Sibset Game: 200-299

June 25th, 2011


Our sibset game continues with the 200s!  You guys are coming up with some incredibly exciting groups.

Same rules apply:

You are having 5 children, two boys, two girls, and one of your choice.  Their names must come from the list below.  Add middles if you want, but it’s no fun for the rest of us if you change the spelling.  Include what you would call them if you choose.


200 Shane Penelope
201 Cesar Makenna
202 Stephen Aurora
203 Jaylen Marissa
204 Tucker Leila
205 Kai Alexandria
206 Landen Kendra
207 Braden Alaina
208 Mario Delaney
209 Edwin Kate
210 Avery Sienna
211 Manuel Lola
212 Trenton Jayden
213 Ezekiel Ariel
214 Kingston Erin
215 Calvin Sierra
216 Edgar Hadley
217 Johnathan Miley
218 Donovan Carly
219 Alexis Sabrina
220 Israel Alicia
221 Mateo Tessa
222 Silas Chelsea
223 Jeffrey Aubree
224 Weston Amber
225 Raymond Maggie
226 Hector Amaya
227 Spencer Cadence
228 Andre Mckenna
229 Brendan Cheyenne
230 Zion Kathryn
231 Griffin Kinley
232 Lukas Maci
233 Maximus Kelsey
234 Harrison Marley
235 Andy Alayna
236 Braylon Jayda
237 Tyson Callie
238 Shawn Paisley
239 Sergio Ashlynn
240 Zane Eliza
241 Emiliano Lexi
242 Jared Alexia
243 Ezra Teagan
244 Charlie Kayleigh
245 Keegan Hope
246 Chance Karen
247 Drew Nadia
248 Troy Cassidy
249 Greyson Harmony
250 Corbin Alondra
251 Simon Jazmin
252 Clayton Breanna
253 Myles Quinn
254 Xander Christina
255 Dante Kyla
256 Erik Adalyn
257 Rafael Fiona
258 Martin Kaydence
259 Dominick Allyson
260 Dalton Josie
261 Cash Mariana
262 Skyler Hazel
263 Theodore Haylee
264 Marco Alina
265 Caiden Lucia
266 Johnny Danna
267 Ty Esther
268 Gregory Leilani
269 Kyler Alison
270 Roberto Fatima
271 Brennan Jazmine
272 Luca Ximena
273 Emmett Camille
274 Kameron Presley
275 Declan Laura
276 Quinn Cora
277 Jameson Cecilia
278 Amir Alejandra
279 Bennett Genevieve
280 Colby Bianca
281 Pedro Camryn
282 Emanuel Mallory
283 Malik Esmeralda
284 Graham Abby
285 Dean Juliet
286 Jasper Brynn
287 Everett Dakota
288 Aden Karina
289 Dawson Londyn
290 Angelo Willow
291 Reid Kara
292 Abel Macy
293 Dakota Maddison
294 Zander Kyleigh
295 Paxton Veronica
296 Ruben Daniella
297 Judah Isla
298 Jayce Norah
299 Jakob Ivy



141 Responses to “Sibset Game: 200-299”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Fiona Juliet, Hazel Genevieve, Leilani Alison, Bennett Landen, Emmett Kai.

  2. Kelsey Says:

    Penelope Cora Hazel “Poppy”
    Willow Juliet Quinn “Willow”
    Jasper Ezra Theodore “Jasper”
    Silas Emmett Griffin “Silas”
    Genevieve Lucia Camille “Evie”

  3. C Says:


    I love this group!

  4. Deborah Says:

    Ezra Theodore, Silas Declan, Leila Penelope, Nadia Genevieve, Alicia Camile

  5. NameGoddess Says:

    Hazel Fiona
    Aurora Esther “Rory”
    Edwin Theodore
    Hector Silas
    Rafael Everett

    I love doing these!

  6. Claire Says:

    Donovan Ezra
    Eliza Penelope
    Hope Ivy
    Drew Silas
    Mallory Cora

    great idea!

  7. Kristin Says:

    Declan Reid
    Corbin Spencer
    Isla Cecilia
    Graham Everett
    Norah Fiona

  8. Amanda Says:

    Penelope Jane “Poppy”
    Veronica Mabel “Vera”
    Edwin Charles “Win”
    Theodore William “Theo”
    Hazel Ramona “Zell or just Hazel”

  9. millymom619 Says:


    Landen (though I’d rather Landon – the right spelling, but whatever)

  10. Nina Says:

    Juliet Aurora
    Penelope Hazel
    Esther Ariel
    Hector Griffin
    Edwin Jasper

  11. Emily Says:

    Jasper Silas
    Simon Xander
    Penelope Lucia
    Genevieve Willow
    Everett Quinn

  12. Elle Says:

    Penelope Cecilia Maggie “Penny”
    Eliza Cora Hope
    Fiona Hazel Camille
    Theodore Declan Reid “Theo”
    Harrison Judah Silas “Harry”

    *I already have a little guy named Bennett Harris :o )

  13. KatyO Says:

    …love this list!!

  14. Melissa Says:


  15. Meg Says:

    Hazel Susannah
    Fiona Rosmary
    Edwin Jeffrey
    Everett James
    Ezra Wesley or Ivy Hannelore

    I’m a sucker for E boy names apparently. A little too matchy for my taste in real life but I wouldn’t consider any of the other boy names from 200-299 seriously.

  16. Fran Says:

    Aurora Ivy
    Penelope Kate
    Theodore Simon
    Sabrina Hope
    Gregory Emmett

    Rory, Nell, Theo, Bree and Greg

    Really like this group, Genevieve is my oldest and both Penelope and Juliet were on the table for my youngest!

  17. annie Says:

    weston spencer kate griffin charlie camille martin lucia

    love this list! so many are family names which i love

    weston william “west”
    spencer griffin “spence”
    martin foster “marty”
    camille lucia “coco”
    kate caldwell “kate”

  18. Kristen Says:

    Hector AveryTheodore (Hank)
    Raphael Edgar (Ralph)
    Ximena Esther Camille (Zuzu)
    Penelope Lucia (Pia)
    Willow Juliet

    (Hank, Ralph, Pia, Zuzu, and Willow)

  19. Kristen Says:

    question: Where the **!!! is Jane? Did I miss her? She can’t be this far down the list of most popular names, can she? I’m longing to see her.
    : (

  20. Kristen Says:

    nice! ; )

  21. Sara A. Says:

    Cassidy Isla
    Genevieve Cora
    Eliza Willow
    Silas Donovan
    Edgar Theodore

  22. Sophia Says:

    Theodore Bennett
    Brendan Avery
    Penelope Kate
    Hadley Laura
    Callie Christina

  23. Natalie Says:

    Cecilia Kate
    Ivy Lucia
    Juliet Eliza
    Hector Cash
    Ezra Theodore

    Actually love all 5 of these names :)

  24. Filipa Says:


  25. Julie Says:

    Bennett Graham
    Emanuel Quinn
    Gregory Martin
    Callie Mariana
    Penelope Kate

    It was tempting to do this Duggar style with all E names, but the is more my style.

  26. Julie Says:

    … *this* is more my style.

  27. tara Says:

    Cassidy Alaina
    Mallory Erin
    Emmett Harrison
    Jeffrey Kingston
    Spencer Calvin

  28. Patti Says:

    My favorite list so far, first and middles from both:

    Simon Xander
    Eliza Kate
    Cecelia Quinn
    Theodore Zane
    Fiona Hazel

  29. Lou@MerdeNoms Says:

    Penelope Willow Aurora
    Esther Eliza Tessa
    Simon Jasper Alexis
    Hector Avery Edgar

    Wildcard: Teagan Cecelia Reagan

  30. Rosy Says:

    Fiona Ivy
    Genevieve Cecilia
    Mateo Quinn
    Rafael Jasper
    Silas Theodore

  31. CN Heidelberg Says:

    Theodore Brendan
    Jasper Gregory
    Cora Penelope
    Veronica Hazel
    Ivy Cecilia

  32. Claire Says:

    Everyone seems to be choosing the same handful of names over and over again from this list, so with that mind:

    Shane Dawson
    Greyson Zion

    Presley Esmeralda
    Hadley Kendra
    Josie Bianca

  33. melis Says:

    Penelope Kate
    Genevieve Quinn
    Adalyn Hope
    Harrison Reid
    Bennett Jameson (because we have this one in our family already!!)

  34. TaraRhode Says:

    Fiona Kate
    Eliza Hope
    Declan Reid
    Calvin Drew
    Jasper Dean

    Fiona, Eliza, Declan, Calvin and Jasper
    Ona, Liza, Dex, Cal and Jaz.

  35. eBirdie Says:


    (Went through several reincarnations on this list…still not absolutely sure…)

  36. Diane Says:

    Cecilia Esther
    Marissa Hope
    Simon Gregory
    Lukas Edwin
    Nadia Juliet

  37. Cosmo Says:

    Penelope Mae
    Theodore James
    Aurora Mabel
    Alexis Donavan
    Isla Vivian

  38. Elisabeth L Says:

    Reid Bennett
    Simon Theodore
    Cora Penelope
    Eliza Camille
    Ivy Hazel

  39. Nadia Says:

    Silas Theodore
    Maximus Troy
    Cecilia Ivy
    Bianca Juliet
    Hazel Nadine

    I think that’s a very well-named bunch!
    Maximus is such a guilty pleasure. Nadine may be a bit narcissistic, but it’s just a game (:

  40. Erin Says:

    Theodore nn Teddy
    Penelope nn Penny or Poppy

  41. silly eagle books Says:

    Emmett Weston
    Cash Everett
    Reid Martin
    Hazel Camille
    Mallory Brynn

  42. ally Says:

    Penelope Camille nn Poppy
    Everett Reid nn Rett
    Edwin Luca nn Win
    Silas Dean
    Hazel Genevieve

  43. L Says:

    Ooooo…this one included one of my very favorite boy’s names (although I prefer the Reed spelling). And I was really hoping to use Hadley and Kai, but they just didn’t fit.

    Reid Simon
    Calvin Abel
    Emmett Jasper

    Lucia Willow
    Penelope Kate

    Possible nicknames: Roo, Cal, Em (or E.J.), Lulu, Penny

  44. Stefanie Says:

    Teagan Penelope
    Quinn Lucia
    Mallory Norah
    Griffin Edwin
    Reid Theodore

  45. Hannah Says:

    Fiona Ivy
    Hazel Cecilia
    Esther Eliza
    Simon Graham
    Theodore Declan

  46. Vivi Says:

    Gregory Alexis “Rory”
    Quinn Ezra
    Jasper Avery “Jazz”
    Tessa Juliet
    Hazel Genevieve

  47. tammylou Says:

    Aubree Sierra
    Cadence Lucia
    Esther Juliet
    Ruben Spencer
    Emmett Jasper

  48. Trisha Says:


    I’d rather Abel than Judah but didn’t think it would work with Hazel. Nell would be out with Penelope too, so I guess Poppy would be my nickname of choice. I really love Esther too but not with Ezra.

  49. Fran Says:

    Bianca Quinn
    Declan Kai
    Hazel Camille
    Paxton Bennett
    Theodore Griffin

  50. Christina Fonseca Says:

    Love the 200s! Had to give them all two middles.

    Penelope Cora Ivy
    Nadia Paisley Veronica
    Cecilia Hadley Bynn
    Everett Keegan Jared
    Theodore Jeffrey Stephen “Theo”

  51. Siobhan Says:

    Dante Theodore
    Mateo Ruben
    Rafael Edwin
    Lucia Camille
    Juliet Ivy

    Found the girl’s names particularly difficult this time… there are very few names on the list that I like.

  52. Sam Says:

    This bunch is difficult, especially boys. I did 2 boys and 3 girls last time and I really wanted to switch the extra to a boy this time, but no luck!

    Jasper Charlie
    Silas Mateo
    Penelope Cecilia
    Lola Genevieve
    Hazel Aurora

  53. Jane Says:

    I LOVE this game :)

    Maximus (Max)
    Harrison (Harry)
    Theodore (Teddy)

  54. Dominika Says:

    Mariana Eliza Lola
    Genevieve Macy Juliet
    Lucia Alison Ivy
    Rafael Andy Theodore
    Xander Maximus Reid

    Aria, Neve, Lucia, Alfie & Xander

    Love your blog, Elisabeth! :)

  55. Awkward Turtle Says:

    Theodore Jasper
    Rafael Emmett
    Camille Willow
    Juliet Ivy
    Esther Hazel

    I’m a sucker for matchy middle names.

  56. Lily Says:

    Love these :)

    ♀ Penelope Eliza
    ♂ Silas Avery
    ♀ Hazel Aurora
    ♂ Jasper Declan
    ♀ Cecilia Ivy

    — Poppy, Silas, Hazel, Jaz & Lily

  57. Candy Brown Says:


  58. Gabrielle Carolina Says:

    Penelope Esmeralda Juliet “Nellie”
    Aurora Ivy Genevieve “Zora”
    Lucia Cora Esther “Lucie”

    Avery Judah Amir “Avi”
    Jasper Dominick Luca “Jazz”

  59. Ashley Says:

    Theodore “Teo” Zane
    Weston “West” Abel
    Esmeralda “Esme” Kate
    Aurora “Rory” Juliet
    Ivy Daniella

    This one was hard to choose both firsts AND middles from the list!

  60. Kristi Says:

    Theodore Declan
    Everett Finn
    Aurora Cadence
    Juliet Cecilia
    Bennett Graham

  61. Malin Says:

    Silas Judah Theodore
    Edgar Alexis Ezekiel
    Laura Esther Penelope
    Fatima Norah Esmeralda
    Tessa Lucia Mariana

  62. Chelly Says:


  63. Whitney Gigandet Says:

    Bianca Camille
    Genevieve Lucia
    Juliet Fiona
    Jasper Martin
    Dante Ruben

  64. Claire Says:


  65. pennylark Says:

    Declan Troy
    Maggie Sienna
    Reid Everett
    Eliza Presley
    Teagan Alexandria

    Not bad! I actually really like all of the first names, and I think they go together pretty well!

  66. Allison Says:

    Finally got my favorite girls name!! Norah Juliet!

    Weston Bennett
    Jameson Troy
    Declan Gregory
    Norah Juliet
    Isla Kate (So tempted to use Juliet Isla, there is just something about the name Juliet, though I hate the nickname Julie.)
    West, Jamie, Declan, Norah and Isla

  67. Janet Says:

    Some great combos so far!

    Here are mine:

    Penelope Kate
    Norah Quinn
    Fiona Hazel
    Brendan Theodore
    Bennett Griffin

  68. izzy Says:

    Norah Juliet
    Penelope Kate “Ellie”
    Genevieve Hope “Jen” with a J, Genevieve with a G
    Luca Theodore
    Judah Quinn “Jude”

  69. MeggieB Says:

    Declan Gregory (called Dex occasionally)
    Charlie Weston (would prefer Charles Weston)
    Alison Genevieve
    Penelope Kate (called Poppy)
    Then either Maggie or Josie…can’t decide! If I went with full names I like Josephine Margaret, called Josie.

  70. Petra Says:

    ♀ Penelope Quinn (‘Nellie’)
    ♀ Aurora Mallory (‘Rory’)
    ♂ Dante Zane
    ♂ Ezra Dean
    ♀ Genevieve Willow (‘Ginny’)

    This is an interesting list – there are some great names & some rather awful names, too!

  71. Samantha Says:

    Corbin Shane
    Silas Ruben
    Ezra Tucker
    Hazel Kate
    Penelope “Poppy” Quinn

  72. Camilla Says:

    Maggie Hope
    Cora Kate
    Penelope Tess(a)
    Johnny Jasper
    Theodore Hector

  73. Kate Says:

    Penelope Kate “Penny”
    Simon Everett
    Judah Graham “Judd”
    Esther Hazel
    Harrison Bennett “Harry”

  74. Livia Says:

    Harmony Karen
    Paisley Alison
    Israel Emiliano
    Chance Everett
    Lucia Macy

  75. Leigh Says:

    Ezra Mateo
    Paxton Israel (Pax)
    Weston Reid (West)

    Amaya Genevieve (May, pr “my”)
    Ximena Juliet (Xia, pr “zee-ah”)

  76. Amy Says:

    Ivy Juliet
    Cora Genevieve
    Luca Theodore
    Jasper Myles
    Rafael Simon

  77. Crystal Says:

    Weston Quinn nn: West
    Graham Cash
    Cecilia Brynn nn: Celia
    Bianca Isla nn: Bee
    Aurora Kate

  78. Mary Says:

    Genevieve Cora
    Cecilia Hazel
    Penelope Isla
    Bennett Reid
    Theodore Silas

    Evie, Celia, Nellie, Ben, and Theo

  79. cate Says:

    Calvin “Cal” Mateo
    Luca Theodore
    Kingston Gregory
    Isla Kathryn
    Alexandria “Lex” Brynn

  80. Sarah Says:

    Spencer Dean
    Bennett Reid
    Simon Myles
    Macy Quinn
    Lola Juliet

  81. Jane Says:

    By the way, last time we played this game, I tried to do middle names too, but since some people seem to be adding any middle names they like (ie ones not on the list) it seems a bit pointless. My vote for next time is that middle names have to come from the list too. Makes it harder, I know, but waaaaaay more interesting! :)

  82. Kim W Says:

    Hazel Kate
    Eliza Hope
    Calvin Mateo
    Graham Stephen
    Cora Penelope

  83. LJandRL Says:

    I’ve created 2 sets:

    1st set:
    Ivy Cecilia Quinn
    Tessa Genevieve Kate
    Griffin Everett Myles
    Willow Eliza Hope
    Avery Donovan Reid

    2nd set:
    Penelope Leila
    Theodore Silas
    Emmett Johnathan
    Cecilia Camille
    Spencer Gregory

  84. Clio Says:

    Ezra Mateo
    Simon Reid
    Lucia Camille
    Cora Juliet
    Eliza Hope

  85. Miche Says:

    Abel Bennett
    Troy Jasper
    Penelope Kate
    Eliza Cora
    Tessa Camille

  86. You Can't Call It "It"! Says:

    Penelope Hazel
    Esther Juliet
    Hector Timothy
    Simon Jasper
    Theodore Luca

    Chipmunks be damned.

  87. Amy3 Says:

    Everett Martin
    Declan Theodore
    Penelope Camille
    Laura Juliet
    Fiona Hazel

  88. Bell Says:

    Ezra Harrison
    Jasper Bennett
    Cecilia Genevieve
    Norah Juliet

    Griffin Theodore

  89. DM Says:


  90. Elena Says:

    Everett Jasper
    Griffin Theodore
    Mariana Willow
    Karina Penelope
    Aurora Genevieve

    my favourite so far!

  91. Lola Says:

    Penelope Hazel
    Juliet Ivy (matching unintentional)
    Theodore Chance
    Ezra Griffin

    Lola, Ettie, Teddy and Ezra. For a fifth, I’m not at all sure. I quite like Esther, but it’s too close to Ezra. I guess I’d go for:

    Luca Ezekiel.

    Definitely the hardest list so far, and I ended up repeating initials twice – Lola and Luca, Ettie and Ezra.

  92. Bell Says:

    Norah Juliet
    Cecilia Genevieve
    Jasper Bennett
    Ezra Donovan

    Hazel Kathryn

  93. Amy3 Says:

    I can’t remember if I submitted these or not because my post hasn’t shown up yet (or else I didn’t do it).

    Everett Martin
    Declan Theodore
    Penelope Camille
    Laura Juliet
    Fiona Hazel

  94. Lyndz Says:

    Penelope Kate – “Poppy”
    Cora Juliet
    Declan Reid
    Quinn Harrison
    Colby Weston

  95. Laine Says:

    Yay, some of my absolute favorites are on this list!

    Fiona Kate
    Juliet Camille
    Ezra Quinn
    Graham Theodore
    Reid Gregory

  96. hyzen Says:

    Oh, I could happily pick from this list for 5 kids (and I already have an Ivy)–so here goes:

    Silas Corbin
    Everett Reid
    Graham Donovan
    Fiona Hope
    Hazel Norah

  97. Hannah Says:

    Hazel Penelope
    Ivy Juliet
    Raymond Silas (Ray)
    Jasper Graham
    Ezra Charlie

  98. ABC Says:

    Silas Weston
    Everett Jameson
    Jeffery Simon
    Eliza Carly
    Cora Delaney

  99. K. M. Sheard Says:

    Strangely more difficult than the 300s!

    Aurora Hazel
    Penelope Willow

    Silas Kai
    Hector Ruben

    Jasper Theodore

  100. Emmie Says:

    Theodore Judah
    Emmett Reid
    Luca Rafael
    Ivy Camille
    Fiona Willow

  101. Brooke Says:


  102. Chiara Says:

    Erin Cadence Hope
    Hazel Maggie Camille
    Theodore Luca
    Everett Abel
    Judah Reid

  103. Rita Says:

    Juliet Ivy
    Penelope Camille
    Theodore Zane “Theo”
    Alexis Declan
    Maximus Emmett “Max”

  104. Martina Says:

    I have a niece named Eliza so here’s me pretending to name the rest of their future children:


  105. Martina Says:

    And here’s a list for me:


  106. Karen Says:

    Jasper Simon
    Edwin Jeffrey
    Fiona Kate
    Cora Eliza
    Willow Penelope

  107. Amber Says:

    Silas Reid
    Dalton Myles
    Isla Cecilia
    Adalyn Camille

  108. Amber Says:

    Bonus… Everett Chance

  109. Annie Says:


  110. names4real Says:

    Penelope Kate
    Hazel Cassidy
    Cora Brynn
    Quinn Theodore
    Emmett Charlie

  111. Lynn Says:

    Esther Sienna
    Cecilia Juliet
    Hazel Genevieve
    Theodore Ezra
    Emmett Cash

  112. Sarah A Says:

    Malik Edwin
    Zane Amir
    Fatima Karen
    Nadia Karina
    Leila Esmeralda

    Yay, finally lots of Arabic names to choose from! The middles are also from this list, just to make it harder, though Edwin, Karen, and Fatima are all family names for me :)

  113. Bella Says:

    Luca Calvin
    Harrison Theodore
    Genevieve Leilani
    Juliet Daniella
    Ruben Ezekiel

  114. Blair Radley Says:

    So much fun with this one, decided to do 3 lists!

    Mythological/ literary list:
    Aurora Penelope
    Genevieve Kate (Vieve)
    Alexandria Juliet (Dria) – wildcard
    Judah Weston
    Dante Ezra

    Modern Bohemian:
    Cheyenne Ivy
    Cassidy Quinn
    Cadence Willow
    Jasper Graham
    Silas Theodore

    Cosmopolitan creatives:
    Eliza Camryn
    Hadley Sabrina
    Teagan Marley
    Kingston Everett (King is less of a mouthful)
    Emmett Reid

  115. Lyndsay Says:

    Penelope Bianca
    Sabrina Ivy
    Fiona Camille
    Everett Quinn
    Weston Dean

  116. Eleanore Says:

    Jasper Drew
    Silas Reid
    Penelope Quinn
    Aurora Cadence
    Cecilia Genevieve

  117. Kylie Says:

    Eliza Hope
    Tessa Kate
    Bianca Kathryn
    Simon Graham
    Brendan Silas

  118. Elizabeth Says:

    Edgar Donovan
    Clayton Ruben
    Esther Penelope
    Eliza Aurora
    Cora Delaney

  119. Samantha Says:

    The girls are beautiful this time around! I also really like the boys names, they seem to have a more… foreign quality about them. Here are my picks:

    Lucia Cassidy
    Ivy Alexandria
    Declan Reid
    Mateo Rafael
    Everett Lukas

  120. NameLover Says:

    g: Fiona Willow
    g: Penelope Eliza
    b: Ezra Spencer
    b: Graham Weston
    b: Myles Calvin

  121. K Says:


  122. Dearest Says:

    Cora Lucia Esmeralda
    Eliza Mariana Cecilia
    Tessa Penelope Alexandria
    Silas Graham Ezekiel
    Edgar Donovan Luca

    I love Tessa Penelope!

  123. L. Says:

    Bianca Cecilia
    Declan Myles
    Jeffrey Bennett
    Rafael Ezra
    Ximena Alejandra

  124. Nook of Names Says:

    Theo Ernest
    Leonidas Blaise

    Lilith India
    Thalia Pearl


    Carina Damaris

  125. Amanda Says:

    Rafael Nero
    Hector Leroy
    Sierra Joy
    Sabrina Dorthea
    Tessa Ann

  126. Lily Says:

    Ivy Bianca
    Sabrina Genevieve “B”
    Hazel Penelope
    Jasper Ezra
    Graham Hector

    Not in love with these…

  127. Danielle Says:

    Camille Eliza “Milly”
    Hadley Kate “Haddie”
    Everett Graham “Rhett”
    Theodore Dean “Teddy”

  128. Claire Says:

    Penelope Lucia Kate (pn. loo-sha)
    Juliet Cecilia Hazel
    Camille Esmerelda Hope
    Theodore Jasper Martin
    Hector Everett Graham

  129. Amanda Says:

    Theodore Griffin
    Jasper Simon
    Cecilia Brynn
    Penelope Isla
    Sabrina Camille

  130. Claire Says:

    Norah Alison
    Eliza Kate
    Cadence Quinn
    Greyson Everett
    Weston Gregory

  131. Louisa Says:

    Johnny Emmanuel
    Luca Everett
    Eliza Dakota
    Cora Ivy
    Josie Cecilia

  132. HiLary Says:

    Harrison Luca
    Everett Cash

    Isla Hadley
    Eliza Kinley
    Lola Quinn

  133. Eloise Says:

    Ivy Cecilia
    Fiona Hazel
    Calvin Reid “Cal”
    Everett Simon
    Harrison Graham “Harry”

  134. Sophia Says:

    Avery Silas Reid “Avy”
    Griffin Abel Kai

    Hazel Juliet Lucia
    Esther Cecilia Kate
    Willow Cassidy Hope

  135. Jen Says:

    Donovan Edgar (Always “Donovan,” never “Don”) (Edgar reminds me of France, chocolate and Joan Rivers’ husband. Yikes! Talk about a double edged sword!)
    Edwin Gregory (“Win”)
    Kate Genevieve (Named my middle daughter Katherine for the nickname Kate — now she goes by “Katherine” or “Katie”…. sigh)
    Camryn Penelope (“Cam”)
    Cadence Juliet (Cadence was a personal favorite in 1999 that I never even bothered to share with my husband!)

    Also liked:
    Tessa Kate

  136. Jessa Says:

    This is easy for me! These ARE our kids’ names!


  137. Emmy Jo Says:

    For the first 40 or so, I thought I was going to have a TOUGH time finding any girls’ names on the list, but there were actually a lot of great ones near the end. My children would be:

    Eliza Kate
    Cora Juliet
    Hazel Fiona
    Theodore Bennett “Teddy”
    Silas Martin

  138. marge Says:

    mateo rafael
    dakota luca
    ivy norah
    esmeralda eliza
    fiona leila

  139. JD Says:

    Alaina Hope
    Ariel Leilani
    Brennan Luca
    Griffin Silas
    Jameson Cash

  140. TJ Says:

    Ivy Juliet
    Aurora Delaney
    Teagan Harmony
    Alexis Griffin
    Theodore Kai

  141. Rachel Says:

    This site is really great!!
    Kelsey Aurora
    Dana Maddison
    Jasper Dakota (FAVORITE BOYS NAME EVER!!)
    Tucker Avery “Tuck”
    Juliet Delaney “Jules”

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