Autumn Names

September 22nd, 2010

Happy first day of Autumn!  My favorite time of the year.

Now, what to name the baby?

Shades of changing leaves:

Amber- Reddish brown petrified resin

Aurelia- “Golden”



Jasper- Reddish brown stone that recalls the hue of the season

Marigold- Golden in color, this flower also blooms well into the fall

Ora- “Gold”

Saffron- Spice yellow in hue

Scarlett- “Scarlet red”

Tawny- Yellowish brown in color, evocative of caramel and port

Tasty Treats:





Myrtle, Myrtille- Myrtille is blueberry in French


In Bloom & Fall Foliage:


Ash (or Ash names?)







Maple (again)



In Mythology, Religion & Lore:

Anona- Roman goddess of the harvest

Aphaea- Greek goddess associated with agriculture and fertility

Dhanya- Sanskrit for “grain”

Demeter- Greek goddess of the harvest

Devi- Hindu goddess who blesses the abundance of the harvest

Laksmhi- Hindu goddess of the harvest, in the form of Dhanya Lakshmi

Saturn- Roman god of the harvest

Sif/Sifa- Norse god of the harvest

Sita- Also Hindu goddess of the harvest

Willow- Used during the Jewish feast celebration of Sukkoth, in conjunction with etrog (citron), lulav (date palm), and myrtle

Writer’s who love the Autumn:

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Hawthorne, Nathaniel David

Keats, John

Rilke, Rainer Maria

Thoreau, Henry David- Wrote about Lake Walden

By Month:

Aster-Flower for September

Sapphira- Sapphire is September’s gem stone

September- Itself is also occasionally given as a name

Lapis Lazuli- Gemstone for September.  Either one would make an unusual choice

Opal- October’s birth stone

Tourmaline- Also shares the honor of being October’s birth stone

Chrysanthemum- November’s flower, shortens to the user friendly Chrys

Topaz- Shares the role of birth stone for November

Citrine- November’s other gemstone

December- If September works as a first name, why not try December, November, or October?

Poinsettia- The famed red plant used for Christmas decor and December’s flower

Turquoise- December’s shockingly colorful birth stone for its season

Why not the season itself?

Aki- Japanese, “bright autumn”

Akiko- “Bright autumn child” in Japanese


Ekin- “Harvest” in Turkish

Hazan- “Autumn” in Turkish

Qiu- Chinese for “autumn”

Theresa- “Harvest”

Thu- “Autumn” in Vietnamese

Wekesa- “Born during harvest”, in East Africa

NOTE: This is a seasonal reprint of last year’s list.

12 Responses to “Autumn Names”

  1. Lily Says:

    Happy Autumn to you :) Autumn is my favourite season! Though, here in Australia, it’s been spring for about three weeks, and the heat is slowly rising…

    I’m really loving Aurelia, Jasper, Marigold, Saffron, Dahlia, Ivy, Henry & Aster.. they’re pretty brilliant!

  2. Dearest Says:

    Anona is lovely.
    And Demeter, but Anona is a gem like no other…!

    One of the Norwegian names for autumn is Haust. Maybe it would fit as a boys name for the superinterested?

  3. Tatum Says:

    I absolutely love Aurelia, Sapphira, Plum, Dahlia, Devi and Hazan

  4. jackie Says:

    A girl I went to high school with named her daughters Autumn, and Ginger.

  5. Sam Says:

    I like:

    Myrtle, Myrtille
    Dahlia (pron: Day-leah)
    Akiko- “Bright autumn child” in Japanese

  6. Mary Says:

    Lovely list!

    I’ve come across a ‘December’ before. :-)

  7. Sebastiane Says:

    I love the name Autumn itself, but alas, it has become way too popular for my tastes.

  8. Lauren Says:

    Chrysanthe (f) and Chrysanthos (m) are the Greek meaning ‘Golden Flower’. It is also a saint name (Chrysanthos).

  9. Alissa Says:

    I love Aurelia. It was the name I had very much hoped for had we had a girl. But, the hubs was not a fan at all.

  10. Mahshid Says:

    I really love autumn. I was born in October. my best choices among these are:


    paeez( autumn in persian)

  11. Timmy Says:

    Most people don’t realize it, however, Autumn actually occurs during the months of August, September and October…Autumn actually “begins” around 7 or 8 August…early November and onward etc. are actually considered to be winter months as far as “solar terms” are considered. The sun is what really determines when seasons begin etc. not humanity’s “designation.”

  12. Says:

    wonderful picture!

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