In the great immortal words of Bill Clinton, let’s get down to the brass tacks here.

What do you name the future King or Queen of England?  

That’s right.  Kate Middleton has gone and gotten herself knocked up, no doubt about to influence maternity fashion and nursery design the world over.  But what about baby names?  IF her fashion sense and the way she carries herself can be any  indicator, we can expect a solid, traditional choice that is also fashion forward.

The name does have to get approved so those lying in hopeful wait for Holiday or Bear will be sorely disappointed.  Names that get a thumbs up are result of process of elimination.  The royal child will likely have a royal name that isn’t currently used by any immediate family members.  Likewise, names that get an immediate “NO” are those that are already taken by immediate family members and whose association is too strong.  The Queen gets ultimate veto power over a name, so expect the name to be used historically in the royal family.

Middles are perhaps easiest to predict.  A boy surely will have Charles and Philip as part of his name, with the addition possibly of Michael, Catherine’s father.  Coincidentally, Charles and Philip honor Catherine’s mother Carole and sister Philippa Charlotte as well.  A no brainer.  A girl will likely have Elizabeth and Diana as a middle name, and in addition to being the reigning queen, Elizabeth happens to be Catherine’s middle name as well.  But don’t hold out hope for Diana as a first name.  She was far too controversial, and remember, the queen gets veto power.

YES: George

NO: Andrew, Charles, Edward, Henry, James, John,  Louis, Peter, Philip

MAYBE: Arthur, William

OUTLIERS: Albert, Alfred, Christian, Frederick, Stephen

MIDDLES: Charles, Michael, Philip, William

YES: Alice, Elizabeth, Victoria

NO: Anne, Beatrice, Diana, Eugenie, Louise, Margaret, Philippa, Sarah, Sophie, Wilhelmina

MAYBE: Alexandra, Eleanor, Frances, Helena, Jane, Mary

OUTLIERS: Adelaide, Albertine, Alexandrina, Amelia, Augusta, Catherine, Caroline, Cecily, Charlotte, Helena, Edith, Georgia, Henrietta, Louisa, Matilda, Michaela, Olive, Rose, Sophia

MIDDLES: Elizabeth, Carole, Caroline, Charlotte, Diana

I suspect George Charles Philip Michael for a boy and Alice Elizabeth Diana Carole for a girl.  But how fun would it be to have a Princess Helena or Princess Henrietta?  I just read that Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria, founded the Red Cross.  Seems worthy of a namesake, no?

What do you think the royal couple will choose?  Let’s have fun with combos, shall we?

98 Responses to “What Will William and Kate Name The Royal Baby?”

  1. NannyDeb Says:

    Boy: George Charles Michael Phillip

    Girl: Charlotte Victoria Diana Elizabeth

  2. British American Says:

    I like your picks a lot!

    I have a George Frederick myself. So I fancy George Frederick Charles Philip.

    I definitely agree that Elizabeth and Diana will be middle names for a girl – and not first names. I have a harder time guessing a girl’s name and there are more possibilities. I do like Alice a lot. I think Mary would be a nice choice too. Mary Diana Elizabeth Caroline. I’m not good on the 4 name combinations! It’s hard to get the flow right. Henrietta or Edith would be lovely too.

    How stressful would it be to have your grandmother-in-law / the Queen have to approve your choice of name?!?

  3. Karen Says:

    I would love to see Victoria or Mary. Imagine how popular Mary could become again if Catherine and William would select it. Mary Elizabeth Diana Victoria…

  4. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I would love to see them bring back Mary!

  5. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Charlotte is eternally beautiful. I have a couple of reservations with this name: The Princess of Monaco, and the fact that it honors his father, which I’m not sure he will do. I wouldn’t be flabbergasted by the choice or anything, and I love the name. Though it may suit Catherine’s style more than Alice, and honors her mother and sister in a roundabout way. I wonder?

  6. Margot Says:

    Just wondering what makes you suggest Alice? It doesn’t seem like a very royal name compared to those often used historically: Elizabeth, Victoria, Anne, Mary, Margaret, Catherine etc. It seems rather the odd one out to me!

  7. Jen W Says:

    Love your blog, I think you’re right on the money with these predictions.

    It’s brass tacks (not tax), by the way. As in the fundamental or essential ideas of a topic- derived from the literal pieces of brass that served as the foundation of upholstery on older furniture.

  8. Nina Says:

    There is certainly no shortage of beautiful classic names, and beautiful classic Royal names at that. Wouldn’t it be fun if a new one like Violet could pass inspection? Hmm…Queen Violet…or at least Queen Rose…

    Carole doesn’t seem particiularly like English Royalty to me. I suspect Caroline or Charlotte might better fit the bill.

    I can’t imagine a Queen Olive.

    Alice couldn’t be more lovely! And Alfred would be a great one to resurrect from historical coffers.

    I could imagine Georgina or Georgiana rather than Georgia.

    I couldn’t imagine a better name for a boy who would be king than Arthur!

    If they call and ask me I might suggest:

    Louisa Charlotte Elizabeth Diana or

    Arthur Philip Louis Charles

    but the possibilities are endless!

  9. Nina Says:

    Princess Alice was the mother of Prince Philip and the sister of Louis, Lord Mountbatten. At least I think I’ve got that right.

  10. Nina Says:

    Oh and I would love the possibility of having a Queen Jane someday.

  11. Christina Fonseca Says:

    Frederick Michael William George
    Mary Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria

  12. Anastasia Says:

    I’m holding out for a little Matilda. There are a few royals by that name in history, but it’s not super common. I agree with Diana and Elizabeth as middles, and maybe we can sneak Alice in there?

    As for boys, I do like Frederick. George is nice, but I think Frederick is more their style. I wouldn’t be surprised to see George as a middle though, along with any of the following: Arthur, Philip, Michael, and Charles.

    Boy: Frederick Philip Arthur George
    Girl: Matilda Elizabeth Diana Alice

    And on both of those, the middles could really go in any order, depending on how you like the flow.

  13. Natalie Says:

    What about Spencer for a boy? It would honor Diana, but not super-obviously. (Though, I’m sure all Brits would clearly see the connection.)

  14. Tracy Says:

    I hope they use Spencer in the boys name. Actually I’m sure they will:)

    So they couldn’t use Charles? That would be my guess if it’s not off the table
    Joseph Charles Michael Spencer
    Alexander Charles Spencer Henry
    Alexander Henry Charles James
    Spencer William James Charles
    Spencer Henry Charles James
    Spencer Charles James Henry
    Louis spencer James charles
    Louis Alexander Henry James

    Alice Josephine elizabeth Diana.
    Amelia Elizabeth Diana Mary
    Alice Diana Elizabeth Mary
    Frances Mary Elizabeth grace (this is my favorite)
    Mary Elizabeth frances may

    I would love to see Abigail too.
    Abigail Frances Elizabeth Grace

    Charlotte Frances Elizabeth Grace( like this One too)
    Charlotte Elizabeth Frances Mary

    Kate could use Julianna, Eleanor or Sophia.

  15. Siobhan Says:

    So great to see a breakdown of all the yes, no and maybe names!! I can’t believe how many people are predicting that a girl would be named Diana – there’s just no way that’s going to happen! I definitely think Diana will appear somewhere in the middle though.

    I have a strong feeling that Kate will have a girl, and I’m predicting Alexandra as the most likely first name contender, with Helena or Sophia as unner-up possibilities (I also think your suggestion of Alice is a strong possibility, and one I’d love to see). My guess for a combo is:

    Alexandra Elizabeth Diana Carole


    Helena Elizabeth Diana Carole

    or your suggestion, Elisabeth, of Alice Elizabeth Diana Carole.

    While I could see Victoria replacing Carole as a strong middle name contender, I definitely don’t think they will choose Victoria as a first name, as I just keep thinking about how famous Victoria Beckham is in England, and the fact that she and David Beckham are kind of thought of as ‘the chav royal family’ over there! Given that William and Kate know/are possibly friends with the Beckhams too, I just don’t think they would use Victoria.

    For a boy, I am going to guess Frederick Charles Michael Philip.

  16. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    These are really good. You don’t think they’ll use Diana in the middle?

  17. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Love those!

  18. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I’ll eat my hat if they use Spencer at all. Royals don’t do surnames, and remember, QEII gets veto power! She and Diana weren’t exactly bosom buddies.

  19. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    They probably won’t use Charles in such quick succession as a first, especially with such a complex history.

    Love Charlotte Elizabeth Frances Mary!

  20. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    I didn’t even think of Victoria Beckham! She’s all “Posh” to me. That does kind of push Mary to the foreground, doesn’t it? Along with Alexandra, Alice, and Helena. Maybe Charlotte. This is a puzzle! I love Frederick Charles Michael Philip, what a great flow! And I also like that it only shares one name with his father, William Arthur Philip Louis. Harry’s full name is Henry Charles Albert David.

  21. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Yes, this!

  22. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Supposedly Olive Lupton is an ancestor of both William and Kate, and they are fifteenth cousins. I agree this would be shocking, and is quite the wild card here. Love Georgina, Rose, Jane and Louisa. Violet doesn’t feel royal enough to me, but I could be wrong? What about Lily, in honor of Lilibet (Queen Elizabeth’s nickname)?

  23. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Thank you. :-)

  24. Heather Says:

    So now there’s some talk that her condition suggests the possibility of twins. How could that change things name wise? I shudder thinking of coming up with 8! names for twin royal babies! Is Victoria really off the table? I’d love a little Victoria Elizabeth Diana Caroline!

  25. isis Says:

    I am predicting a girl. Alexandra Elizabeth…

  26. Jan Says:

    I like Helena, Caroline or Sophia for the first name if it’s a girl and Frederick or Arthur if it’s a boy.

    I doubt they would use Catherine if it’s a girl considering it’s her mother’s name!

  27. lydia Says:

    Freddy is camilla’s grandson right? so they wouldn’t use ‘Frederick’ as he would also be called Freddie?

  28. Tracy Says:

    I’m hoping for helena or Sophia too.

  29. Tracy Says:

    And Charlotte. For the first name slot anyways.:)

  30. Tracy Says:

    Diana and Carole are kinda difficult to keep the name flowing nicely. But I’m sure all the names won’t matter. Frances is Diana’s MN. Francis is Kate’s dad MN. Elizabeth is Kate and her mom’s. And it covers many on the royal side.

    I would guess William won’t be in their sons name. And if the honor one of their brothers they’d prob honor both. So maybe James and Henry. Same goes with their dad. Michael and Charles or neither. But the queen decides and she married her cousin. 1st cousin. So she is all about being proper….I wonder if she’ll be harder on Kate with all the negative history she had with Diana.

  31. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Brilliant call. Just looked it up. Camilla does indeed have a grandson named (just) Freddy! So we can probably eliminate that, as well as Gus, Louis, and Lola, the names of her other grandchildren. Lola was not high on my list to begin with.

  32. Kate (not the Princess) Says:

    See, I was just in Glasgow and Mary Queen of Scots was *everywhere*! I would like to think of Mary as a nod to the time Kate and Wills spent at St. Andrews, but often MQOS was a not so subtle “up yours” to the English.
    Still, maybe Mary as a gesture towards keeping the UK united, what with the Scottish Independence vote coming up in a few years?

    Personally, I would LOVE to see Kate’s family honored. Maybe a Poppy or Pippa or Philippa or Penelope somewhere in the mix for her sister? Alice Penelope Mary Diana has a nice ring to it. :)

  33. Chelly Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Arthur!

  34. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    From a modern (and traditionalist) naming perspective, it would be better for flow if they used Frances and Elizabeth in lieu of Diana and Carole, I completely agree. Or maybe something like Helena Frances Elizabeth Caroline? Helena gets the Greek in there, and inserting Diana’s middle name of Frances would be a sneaky way of representing her first in the name. ;-)

  35. Anastasia Says:

    Nice call. Darn. I was holding out for a little Prince Freddie. I guess that leaves George as my first pick. Is Louis still usable as a middle, even with Camilla’s grandson?

  36. Roksalanna Says:

    Very excited for the royal couple!
    My guesses for the little prince or princess are-

    Louis Henry Spencer James Charles


    Phoebe Elizabeth Diana Charlotte Mary

    It’s great news and I’m looking forward to hearing what they eventually choose!

  37. Christina Fonseca Says:

    Now that I know that Camilla has a grandson Freddy I retract Frederick as the first name – and not including Diana or Frances was an oversight on my part. I’m pretty sure they’ll use Will’s mother’s first or middle name.

    George Arthur Michael William
    Mary Charlotte Frances Elizabeth
    Mary Charlotte Frances Helena

  38. whitetam Says:

    Spencer as a first name is definitely a no-go – feuds with Earl Spencer aside, it would be considered a bit declasse.

    I don’t see Arthur being used as a first name either. There have been two Prince Arthurs in the direct line of succession for the throne – the first was probably murdered by his uncle John, the second died young (after marrying Catherine of Aragon). I think it’s been considered a bit of a bad-luck name for princes ever since – there will only be ONE Rex Quondam et Futuris, apparently! :P

    My vote goes to George or Philip for a boy, Mary for a girl.

  39. Emily Says:

    Some of these guesses are hilarious. Remember this is a future king or queen your talking about. An heir to the throne will be named differantly to any other member of the royal family.

    Prince Charles will allegedly be King George Vii when crowned, so this may rule George out. They apparently can’t use John or Arthur for superstitious reasons, or David or James for family reasons. Henry seems like a good bet to me as the brothers are close and there hasn’t been a King Henry for a while.

    For girls, I imagine Diana will be there in the middle, and Elizabeth might even be a first name. As there have been far fewer Queens than Kings, they’ll have more to play with there.

  40. waltzingmorethanmatilda Says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is taking notice of the online betting, but it seems that most people think they are having a girl – does anyone know why, or are we all just hoping for a princess rather than a prince? (To be fair, we already have Princes William and Harry, and Princess Anne is a bit long in the tooth, so it’s understandable).

    Because of the changes to the succession law, if it is a princess she will be in line to rule in her own right, even if she has brothers (and already has an uncle). A huge change after thousands of years.

    Due to the unique nature of her position, I would love the hypothetical princess and queen-in-waiting to have a name that hasn’t been used for a ruling female monarch before (eg not another Elizabeth, Mary or Victoria).

    A forlorn hope?

  41. katie Says:

    here’s my takes/faves ….

    mary alice (do brits do the double name thing? if so, i think this is darling!)



    (harder to find boys’ names that are up for grabs! esp with george and arthur possibly not on the list …)

    i am glad to hear there is some protocol on the names because i do NOT want the baby named diana. nothing against her personally, just don’t think that’s the thing to do to this poor child if it’s a girl. definitely as a middle name but that’s way too much to put on a kid. will be very interesting to find out – hate having to wait so long!! :-)

  42. katie Says:

    ps – what will the child’s “last name” be? (i know there’s not really a last name but still … william and harry use “wales” in the military right? or is it “windsor”?) just curious. thanks!

  43. katie Says:

    oops – forgot “alexander” on my boys list. :-)

  44. Anna Phylactic Says:

    There’s a higher correlation of hyperemesis gravidarum with female fetuses. It’s not huge, but it switches the likelihood of a boy from 51% to 44%, so the slightly wiser bet is on girl. Plus there’s a lot more to work with when it comes to feminine names of English monarchs. There’s a lot less variety with the male names, and most of them are currently in use.

    They might be able to squeeze in one non-royal, or more unusual royal name in as a middle name. Most scrutiny is paid to first names, and to the first born. If Kate’s absolute favorite name were something like Emily or Pearl, she might manage Mary Elizabeth Diana Pearl…or wait until she’s on her fourth or fifth daughter, by then she could use Emily as a first name. It’s still limited – she wouldn’t have as much freedom as Princess Anne’s son, who named his daughter Savannah.

    It’s also good to remember that the Royal family is fond of nicknames, and it’s not uncommon for members to go by their middle names. Queen Victoria’s actual first name was Alexandrina. Edward VIII was called David by friends and family. His younger brother was called Bertie, though he reigned as King George VI. So no matter what first name they choose for this child, on a daily basis he or she might be called by a short form or by one of his or her middle names. And then he or she might reign under yet another of his or her names.

  45. casey Says:

    Margaret Johanna Diana Carole
    Mary Alice Charlotte Grace
    Alice Charlotte Victoria Diana
    Alexandra Diana Victoria Jane

    Arthur James Michael Charles
    James Thomas John Michael
    George Albert Frederick Edward

  46. Katie Says:

    Matilda Elizabeth Frances Marguerite “Tilly”

    Arthur Michael Frederick Charles

  47. Jane Says:

    Ooooooo I wonder about Rose. It is England’s national flower, right? And wasn’t Diana called England’s Rose? (I seem to recall that song Elton John sung at her funeral saying goodbye england’s rose.) The name Rose could work on so many levels! And it sounds so classic and elegant. Yes, Rose gets my vote! :)

  48. Jane Says:

    That biographer who seems to know a lot about the royal family, Andrew Morton, has predicted a girl would be named Diana!

  49. Voornamelijk/Emma Says:

    No Amelia, I hope. The Dutch crown princess’ first name is Catharina-Amalia, but she’s called Amalia.

    I’m sure in the end it they’ll choose something traditional (and therefore ‘boring’). It would be fantastic for us name bloggers if the royal baby were to be named Neveah of D’Willy. Can’t wait :)

  50. bostonterriermama Says:

    Charlotte Diana Frances Elizabeth
    George Henry Arthur Charles

  51. Lynn Says:

    I don’t think it’ll be Victoria because the Swedish Crown Princess is Victoria. Could get confusing, especially since Victoria is like the great-great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

    I’m liking Albert, George, or Philip for a boy and Alexandra or Caroline for a girl. I’d really love to see a little Princess Eleanor though. So, my official guesses are:

    Philip Charles Henry George


    Alexandra Elizabeth Charlotte Diana

  52. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Another good call. No to Victoria. And I agree that Mary may be a little bit too much of a historical adversary to Elizabeth.

  53. Annamaria Says:

    I assume they will use the name of a reigning Queen if they have a daughter.
    So Elizabeth, Victoria, Anne, Mary, Jane. It didn’t turn out very well for Jane so they probably won’t use that. There is the crown Princess Victoria so no to Victoria. Mary hasn’t been used on a queen since William and Mary so that’s got a good chance. There has only been one Anne so that could work. and none of the close family members have used Elizabeth as a first name. Has it been held in reserve for a future Queen?

    I’d vote for either Elizabeth or Mary as a first name.

  54. Annamaria Says:

    oh I mean

    I’d vote for Elizabeth, Mary or Anne as a first name, even though there is the Princess Royal.

  55. Annamaria Says:

    Oh and is there a reason Richard or James isn’t in the running for a boy?

  56. MeggieB Says:

    For some reason I really feel Alexandra for a girl, but I don’t know why. :)

    I think Caroline is lovely but there is a Princess Caroline already, so I doubt it would be a first name.

    Hmm… Alexandra Elizabeth Caroline Diana.

    I’ll have to have a think for a boy name! :)

  57. MeggieB Says:

    Although…Princess Caroline HAS a Princess Alexandra! Arrgh! So maybe that’s out. :)

  58. Angie Says:

    I was sort of thinking the same way you were. I love the idea of the royal baby having a name that seems royal and yet still manages to stand out, at least for a girl.

    If they called me, I would suggest Cecilia or Cecily (But I haven’t researched their ancestors so perhaps that is a good idea because I wouldn’t be surprised if either one had an ancestor with one of these names).

    I like your suggestion of Louisa.

    I’m not as sure with boys. I suggested Bertram, but that was more for the surprise element; I’m not sure they would ever go for that. But George is a great choice.

  59. Angie Says:

    I think I read somewhere that double names are actually very popular in England, more popular than they are in the U.S. I think it was on the Baby Name Wizard, but I don’t have time to look it up.

    BUT – double names might be popular among the commoners. I’m not sure if they would be acceptable in the royal family. Mary Alice is sweet though.

  60. Emily Says:

    that should answer your question for James!

  61. Rachael Says:

    The Crown Prince of Denmark is Frederick and The Crown Princess is Mary. Not sure if this rules out either name, as they will likely reign in Denmark at a similar time to William and Catherine and not their children.

    I think Alexandra may be out because Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is second in line to the throne. Princess Caroline of Monaco also has a daughter Princess Alexandra of Hanover. And there is also Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg. Is that too many Princess Alexandras?

    *Frederick has already been given the no go as he’s Camilla’s grandson.

  62. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Frederick is the crown prince isn’t he! George still seems most likely via process of elimination, but I woudn’t be shocked if they surprise us. I don’t really think they’ll go with Alexandra. Alexandrina would be fun though.

  63. Sue Says:

    William’s first cousin, HM The Queen’s youngest Grandson is called James. (Prince Edward’s son)

  64. May Says:

    I think for a girl:
    (In order of which ones are best!!!)
    1:Alice Elezabeth Diana Carole
    2:Emily/Amelia/Amelie Elezabeth Diana Carole
    3:Charlotte Elezabeth Diana Carole

    I’ll have to think of some boy names!!!

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    [...] Many other name bloggers have since posted great lists of potential royal baby names (like this one, and this one). [...]

  66. PamelaMargaret Says:

    I totally agree that it will be in the Alice region for a girl but I would LOVE for them to go with something more rare but still traditional: Princess Imogen or Iphigenia maybe.

  67. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    How awesome would it be to have a Princess Iphigenia?

  68. Monarch Monikers | Lucky, Plucky, & Clucky Says:

    [...] possible baby names. The San Francisco Chronicle makes a dozen suggestions for likely contenders. You Can’t Call It “It” seems fairly confident that a little boy would be called [...]

  69. dave nagle Says:

    Albert Michael Spencer George — Albert was Victoria’s husband and the given first name of the Queen’s Father. Michael for Catherine’s father, Spencer for Diana and George for tradition.

    Alexandra or Caroline…then Elizabeth Mary Diana


  70. Kate Says:

    I think Elizabeth for a girl. Also, I could see a Florence as a middle name. I hope she uses Mary for the first name.

  71. Maya Says:

    Girl: Alice Carole Rose

    Boy: Louis William Stephen

    My best friend since grade school is names Rose! She is a very nice!
    I grew up in England! I’m a brit at heart!

  72. Maya Says:

    I would love to see a Princess Caroline!

  73. May Says:

    That’s a totally cool name but I could see the queen having some problems with it espeshally when it’s turn rolls around to be queen/king!!! It might not be so good for the birth chart!!! I hope it’s going to be a little princess!!! What do you lot think?!?!

  74. May Says:

    Soz I spelt Elizabeth wrong!!! I’m making a tribute to their baby and marriage but I can’t finish it until about late July or the beginning if August!!!

    ….. I’m waiting July… Hurry up already!!!

  75. Erika Says:

    I think for a girl:
    Victoria Elizabeth Diana Caroline
    Erika Mary-Elizabeth
    Caroline Elizabeth
    Makala Caronline
    Laura Elizabeth
    Elizabeth May
    Helena Lynette
    Kayleigh Elizabeth
    Sofia Helen
    Sofia Grace
    Sofia Elizabeth
    Catherine Elizabeth
    for boys:
    James William
    James Lucas
    Jack William
    Christian James william
    Hayden Philip
    Stephen James
    Charles william Fredericks

  76. May Says:

    I love those names especially Sofia grace and James Lucas!!! I’m due in July with my first and it’s a girl!!! Any names?

  77. Jules Says:

    Several names are already off the table, so to speak. I don’t think Eleanor is possible as the Infanta Lenor of Spain will likely rule at the same time as William and Kate’s child. I think George is the run away winner for a boy as its one of the few not in use. Albert is an outsider as it’s currently the name of the King of Monaco.
    For a girl:
    Alice Diana Elizabeth Victoria or Elizabeth Caroline Diana Margaret
    For a boy:
    George Philip Henry Charles or Albert Philip Charles George

  78. You're a new royal watcher aren't you? Says:

    ‘Cause the Queen has no say whatsoever what the child’s name is nor does she have to approve of it. It’s William’s and Catherine’s choice alone.

  79. Lisa Says:

    My guesses:

    Philip Charles Michael Earl
    Alice Elizabeth Diana Carole

  80. Kate Says:

    As there is already a Prince Frederick of Denmark, who happens to be married to the lovely Princess Mary, neither of these are likely!

    I think we can safely rule out repeating any of the names of current European royalty – it’s too small a pond.

  81. Nina Says:

    Alice Elizabeth Diana Caroline

  82. Suzanne Says:

    Helena Alice Marina

    George Philip Alexander

  83. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Oh Helena Alice Marina is GORGEOUS!!!

  84. Nina Says:

    I agree! However…I just wonder whether the British Royals avoid a name ending in -a followed by a name beginning in a vowel, because they always make that r sound when they link the like, so instead of two separate names, i.e. Helena Alice, when they would say those names as one it would sound more like Helen-are-Alice (or Helen-or-Alice). Know what I’m sayin’?

  85. Diane Says:

    I’ve always thought (even prior to the pregnancy being announced) that it would be a girl first…

    Elizabeth Catherine Francis Charlotte

    and then maybe twins including at least one boy but I’m thinking more likely twin boys.

  86. Bonnie Says:

    Mary Elizabeth Diana Victoria

    Albert Phillip Charles Louis

    That’s it!

  87. Lindsey Says:

    I googled approved baby names and I liked three on the list –
    Adelaide which is modern but also royal :-) Cordelia (which I plan on naming my own daughter someday) and Louisa.

    No idea for a boy although Frederick is cute with Freddie as a nickname

  88. PATTI GESKE Says:

    My birthday is July 17th. If the royal infant is a girl, it would be grand to have them name her Patricia Ann.

  89. Athens Says:

    John Phillip Michael Charles

    John for William maternal grandfather
    Phillip for paternal grandfather
    Micheal for Kate’s father
    Charles for Williams father

  90. Tracy Says:

    Would love to see them name the boy Spencer !! I can just hear Charles having to say that name over and over for the rest of his life !!

  91. Dottie Says:

    He should be named after Diana…either Francis Spencer or Diana & William Spencer William

  92. Ann Says:

    How about :
    George Phillip Francis Michael
    (Diana’s middle name was Frances)

  93. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Kate’s father Michael also has Francis as his middle name. I am feeling both Francis and Philip in the middle.

  94. Wendy Says:

    James Michael Charles Spencer William Phillip- to be known as Jamie

  95. Wendy Says:

    James Phillip Michael Charles William Spencer

  96. Wendy Says:

    James Henry William Charles Micheal Phillip

  97. Wendy Says:

    yes like this one Athens, (John Phillip Michael Charles has a nice ring to it. Isn’t it great that a new baby boy has come onto the world stage.

  98. Anna Says:

    Mary Elizabeth Victoria Diana

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