
    Marlowe Ottoline- Unusual but not weird. It has a lovely rhythm to it and could fit a girl like a glove for her whole life.
    Vivian Lake- Not super keen on the spelling of Vivian, but I still like the name and Lake is gorgeous in the middle, especially because it ties in with her big brother’s equally aqueous-sounding middle name Rein.
    Pearl Clementine- More timeless class and cuteness.
    Ryumi Grace- Found this gem after a bit of a dig on the internets (I think her mum is a wrestler or something?) and while her sister’s name, AkiAnne, was highly unimpressive I am loving this poetic little “number”. Grace in the middle, though overused, always wins me over :)
    Violet Marlowe- Marlowe again! Cool! I really like this pairing, it sounds edgy and fun.
    Fox India- I actually can’t decide whether I love this or hate it, but it’s daring and way cooler than I’ll ever be so I’m taking my hat off to it.
    Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence- I’M SO CONFUSED WHICH WAY IS UP IS THIS WRONG OR RIGHT but like…. I love it kinda? Not many people would have the guts to just be like “I can’t pick which name I love most so what the heck I’ll use them all!” and like.. I KNOW this little girl has to walk around with all of those crazy syllables on her shoulders forever and ever and it’s a lot for one little person and all those capital As look like intimidating mountains, but baby’s got Luna to rely on which is one of my all-time favourite names on earth so I’m satisfied.
    Indi Joon- Cutest little package since Rumi Joon, and so sweet that they share the same middle name. Love it a lot.
    Cecilia Delphine- Sounds like the heroine of a beautiful love story. So elegant and lady-like, and from memory her mum’s last name is Delfino? Gorgeous way to tie mama’s name in :)
    Clover Clementyne- So very, very nearly my favourite if not for that unnecessary ‘y’. I don’t get it at all. Why? Y?
    Scout Edie- Doesn’t flow like a river but hey it’s cute!
    Elliotte Anne- I’m with Rita on this one, I think the feminisation of Elliott is super cute.
    Miranda Scarlett- The very mention of Rob Schneider’s name sends a shiver down my spine, but boy has he pulled through on the baby name front! What a little sunbeam!
    Romy Hero- Gorgeous! Simple but so effective.

    Worst girl’s name was Breeze Beretta. Hands down. Guns and babies is just disgusting. I can’t even. Ick.
    Also not floating my boat are:
    Halcyon Juna- Hallie is fine, and Juno is my super favourite (June, Juni, Juniper and Junebug are also cute as buttons) but Halcyon and Juna leave a sour taste in my mouth, especially together when they sound particularly gum diseasey… or something.
    Delta Fay- I have never liked Delta. And I have never liked Fay. So it stands to reason that I wouldn’t like them together. But I guess I see the appeal..?
    Kline Olivia- Don’t get it. Don’t like it. Olivia is nice in the middle but I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around Kline and I just wonder when the moment was when both parents realised they loved that name so much they wanted to give it to their daughter to wear for the rest of her life.
    Penelope Scotland- A perfectly nice name but it just doesn’t sit right with me personally. I’ve never been much of a Penelope fan to be honest, and given that big brother Mason’s middle name Dash is a nod to mama Kardashian one can only assume that Scotland is in honour of baby P’s papa Scott, and…… well. You know. I certainly wouldn’t be naming babies after the guy, even if they were his.

    Favourite boy’s name was
    Honorable mentions to:
    Cyrus Michael Christopher- Not digging the traditional middles so much (probably family ties though) but Cyrus is fantastic and deserves to be shouted from mountain tops.
    Luca Cruz- A bit clunky and “trendy” together, but I just love Luca too much to deny it a little bitty mention.
    Finn Davey- I’m going to go ahead and say that Tori just keeps getting better and better at naming those babies she loves popping out. I thought Hattie was the cream of the crop but Finn Davey is too stinking cute! It reminds me of a boat…in the best possible way.
    Edward Duke- I’ve got a soft spot for Edward because it’s my divine baby brother’s middle name, but how I could I deny it’s charm regardless? Strong and simple and stately. Love it.
    Lorenzo Dominic- This is the name I had my money on for baby Jersey Shore! The combination is really lovely, and Enzo is a cute nickname. Kudos Snooki.
    Brooks Alan- While Alan bores me to tears I have been loving Brooks lately so this one tickles my cute bone.
    Noah Phoenix- Pretty trendy I guess but both of those names are still favourites of mine :) Love big sister Anja’s name too.
    Astala Dylan Willow- Strangely this bundle of weirdness wiggled its way into my heart and I still haven’t figured out why. I have developed a soft spot for -a names on boys for no particular reason and Astala is a new fave. Dylan is a bit blah and Willow is strictly feminine for me, but yeah. Astala. I like.
    Bastian Kick- I know I shouldn’t love this but I kind of do. Kick’s a bit much but it’s bold and stands out from a sea of James/John/Jack middles. And Bastian is punchy as anything.
    Samuel Garner- Super simple but really cute I think? I like that they used Garner in the middle and Samuel is probably overused but definitely worthy of it.
    Spencer Frederick- I’m not a huge fan of Spencer but I’ll acknowledge it as a generally nice name, and Frederick I love.

    Worst boy’s name was Kash Kade. Like, there is just nothing right about it. Double Ks, the fact that either of those names have even been made to start with a K, the clunky single syllables, the overwhelming stench of white trash… was that too much? Just not a fan.
    Kendrick Kurt- MORE double Ks? Why though?
    Kenneth James- One of those names that is best left in the past, IMO. I can’t even think of anything cute to abbreviate this to.
    Hawkins Crawford- It sounds like a law firm or a conservative men’s clothing label or pretty much anything aside from a sweet little baby.
    Exton Elias- Exton screams uber private all boys’ school to me. Like, not uber private all boys’ school student, but the school’s name itself and personally I prefer babies with names that sound like people not establishments. Elias is really nice though ha.

    Ok I’m done :)

  31. Sophia Says:

    Oh wow that’s embarrassingly thorough I guess I dunno.

  32. Sophia Says:

    OOPS i didn’t even say my favourite boy’s name! I’m just going to go ahead and push Cyrus up a notch because it’s great.

  33. Waltzing More Than Matilda Says:

    I quite like clunkyesque Wilhelmina and Theodora, in general the girls names didn’t do much for me. Gloria Ray sounds like an old drunk to me, unfortunately.

    All the boys names were great, with Caspian my favourite. I don’t mind Rocky or Tennessee, although I think Tennessee Toth sounds like a disease that trees get. Bastian Kick is awesome!

  34. Breanne Says:

    Hi! I have a question or two of opinion;
    Do you have any idea for girl names that sound similar to or remind you of the boy name, Sullivan/Sully? …. Sadly, my 9 year old nephew just died (my sister’s son – I am very close with her). I think she would be grateful and honored if we happened to choose a baby girl name for our baby (due this Saturday!) that was in honor of Sullivan/Sully. I would double check with her just in case, but she is already telling me how meaningful it is to her that a new life is coming into our family right after losing her son. … Any ideas? The closest I came was Sylvie (could be from Silvane or Silvana) – but my husband just didn’t like those names. We were already thinking of using the name Simone (with a nickname of Cici) and in some ways I think that does sound kind of similar to his name. My second question of opinion is whether you think it works to use a nickname like Cici for Simone when the spellings are so different and Cici is usually short for Cecily/Cecilia, etc. ??
    A friend also suggested these to names to us as being similar to Sullivan/Sully: Sutton & Lucy. I’m not crazy about Lucy and think it’s a stretch anyway, and Sutton, I think is worth considering.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. : )

    And btw, I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and absolutely love it. Best name source out there that I’ve found. Keep it up.


  35. Breanne Says:

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that we’re thinking of using my sister’s middle name, Rachelle as our baby girl’s middle name … like Simone Rachelle Johnson (my sister’s firsts name is Tiffany – that’s a little too dated for me).


  36. Victoria Says:


    I’m so sorry about your sister’s and family’s loss concerning Sullivan. So tragic and I think it’s great that your wanting to honour him so that in someways he continues to live through your daughter carrying his name. I love this concept so much that I would actually use the name Sullivan.

    Yes the name is a associated with boy’s and I normally dislike the trend of girl’s having boys names but I think Sullivan in the middle name slot would be great. I find combinations like Olivia Paige really attractive and I think Sullivan would make a great middle name.

    Simone Sullivan, in a way kinda works I like the clunky feel of the name despite the fact that the ‘flow’ isn’t great and their is the issue with alliteration but then combinations like Elizabeth Eve work perfectly why should two s names together be an issue? I think this could be a great option.

    I like the idea of Simone Rachelle but personally I think using the actual name Sullivan is more important and special. Unless you have Rachelle Sullivan which does sound really attractive. Prefer Rachel spelling wise though.

    Concerning Simone’s nickname Cici could be be a bit strange I would have used the nickname Si yet that’s more associated with boys so most likely wouldn’t have used a nickname.

    Other suggestions:
    Cecilia Sullivan
    Annabeth Sullivan
    Juliet Sullivan
    Zara Sullivan
    Penelope Sullivan

    Good luck with everything!

    Oh btw great post! Loving Theodora Rose!

  37. Sophia Says:

    Hi breanne, I’m so sorry for your loss. I guess baby couldn’t come at a better time to help heal your family. I think it’s lovely that you’re choosing to honor your nephew in your daughter’s name. Here are some ideas:
    Liv- taken straight from the middle of Sullivan. I think this would be really cute. Could also be extended to Livia/Olivia/Livvy.
    Sally- similar to Sully but possibly a bit dated. I’ve heard it on a few little ones lately and I think it definitely has charm.
    Sula- (rhymes with hula) I’ve only heard this once on the most gorgeous baby girl, and I think it is so pretty and mysterious.
    Sunny- conjures up such sweet, happy images :)
    Seven- not strictly a name, but maybe you like unusual monikers! Just thought I’d put it out there ha.
    Farrah- ok this one is a bit of a stretch, BUT the Arabic name Farasat had the same meaning as Sullivan (keen eye) and I thought Farrah was a nice variation on that that sounded familiar to western ears, plus its meaning is joy which I thought was lovely :)

    I hope that helped! All the best with your new baby :)

  38. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Oh, Breanne. I’m so sorry to read this. It’s lovely that you want to honor Sullivan with your daughter’s name, I’m sure that will be very meaningful to your sister.

    There have been some wonderful suggestions so far — Sally, using Sullivan as a middle name with a more feminine first name, etc. Sula and Sunny are also wonderful. We know a Sonia who goes by Sunny. That could work well.

    I also think you could go with your love of Simone. What is Sullivan’s middle name? Perhaps you could give your child his initials? Even give the child two middle names so that all three initials (assuming he had three names) are in her full name? Or what about Simone Lavender? You get the S from Sullivan, and the second part of the name has a lot of the same sounds as Lavender. Thinking out loud here. I wish you and your family all the peace and happiness.

  39. jennifer Says:

    My dad;s name is Rocky.just his name frightened my boyfriends… He’s a strong hard working man. He really lives up to his name.Rocky is a great names.

  40. Sara A. Says:

    What would I have chosen for Ava and Deacon’s brother?

    Abbott. It feels southern, religious, and serious enough to play well with Deacon. There’s a part of me that is rooting for a masculine virtue name like James Capability Toth… but that’s a little too Puritan. Samson, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, would work too, but I like Abbott the best.

  41. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Abbott is a really nice name! I’m surprised it never got popular, and I agree it would have been great for them. Though seeing as how there’s anew dad in the picture, maybe Reese and Jim didn’t want this child’s name to match at all?

  42. Rachel Says:

    I’m sorry I’m coming to this post a bit late, but WHAT IN THE NAME OF PANTS!??!?! is name trademarking?! How can you trademark a name? WHY would you trademark a name? So completely flabbergasted right now. Also, it doesn’t make sense…if Adele trademarks her name, how does that work for people who were named Adele long before she was, like my husband’s great-aunt, haha? Name trademarking is officially the new stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of.

  43. Jane Says:

    It’s a small world! :-) Did you see they went for Charlie and Poppy?

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