Create a Sibset: 1-100

August 19th, 2010

You’re being forced at gunpoint to choose names for your children from the top 100 of the Social Security Administration list, and you’re having QUADRUPLETS– two girls and two boys of course.  What do you name them?

I will gladly post my choices after some of you have had a chance to weigh in.  Can you imagine quads?  I’d love to name them though!

Popularity in 2009

Rank Male name Female name
1 Jacob Isabella
2 Ethan Emma
3 Michael Olivia
4 Alexander Sophia
5 William Ava
6 Joshua Emily
7 Daniel Madison
8 Jayden Abigail
9 Noah Chloe
10 Anthony Mia
11 Christopher Elizabeth
12 Aiden Addison
13 Matthew Alexis
14 David Ella
15 Andrew Samantha
16 Joseph Natalie
17 Logan Grace
18 James Lily
19 Ryan Alyssa
20 Benjamin Ashley
21 Elijah Sarah
22 Gabriel Taylor
23 Christian Hannah
24 Nathan Brianna
25 Jackson Hailey
26 John Kaylee
27 Samuel Lillian
28 Tyler Leah
29 Dylan Anna
30 Jonathan Allison
31 Caleb Victoria
32 Nicholas Avery
33 Gavin Gabriella
34 Mason Nevaeh
35 Evan Kayla
36 Landon Sofia
37 Angel Brooklyn
38 Brandon Riley
39 Lucas Evelyn
40 Isaac Savannah
41 Isaiah Aubrey
42 Jack Alexa
43 Jose Peyton
44 Kevin Makayla
45 Jordan Layla
46 Justin Lauren
47 Brayden Zoe
48 Luke Sydney
49 Liam Audrey
50 Carter Julia
51 Owen Jasmine
52 Connor Arianna
53 Zachary Claire
54 Aaron Brooke
55 Robert Amelia
56 Hunter Morgan
57 Thomas Destiny
58 Adrian Bella
59 Cameron Madelyn
60 Wyatt Katherine
61 Chase Kylie
62 Julian Maya
63 Austin Aaliyah
64 Charles Madeline
65 Jeremiah Sophie
66 Jason Kimberly
67 Juan Kaitlyn
68 Xavier Charlotte
69 Luis Alexandra
70 Sebastian Jocelyn
71 Henry Maria
72 Aidan Valeria
73 Ian Andrea
74 Adam Trinity
75 Diego Zoey
76 Nathaniel Gianna
77 Brody Mackenzie
78 Jesus Jessica
79 Carlos Camila
80 Tristan Faith
81 Dominic Autumn
82 Cole Ariana
83 Alex Genesis
84 Cooper Payton
85 Ayden Bailey
86 Carson Angelina
87 Josiah Caroline
88 Levi Mariah
89 Blake Katelyn
90 Eli Rachel
91 Hayden Vanessa
92 Bryan Molly
93 Colton Melanie
94 Brian Serenity
95 Eric Khloe
96 Parker Gabrielle
97 Sean Paige
98 Oliver Mya
99 Miguel Eva
100 Kyle Isabelle

106 Responses to “Create a Sibset: 1-100”

  1. millymom619 Says:

    Oliver, Xavier, Paige, and Claire. My 2 yr old is already in the top 100, but was not when I named her.

    I think the ‘ver’ in the boys’ names and ‘ai…e” in the girls’ names is cute sibsetting. Different enough to not be weird, but they are cute together.

    I’ve always loved Xavier (you can thank Cabbage Patch Kid’s Xavier Roberts for that one) and cannot believe it’s reached the top 100 considering the number of people who’ve never heard of it. Oliver, I can understand why it’s there and will probably use it for a boy anyway because I love it. I’d love to use Paige or Claire, but my husband says they are “fat girl names”…I think someone saw The Breakfast Club one too many times. I still love them.

  2. fran Says:

    vanessa, caroline, zachary and sebastian. it’s nice picking from the american top 100 as it is vastly different to the uk list! both of the girls names i’ve chosen are really uncommon over here since the trend is nickname style names for both boys and girls

  3. rockingfetal Says:

    William, Henry, Amelia & Charlotte.

    I also really like Ethan, Noah, James, Lucas, Isaac, Sebastian, Nathaniel, Josiah, Eli, Hannah, Evelyn & Eva.

  4. youcantcallitit Says:

    For what it’s worth, I never hear Vanessa, EVER. It may be a Latino thing, and sadly I’m in the wrong neighborhood and don’t run into nearly enough Latino babies.

  5. K Says:

    Well, this is fun…I’m going to go ahead and do middle names as well:

    Elizabeth Caroline
    Madeline Paige
    Henry Daniel
    John Thomas

  6. katrina Says:

    I had a hard time with the girls…not many I’m crazy about.

    Julia, Claire, Sean, Liam

  7. Bek Says:

    Anna, Charlotte, Sebastian and Gabriel.

    I think. I found a lot of the names I liked on one side corresponded to names on the other, negating one or the other – like Anna and Andrew, Nathan or Aaron.

    Also, just realized that all 3 of my brothers’, my father’s and my husband’s name are in the top 30. Funny.

    I’m constantly surprised to see Valeria at 72… And Vanessa.

  8. British American Says:

    Presuming I didn’t already have a Henry…

    Henry, Oliver, Charlotte & Molly

    I prefer Caroline to Molly, but would want each child to have a separate initial – and I know my husband liked Molly back in 2005.

    If this was real life, where I already have a Henry, I’d switch it out to be:

    William, Oliver, Charlotte & Molly

  9. Awkward Turtle Says:

    Dominic, Jonathan, Sophia and Lillian.

  10. iris Says:

    Lily, Molly, Cooper, and Wyatt.

  11. Amy3 Says:

    How fun! I considered my daughter’s name, our last name, names of friends and family, and my husband’s opinion (to the best of my ability!) as I made my choices. I also chose first and middles from the list for all four:

    Rachel Claire
    Caroline Paige
    Oliver Sebastian
    Gavin Anthony

    Both Sebastian and Anthony are family names, which is nice since that’s how we used the middle name slot for our daughter. I wasn’t able to do that with the girls, though, because my daughter’s middle name is already Katherine (the only family name on the list).

    While I do like all these names, I’m not sure I’d actually choose them IRL, and there were some on the list I might be inclined to choose (e.g., Evelyn) that I know my husband would hate. I tried to avoid those and selected names I thought really had a chance in our family.

  12. Samantha Says:

    Elijah, Gabriel, Alexandra and Victoria.

    They are all longer names, but shorten well [Eli, Gabe, Alex (or Zandra, which I think is prettier) and Tori]. I like the angelic nature of the boys, and the length of the girls names seem to flow with me.

  13. Samantha Says:

    I think Charlotte and Molly are beautiful together! Whether Henry or William, your sibsets are fantastic!

  14. Afle Says:

    Anna Charlotte, Elizabeth Maya, Julian Thomas, Sebastian Lucas.

    Anna, Lily, Jules, Bas.

  15. Sebastiane Says:

    Sebastian, Oliver, Sophia & Charlotte

  16. eBirdie Says:

    Julian, Gabriel, Evelyn, and Zoe

    I also like Camila, but I already have a Mila, and Gianna, but found it harder to fit into a set of four….

  17. Tatum Says:

    Vanessa, Camila, Diego and Eli

  18. appellationmountain Says:

    Henry, Julian, Sophia, and Grace, I think. I don’t mind the boys’ names, but I found the girls’ names really impossible!

  19. Margo Says:

    Sebastian Levi
    Alexander James
    Evelyn Paige
    Abigail Claire

    I also really like Jack but not only do I know at least 10 Jacks, I’ve never known how to pair it with another name.

  20. Solveig Says:

    Oliver, James, Evelyn and Claire.

  21. delovely Says:

    Oliver Sebastian (nn Ollie)
    Gabriel Benjamin (nn Gabe)
    Evelyn Sophia (nn Evie)
    Charlotte Alexandra (nn Charli)

    Oliver and Charlotte are both strong contenders for my twins due in December :) I also really like Dominic, Nathaniel and Xavier for boys, and Abigail, Madeleine and Molly for girls.

  22. Ruth Says:

    Thomas, Owen, Amelia and Claire (can I spell it Clare? Or will I get shot in this hypothetical naming-quadruplets-at-gunpoint situation?).

    This is my first comment. Hi!

  23. Margo Says:

    I just thought about the fact that Evelyn page is an actress… Darn

  24. TJ Says:

    I would name the boys Madison (because it means “Matthew’s *son* and I’m married to a Matthew) and Taylor. The girls: Angel and Kyle. Because I’m contrary that way… :^o [and I do know of a woman named Kyle!]

  25. D.Beth Says:

    Sebastian Luke (nn Seb)
    Evelyn Faith (nn Evie)
    Caleb Jason (nn Cal)
    Grace Elizabeth (nn Gracie)

    I really love Charlotte, Samuel, and Elizabeth but as I already had Sebastian, Evelyn and Caleb I didn’t want to repeat first initial.

  26. youcantcallitit Says:

    Strictly speaking, no change of spellings allowed! I’m tempted too though.

  27. Angela Says:


    …just so they could have fun with their initials in junior high. “We’re the …”

  28. Anne Says:

    Leah, Claire, Evan and Owen

  29. Kim W Says:

    Samuel, Oliver, Camila, and Evelyn OR
    William, Henry, Elizabeth, and Katherine

  30. Jodi Says:

    Ooh, fun! I haven’t peaked at any of the other answers. The boys were easy for me (which is why for real boy-naming is hard for me – normally we’re trying to stay *out* of the top 100, or even 500!), and for girls I was able to make a few sparkle of them by way of namesakes I’d be happy to honor. Which brings me to:


  31. Nina Says:

    Julian, Sophie, Molly and James

  32. youcantcallitit Says:

    That’s AWESOME Angela.

  33. Jennifer Says:

    Melanie, Gianna, Sebastian & Dominic

  34. Janine Says:

    Caroline, Julia, Robert and Thomas.

    And, for my South American inlaws: Olivia, Victoria, Sebastian and Nicholas.

  35. British American Says:

    I have a friend with twins named James & Evelyn. :)

  36. British American Says:

    Thanks. :)

  37. eliza Says:

    Sarah (nickname Sally) Elizabeth
    Camila Grace
    Henry Jeremiah
    Adrian Michael

    so fun!

  38. Neva Says:

    Parker, Mason, Aubrey and Paige
    Can I choose Avery for a boy and steal it back from the girls? And while I’m at it, steal Parker for a girl? Then I would have:

    Avery (B), Mason (B), Parker (G), and Aubrey (G)

    This was really quite hard as in real life neither of my children’s first or middle names are on this list. And Genesis for a girl…really? I guess it makes a nice sibset with Serenity, Trinity, Destiny and Faith..if you are church-y:)

  39. Andre Says:

    Lillian & Valeria for girls
    Levi & Hayden for boys

  40. Hannah Says:

    Katherine, Elizabeth, William, Julian.

    None of my absolute favorite girl names are in the top 100, and I always have a hard time narrowing down the boys. I’m sure if I did this again tomorrow, my choices would change. :)

  41. Annie Says:

    Luke, Benjamin (nn Ben), Elizabeth and Grace. I was going to pick Anna instead of Elizabeth but the Ben Anna Banana thing made me switch.

  42. youcantcallitit Says:

    Charlotte Olivia, Sophie Alexandra, Luke William and Julian Joseph

    Though Sebastian is very tempting too. Maybe I need to have quints!

  43. phoebe Says:

    Probably Ava, Noah, Evelyn and Oliver (yes Ava and Evelyn are similar but this is hypothetical)

    Ava and Noah have always been ‘my names’
    I even named my dolls then as a child
    I am really annoyed at their current popularity…

  44. Jen Says:

    Sophie & Lillian, Alexander & Isaac

    I also love the name Jacob, but it’s always #1 so I’d probably never use it.

  45. Jennifer (Fuss) Says:

    Omitting my daughter’s name Elizabeth, her nn Lily, and my other daughter’s mn Charlotte:

    Henry, Oliver, Mariah and Amelia

    I LOVE Mariah! Where ARE all the Mariahs? I never hear it.

  46. Stefanie Says:

    Bailey (g), Avery (g), Oliver (b), and Lucas (b).

  47. Stefanie Says:

    my cousin’s name is Alexander Isaac (nn Alex).

  48. Sam Says:

    Sofia Zoe, Evelyn Audrey, Alexander Jack, Oliver Kyle.

    But really, I only LOVE Sofia and Alexander (the names; I love ALL the hypothetical children regardless!)

  49. Cara Says:

    Jack, Liam, Audrey & Grace

  50. Mnemosyne Says:

    Nathaniel, Victoria, Alexander, & Elizabeth.

    Neva — I met a teenage Genesis awhile ago. I guess it’s better than being Numbers or Deuteronomy, right?

  51. Siobhan Says:

    My favourite names from this list are Eli, Gabriel (Gabe), Camila (Mila) and Avery, but I’m not crazy about them all together, so my sibset would be:

    Camila Paige
    Avery Grace
    Sebastian Oliver
    Luis Alexander

  52. TaraRhode Says:

    Anna Katherine
    Molly Caroline
    Wyatt John
    Isaac James

    this was pretty hard… i tend to shy away from popular names tho the ones i chose are not overly popular where i am.

    i also love the names Charlotte, Leah, Lily, Claire, Maya; John, Joseph (mn only), Henry, Liam, Gavin, and Brian.

  53. Christina Fonseca Says:

    Brianna and Katherine; Benjamin and Nicholas.

  54. Lauren Says:


  55. Julie Says:

    Maria Caroline
    Amelia Claire
    David Cameron
    Adam Charles

    In real life I wouldn’t be so matchy-match.

  56. F Says:

    Lucas Sebastian
    Jack Henry
    Audrey Amelia
    Claire Madeline

  57. Mary Says:

    Anna Elizabeth
    Valeria Grace
    Dominic Xavier
    Gabriel Anthony

  58. Belle Says:

    Don’t shoot!

    Olivia Molly
    Elizabeth Gianna
    Benjamin Gavin
    Jonathon Xavier

    Liv, Eliza, Jamie, Nathan (I like my nn’s weird in all smoking gun situations)

    Elizabeth, Benjamin and Xavier are on my lists, all as fn’s.

  59. Emmuh Says:

    Oh, this is torture. Pulling from the names you already hear all the time!

    My quads would be:

  60. Elle Says:

    I’m going to do middle names too…

    Audrey Caroline (I had this picked out before)
    Lily Gabrielle
    Henry Michael (Michael is my dad’s name)
    William Evan (Evan is my husband’s name)

    I think trying to keep it in the family makes it easier to choose such popular names.

  61. Julie Says:

    After I did the above sib-set, I realized I missed the opportunity to use family names, which is more my style.

    Anna Sarah – my Mom’s grandmothers.
    Sophia Caroline – my Dad’s grandmother and Great-grandmother.
    Oliver Michael – my Dad’s grandfather; Husband’s dad.
    William John- my Mom’s grandfather; Husband’s grandfather.

  62. Kelly Beth Says:

    Cowboy (and girl!) names for my hypo-quads.

    Levi Charles
    Josiah Robert
    Leah Elizabeth
    Abigail Sarah

  63. Nancy Says:

    Joseph, Matthew, Elizabeth, Chloe

    My husband loves the name Chloe. I’m not as keen on it, but I’d throw it in just to make him happy.

  64. L. Says:

    Joseph Thomas
    Grace Katherine
    Claire Gabriella
    Dominic Charles

  65. Fran Says:

    My great grandmother was Mariah :) It’s a beautiful name but I think the link to Mariah Carey is still too strong for me to consider it as a first name

  66. Sofia Says:

    Ooh, what fun!
    Since my children will always have three names, I will go ahead and add them here too. I made the worst of a bad situation, and tried to take into account the fact that I already have a Nicodemus, whose name most of the ones on that list would never go well with! Here they are (I am a little bothered by the stylistic difference of the girl names, but what can you do?):

    Alexander Samuel Julian
    Sebastian Noah Tristan

    Victoria Isabella Amelia
    Charlotte Julia Alexandra

  67. prisoner Says:

    Gabriel Ian
    Samuel Isaac
    Lily Amelia
    Leah Olivia

  68. Neva Says:

    Mnemosyne- Wow, a real Genesis? It is just so surprising to see a name like that show up on the top 100 since I have NEVER heard it as a name. Especially since it rates higher than Molly and Eva. As someone said before, there must be a cultural group I am unfamiliar with that just loves Genesis.

  69. Candy Says:

    Hayden and Brody
    Maya and Layla

  70. CN Heidelberg Says:

    Alexander Jonathan
    Julian Owen
    Sophia Caroline
    Lily Maria

  71. Names4Real Says:


  72. Rita Says:

    Henry Alexander
    Thomas Julian
    Elizabeth Emily
    Charlotte Victoria

  73. auspicious Says:


  74. shelly ok Says:

    I’m going to post my choices, then read all the delightful posts—to keep away any influences, as subtle as they may be.

    Camila, Lilian, Dominic, Sebastian

    Mila, Lily, Nico, & Baz

    First choice for boys would have been Oliver, but I didn’t love Lily & Ollie together.

  75. Alice Says:

    Mia Gabrielle
    Sophie Camila
    Caleb Thomas
    Jack Cooper

  76. Mary Says:

    I thought I submitted at comment but it doesn’t seem to have got through! :-)

    My picks are…

    Anna Elizabeth
    Valeria Grace

    Dominic Xavier
    Gabriel Anthony

  77. Jaime Says:

    Molly Caroline, Zoe Victoria, Evan Nicholas and Tyler Andrew

  78. caroline Says:


    Elizabeth, Katherine, Thomas, and Robert.

    Betsy, Kit, Tom, and Bobby!

  79. L. Says:

    Dominic Joseph
    Samuel Henry
    Grace Elizabeth
    Claire Katherine

  80. Mamie Says:

    My picks are Oliver Dominic, Charles Elijah, Sophia Grace, and Aubrey Claire

  81. Bibs Says:

    There’s not much choice :/

    Christopher “KIP” John Elijah
    Robert “ROBIN” Jeremiah Julian

    Elizabeth “ZIBBY” Camila Claire
    Katherine “KITTY” Sofia Molly

  82. L. Says:

    Dominic Joseph
    Claire Katherine
    Grace Elizabeth
    Luke Elijah

  83. Lynn Says:

    What a great opportunity to use popular names I love!

    Isabella Paige (Bella)
    Caroline Audrey
    Alexander James (Alec)
    Julian Charles

  84. Mnemosyne Says:

    Neva — She’s the only Genesis I’ve ever met, but I remember coming across a kid named Genesys (yup, with a y) in a newspaper or magazine sometime this past year. I don’t know about Genesys, but Genesis looked African-American and was from NYC (I don’t know her religion).

    TJ — I just remembered that I know a female Kyle, too. She even has a son named Regan.

  85. Elisabeth L Says:

    Owen James
    Andrew Logan
    Molly Grace
    Aubrey Katherine

    Two of my husband’s top choices, plus a bunch of family names for middle names. I love these hypothetical naming exercises!

  86. Cornell Says:

    Joshua, Christian, Katherine, Lily.

  87. Elvira Says:

    It would have to be Victoria and Caroline for the girls and Benjamin and Joseph for the boys. It might have been Julian “Jules” for a boy, but I’d end up with either two J names or two names ending in N. This is a really fun idea!

  88. vomiting Says:

    Elizabeth Caroline
    Victoria Lillian

    Sebastian Anthony
    Benjamin Gabriel

    Very proper!

  89. Porshi Says:

    Ian, Cole, Paige, and Claire

  90. suzi_q Says:

    Sebastian Henry (what I would name a third boy!)
    Dominic Levi

    Audrey Maya
    Zoe Eva

  91. Michelle Says:

    William Cole
    Thomas Alexander
    Lily Evelyn
    Anna Caroline

  92. Cleeeo Says:


    going for the latino thang.

  93. Patricia Says:

    Emma Katherine
    Sophie Caroline
    James David
    Andrew Joseph

    All except Katherine and Caroline are grandchildren names in our family. (Too many grandsons with first and/or middle names in the top 100 to use them all. James and Andrew are the twins in our family.)

  94. hyz Says:

    Fun–too many good names to pick from here, actually!

    Oliver Joseph
    Henry Isaiah
    Claire Victoria
    Anna Morgan

  95. Kristin Says:

    Liam Alexander
    Oliver Sebastian
    Charlotte Lily
    Evelyn Grace

  96. Lucy Says:

    Henry John Charles, Oliver Eli Sean, Elizabeth Grace Julia, Amelia Molly Victoria

  97. Annie Says:

    Angelina Claire (Lina prn. Leena)
    Katherine Olivia (Rin)
    Charles Hunter (Charlie)
    Nathaniel Oliver (Nate)

    Hunter is a family name & Nathaniel (nn Nate) & Charles (nn Charlie) are my all time favorite boys names!

  98. The Foxymoron Says:

    Vanessa is popular with white middle class families where I live – although the only ones I know were born in the 70s!

  99. The Foxymoron Says:


    I’m not sure I could really do the same-letter thing though. In reality, I’d prefer

    I used to love Grace, Lily and Ella, but now that they are ubiquitous, I have fallen out of love with them. Just sick of hearing them, I guess!

  100. Dearest Says:

    Anna Evelyn Autumn
    Lily Audrey Gianna
    Henry Jeremiah Julian
    Tristan Isaiah Levi

  101. Kaybee Says:

    Alexander Thomas William “Alex”
    Sebastian Joseph Charles “Seb”
    Amelia Elizabeth Claire “Milly”
    Evelyn Katherine Lily “Eve”

  102. Katrina Says:

    Owen Gabriel
    Caleb Alexander
    Claire Abigail
    Evelyn Paige

  103. Lily Says:

    Wow, I’ve backtracked from 900-100 to here. These are a far cry from Eloise, Lilia, Magdalena, Cassius, etc.. though Eloise is in my state’s Top 100, so I guess that balances it a bit!

    Madeline Audrey
    Elizabeth Lily
    Henry Sebastian
    Oliver Julian

    ~ Della, Elsie, Henry & Oliver

  104. Kim W Says:

    Samuel Matthew
    Henry William
    Elizabeth Anna
    Katherine Eva

    **middles are all family names

  105. Emmy Jo Says:

    Amelia Katherine
    Caroline Lily
    Henry Benjamin
    Julian Thomas

    I don’t think I’d actually mind having kids with these names. Most of them were ones we actually talked about when I was pregnant with our son.

  106. izzy Says:

    Claire Katherine Amelia
    Sophie Alexandra Faith
    Anthony Joseph
    Caleb Jonathan

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