Welcome to the first annual YCCII Celebrity Baby Name Mitzi Awards!

On the whole, 2010 was tame in the grand scheme of things.  Nary a Bronx Mowgli or a Moxie Crimefighter to be seen.  Perhaps these famous types are getting the hint that a child’s name does not a career make?

The tricky balance of the element of surprise plus a certain timeless quality played the most into selecting the winners.  Losers each have their own folly.

I purposely waited until the 11th hour to see if Penelope Cruz or Christina Applegate might give us a delightful epiphany, and while those babies are still cooking, several December newborns that fell below my radar did make the list.

Happy New Year to all.  May 2011 bring you all beautifully named babies!

Top 5 Girls

1) Cosima X 3- Seemingly simultaneously, Sofia Coppola, Claudia Schiffer (Cosima Violet), and Alexander Windsor (Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor) all chose this ancient Italian beauty for their daughters.  It’s one I had in my hat a while back and I’m thrilled to see it rise to prominence.

2) Junia Rosa Ruth- While June and Juno have had a slight uptick amongst baby name conoscienti, Junia came as an especially pleasant surprise.  The entire sum of the combo ticks all the right boxes.  Congrats to Kate and Zac Hanson.

3) Eve Augusta- The sweetly understated Eve, when paired with the bold old lady powerhouse Augusta, is another winning combo.  This beauty was chosen by Jessica Capshaw.

4) India Pearl- The daughter of film mogul Harvey Weinstein and his stunning British wife Georgina Chapman, India still may be the imperialistic choice of bygone days to some, but it has taken on a fresh allure in a new world.  As the designer of Marchesa, she knows a thing or two about style.

5) Mae Elizabeth- Another subtle beauty, Mae Elizabeth is the reverse order one might expect.  The longer name in the middle only adds to its charm.  Mother is Jen Schefft of Bachlorette fame (I didn’t know who she was either).

Top 5 Boys

1) Theodore Hayes- Ali Larter chose an old classic that’s getting some attention.  Do they call him Teddy or Theo, or Theodore in full?  Can’t wait to find out, but this one’s on my own list.

2) Ronan Bell- Son of Catherine Bell, and little brother to Gemma (!), Ronan could give Connor or Aidan a run for their money.  All it needs is to be given the chance.

3) Abel James- Funny lady Amy Poehler left the jokes at work when she chose this weighty-but-handsome Biblical name.

4) Crawford Marion “Marion” Kudos to Josh Turner and his wife for choosing this once-male-only name for their newborn boy.  He joins the ranks of Ashley, Morgan, and Kelly.

5) Louis Bardo- Young Louis brings a smile to Sandra Bullock’s face when she needs it most, and to mine.  Consider Louis in lieu of Lucas.

Bottom 5 Girls

1) Gytta Lubov- A much anticipated choice of 2010, Vera Farmiga did not exactly disappoint.  While Gitta would have been indubitably lovely, this spelling is a gel-like black, anaerobic bacteria found in the decay of peat.  Nice, huh?

2) Locklyn Kyla- The worst concoction I’ve seen in a long time.  Lachlan?  Yes please!  For a boy.  Let it be decried that the -lyn craze is out of control.  Anything with a “lock” on it brings to mind images of chastity belts, which come to think of it may be exactly what the parents Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber intended.

3) Reiley Dilys Stella- I love Stella McCartney’s designs just as much as the next girl, but her daughter’s names?  They read “American” to me, and while they may seem esoteric in Britain, are far too common to seem particularly stylish.  Plus, what is up with that spelling?

4) Chaplin Haddow- Completely over the Hollywood-honors-Hollywood epidemic, Ever Carradine.  Over it, over it, over it.  Just say no to Bardot, Harlow, and Chaplin.

5) Jury’s still out on a #5 for worst celebrity female born in 2010 and I’m taking nominations!

Bottom 5 Boys

1) Cash Rich- Cash on its own can be cute, but paired with the last name makes me John Rich’s kid is going to wind up in the poorhouse.

2) Draco- Oh Winnie Cooper!  I need to lend you this little book I came across.  It’s called Harry Potter.  Your child’s name is one of the central characters!   How cool is that?

3) Sundance Thomas- The story of how Kerri Walsh’s son got his name is kind of endearing, but paired with big bro average Joe I just can’t quite say Sundance without a smirk.

4) Ever Imre- Alanis Morissette must not be reading my blog if she’s never heard of Milla Jovovich’s daughter named Ever, not to mention Ms. Carradine above.  Maybe she’s too cool to care, but part of the thrill of celebrity names is originality.  Still, it’s a nice sentiment.

5) Alexander David- “WHAT?!??” I can hear you screaming at the computer.  ”My son’s name is Alexander! What’s wrong with Alexander?”  The answer my friends, is precisely nothing, except in Nina Garcia’s case when she’s already used the name as a middle for her first son, Lucas Alexander.  Move on, that ship has sailed.  Choose another name!

Best Twin Names

Harper & Gideon- By a nose these two win.  While Harper and Gideon may not be the most natural pairing, props to Neil Patrick Harris for choosing tasteful, underused monikers.  Watch out though, Harper’s fast on the upswing and headed into Taylor territory, mark my words.

Worst Twins Names

Nelson & Eddy- How nice to honor two men that have been heavily influential in your lives, but I have to say, Celine Dion?  Google is your friend.

Hartley & Lydon- If there’s anything this blog champions against it’s invented names.  Mark McGrath’s Hartley and Lydon may be tried and true surnames, but they have a whiff of the made up, and I still have no idea who’s the boy and who’s the girl.


Most Hated (but not by me):

Buddy Bear Maurice- Celeb chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jules get a ton of flack for their sugary sweet children’s appellations.  Yet Buddy missed a Mitzi for its sheer genius with his sibling’s, and for the subtle flower reference, i.e., “Bud.”

Most Meaningful (to the parents):

Egypt Daoud- Another one that popped up on many a worst of 2010 list, Egypt remains hallow for its importance to the parents, Alisha Keys and Swizz Beatz.  With a name like Swizz, it could have been way worse.

Most Surprising Gender Switch:

Krishna Thea- Padma Lakshmi assured us she would choose a traditional Indian name for her first born, yet somehow Krishna on a girl strikes a less traditional note.  I was expecting something along the lines of Priya or Ananda.  Still, not my culture, and if she wants to gender bend I will not cast any aspersions.  It certainly sounds pretty.

Most Attractive Gender Switch:

Billie Beatrice- This is another ambi-gendered name, chosen by Noxema beauty Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane.  Predictions for 2010 call for a rise in the likes of Charlie, Frankie, Georgie and Billie.

Most Alive:

Vida Alves- “Life” in Spanish, this is Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’s baby girl.  So simple, so bright, with the lively hot “V” front and center.  Another one to be on the lookout for.

Nearest Miss:

Beatrix Carlin- How could I leave off my own daughter’s name on the most notable celebrity list for 2010?  Beatrix and Beatrice are leapfrogging up the charts (Beatrix is still technically not on the top 1000), but Jodie Sweetin missed the mark for me when she chose to honor the illustrious George Carlin in the middle.  Stop with the self-referential names, Hollywood.  Please!

Worst reason for a name:

Aviana Olea- As much as I adore Amy Adams, this disturbed me:  She called her the embryo “Avi” as a short form of “avocado” and subsequently carried that pet name to the actual baby.  Then she went so far as to choose the name on the birth certificate name as an extension of Avi, and hence, avocado.  I’m dying to know the names on her more traditional list.  (ETA: It is also related to her birth place of Aviano, Italy.)

In addition to Cruz, I have my eye on Natalie Portman and Jennifer Connolly as trendsetters for 2011.  What will they choose?  Only time will tell, but I welcome your guesses.

26 Responses to “Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names: The Mitzi Awards 2010”

  1. K Says:

    I agree with Locklyn but Gytta and Aviana didn’t bother me. The meaning of “Gytta” isn’t common knowledge. I love Theodore and Ever (for a boy) but not at all a fan of Ronan. Hartley & Lydon are just awful.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Regarding Alexander David, younger brother of Lucas Alexander: I love Alexander and David (have grandsons with those names) and think it’s fine to repeat the middle name of one child as the first name of another. Many years ago I read about a large family where each son’s middle name became the first name of the next son, with the same pattern for the girls. I don’t see it as naming a baby after a sibling so much as linking their names together. Or perhaps in this case the parents couldn’t decide between Lucas and Alexander for the first son, so gave him both names, with Lucas in the first name position. And then decided to use their other favorite name Alexander as the first name of their second son (perhaps after a lengthy and unsuccessful search for another name they loved as much). I don’t see any reason not to do that.

  3. Hannah Says:

    I absolutely adore Eve Augusta and Theodore Hayes. There were some really great names this year.

    As for the not-so-great, my nomination for worst girl name is Kloey Alexandra, Joey Fatone’s daughter. There’s nothing wrong with the middle name, but the spelliing of the first makes me crazy.

  4. BritCanuck Says:

    I also love Ever (on a boy).
    Mae Elizabeth is appallingly bad. Mae/ May is so overused and doesn’t feel fresh in the slightest simply because it is in the first name slot.
    Most of the others I have to agree with you though.
    Thanks for doing this. Interesting as always.

  5. rockingfetal Says:

    Great post!

    I heard a very different story about Aviana. http://celebritybabies.people.com/2010/12/23/amy-adams-explains-daughter-avianas-name/

  6. Siobhan Says:

    I agree with Cosima and Theodore as the best girl/boy names, but I would also add British prime minister David Cameron’s daughter Florence Rose Endellion to the best named girls list – Rose is very over-used as a middle name, but the whole name flows very nicely, and I love, love, love Florence as a first name! And I don’t think anything beats Locklyn Kyla as a dreadful girl’s name…

    I do disagree with Ever being on the worst boy’s names list – no, it didn’t have that surprise factor, but I think it’s a great name that’s far better suited to a boy than a girl.

  7. strangetributes Says:

    hahahaha Draco is the funniest one to me. Come on!!! ridiculous!

  8. youcantcallitit Says:

    Funny rockingfetal! Because that site is exactly where I read the story of the avocado. Evidently it’s both an avocado reference as well as an Aviano reference (which was not in the original article I read).

    From the horse’s mouth:


  9. youcantcallitit Says:

    I’m thinking Locklyn should be first for worst, and Florence Rose Endellion very nearly missed the top 5. I really think Endellion makes the whole name.

  10. youcantcallitit Says:

    Is Mae overused in Canada? I almost never see it chosen here, and I’m surprised that you think it’s “appallingly bad!”

  11. youcantcallitit Says:

    But there are so many great names! It mostly makes me sad for the names that didn’t get a home. :-(

  12. youcantcallitit Says:

    As you can see, it was tough coming up with a worst list this year. I certainly take your points on Ever and Alexander.

    I have to say Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis is pretty wonderful, I’m just not quite sure what I’d switch it up with. Also, Florence Rose Endellion could easily oust Mae Elizabeth. The reason it didn’t is because Florence is pretty popular in England, but it’s not here at all, and certainly deserves a mention.

  13. Lucy Says:

    Florence Rose Endellion definately deserves a place on the list, she goes so well with siblings Arthur, Ivan and Nancy.

    There was actually a sweepstakes at my work about what she’d be named, I had her pencilled down as a Frances, and we had two blokes arguing over who could have Philippa, the one who lost eventually settled for Florence, and won.

    Also, The Royal family welcomed a baby girl[daughter of Peter Philips, son of Princes Royal] on the 30th -name as yet announced! What with the current female Royals bearing names such as Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie, it could be a cracker ;)

  14. rockingfetal Says:


    I don’t like the name either way :P

  15. M Says:

    Aviana was actually chosen for Amy Adams’ birthplace- Aviano, Italy. It’s not my taste, but it’s not that bad, and I think it’s sweet to honor Aviano.

  16. SkyeRhyly Says:

    Sundance really was a dreadful choice, she should’ve gone with Kelly.

    Some more celeb names:

    Oliver Hudson – son Bodhi Hawn
    Erica Hill – son Sawyer Steven
    Paulina Rubio – son Andrea Nicolas
    Xzibit – son Gatlyn
    Kaitlin Olson – son Axel Lee
    Drew Lachey – son Hudson Nicholas
    Brande Roderick – son Keaton Roderick
    Luke Bryan – son Tatum Christopher
    Robin Thicke – son Julian Fuego
    Erica Hill – son Sawyer Steven
    Steve Nash – son Matteo Joel
    Sean Patrick Thomas – son Luc Laurent
    Drew Brees – son Bowen Christopher
    Alana de la Garza – son Kieran Thomas
    Big Kenny – son Dakota Jefferson Holiday
    Jonathan Jackson – son Titus Gabriel
    Rebecca Herbst – son Emerson Truett
    Matt Walton – son Grayson James
    Kevin Frazier – son Reese Cader
    Jenna Elfman – son Easton Quinn Monroe
    Erin Torpey – son Izaiah Torpey
    Karen Fairchild – son Elijah Dylan
    Jane Carrey – son Jackson Riley
    Albert Pujols – son Ezra
    Isabelle Delobel – son Loic
    Jillian Reynolds – son Rocco Rio
    Sarah Chalke – son Charlie Rhodes

    Esai Morales – daughter Mariana
    Yul Kwon – daughter Genevie
    James Van Der Beek – daughter Olivia
    Patrick Fabian – daughter Abby Ray
    Mario Lopez – daughter Gia Francesca
    Jodie Sweetin – daughter Beatrix Carlin
    Georgina Chapman – daughter India Pearl
    Tamyra Gray – daughter Sienna Marie
    Justin Bruening – daughter Lexington Grace
    Juan Pablo Montoya – daughter Manuela
    Bree Turner – daughter Stella Jean
    Jimmy Johnson – daughter Genevieve Marie
    John McGinley – daughter Aleena
    Justin Moore – daughter Ella Kole
    Neil McDonough – daughter London Jane
    Diego Luna – daughter Fiona
    Amy Adams – daughter Aviana Olea
    Amanda Peet – daughter Molly June
    Emily Mortimer – daughter May
    Clay Walker – daughter Mary-Elizabeth
    Padma Lakshmi – daughter Krishna Thea
    Carl Edwards – daughter Anne Edwards
    Christina Milian – daughter Violet Madison
    Jimmie Johnson – daughter Jessica Lynne
    Byron Allen – daughter Olivia Rose
    Joey Faton – daughter Kloey Alexandra

  17. SkyeRhyly Says:

    By the way, Swizz isn’t his real name, his name is Kasseem.

  18. youcantcallitit Says:

    Of course! It was a joke. ;-)

  19. youcantcallitit Says:

    Ooh, thank you SkeRhyly! Great list.

  20. youcantcallitit Says:

    See the link above. It was, in fact first inspired by Avi and avocado. My previous information was only partially correct though. I apologize.

  21. Gabriel Says:

    Cosima is a name I like the look of, but the sound turns me off. I can’t pinpoint the reason why. I do find Cosima Violet to be very visually pleasing. It’s interesting that three fairly high profile Cosimas were born in one year, I wonder if it’s the start of an upward trend? Either that or Cosima is more widespread than I realised.

    Louis Bardo is a great name, especially if Louis is pronounced loo-EE. Bardo is interesting; I wonder what the inspiration behind it was.

    Locklyn Kyla deserves to be in the Bottom 5. Lachlan feels dated to me, it was quite popular over here in the early-mid nineties. Still pretty popular though, so it feels odd to see it used on a girl, even spelled Locklyn. I would have expected more from Vince Vaughn.

    Cash Rich was obviously an attempt at being cute, instead it came off as being stupid.

    Harper and Gideon are an awesome twin-set. Neil Patrick Harris is the guy from How I Met Your Mother, right?

    Krishna doesn’t seem strange on a girl, to me. There were conjoined twins named Krishna and Trishna all over the news in 09. Krishna Thea is a great name.

    Billie Beatrice doesn’t hit a sweet spot with me. I think I would have much preferred to see Wilhelmina Beatrice (nn. Billie).

    I don’t follow celebrities or their babies, so I don’t have a huge pool to pick from :/, but my vote for best name in 2010 would be Léonie. Least favourite would be Stella Zavala Damon, which would have been a great name if not for older sisters Isabella and Gia Zavala.

  22. mylilsunshine Says:

    Hi Elisabeth! I just found your site again after, well, too long. I remember you from BBC with your fantastic Beatrix. I agree with you that it’s a tragedy to pair Beatrix with Carlin.

    From the boys, I love Ronan. It’s one of my new favorites. And Abel James is awesome. Do you remember the mom who had Octavian James Abel? I always loved that combo.

    Anyways, it was nice to “see” you again and I’ll be reading you from now on!

  23. youcantcallitit Says:

    Well Hello! It’s nice to hear from a pal from those days– remind me your old screen name?

  24. mylilsunshine Says:

    Oh, gosh. I can’t even remember. Did we even use screen names back then? I used to just sign the end of my posts as mom to Logan Jamison, if that helps. The new BBC made me pick a screen name, which is why I’m now mylilsunshine.

  25. baby names Says:

    Hey i like Eve Augusta and Theodore Hayes, they are really cool…
    i like it…

  26. ann marie Says:

    my youngest boy is called lachlan,and i think its great for a girl too,im called ann marie and thats what you call awful!

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