Summer may officially be five days out yet.   Tell it to my sunburn.

I’ve received more and more touching letters seeking personal consulting for your babies on the way.  As I take the time to carefully craft lists tailored to each of you, perhaps this summer post will give those of you in your third trimester something to embrace.

We let the season influence our own child’s name when we chose Alexandrine as a middle for the June bug.  Lavender is a sentimental favorite, and Rose June’s birth flower.  Any gardeners out there?  A summer blossom post is around the corner for you.


Alexandra, Alexandrine- Greek, “defender of mankind.”  Alexandrite is sometimes listed as a birthstone for June

Anona- Latin, goddess of the harvest

Apolline, Apollonia- “Stength”; Female version of the Greek Apollo, the god of the sun, and far more usable in this form

Augusta, Augustine- Latin, “great, venerable”;  might be a nice nod to the month of August

Aurelia- Latin for “golden”

Chinatsu- Japanese, “thousand summers”

Dagmar, Dagny- In Old Norse, “dag” names are related to “day”, appropriate since the days are long this time of year

Eloise, Heloise- French; possibly originating in the Greek helios meaning “sun”

Goldie- After summer golden hue.  Golda and Golden are other possibilities.

Haruko- Japanese for “sun child”

Helen, Helena- Greek for “torch”, also “light”

Julia, Julianna, Juliet- The feminizations of Julius, for whom the month of July was named

June, Junia- From the month of June and the Roman goddess Juno, queen of the heavens

Lavender- In Provence, June is the month when the Lavender blooms

Leona, Leonie, Leontine, Leonora- If your baby is a Leo, these might be viable first or middle name options

Liberty- English, well-suited to an Independence Day baby

Lucia, Lucienne, Lucy- From the Latin lux ”light”

Margaret- English, from the Greek margarites meaning Pearl.  Margarita also works as a themey double-entendre

Marina- Originally Greek, Marina is used in many languages and means “sea” for those lucky enough to be there

Marisol- Spanish combination of Maria and Sol ”sun”

Natsuko- Japanese, summer child

Natsumi- Japanese natsu ”summer” and mi ”beautiful”; also from na ”vegetables” and tsumu ”pick”

Ondine- French, from the Latin unda meaning “wave”

Ora- Hebrew “light”

Pearl- June’s birthstone

Poppy- August’s flower, though they bloom in May

Rose- The flower of June, a hardy and lovely flower in the sun

Ruby- July’s birthstone

Shizuka-From Japanese shizu “quiet” combined with ka “summer” or ka “perfume”

Sita- Sanskrit, “furrow”, Hindu goddess of the harvest

Sol- Spanish for sun

Soleil- French for sun, recalls the actress Soleil Moon Frye, an intrepid baby namer herself

Solstice- With word names like Story and Ever all the rage, this one struck me as a pleasant-sounding possibility

Solveig- Norse combining sol ”sun” and veig ”strength”

Summer- A name that’s had its day in the sun

Sumarlina- Icelandic for “summer”

Sunniva- Norwegian “sun gift”

Suvi- Finnish “summer”

Svetlana- Slavic “light”

Theresa- Greek theros ”summer”

Udane- Basque, from uda which means summer

Vasare- Lithuanian name meaning summer

Vera- From the Albanian verë for “summer”

Virginia- If your wee one comes toward the end of summer, you may wind up with a Virgo, making this related name particularly apt;  note that the state, Virginia, was named for the Virgin Queen, Queen Elizabeth I


August, Augustus- Latin, “great, venerable” after the Emporer Augustus, for whom the month was named

Aurelio- Latin, “golden”

Behar- Albanian, “summer”

Cyrus- Biblical, may be related to the Persian khur, meaning “sun”

Haru- Japanese “sunlight”

Hefin- Welsh for summer

Horus- Egyptian mythology, god of light

Hyperion- Greek mythology, the titan who presided over the sun and light

Julian, Julius- Latin, “downy-bearded”; July was named after Julius Caesar, and so might your child be!

Leo, Leonard, Leonardo, Leonidas, Leopold- If your baby is born under the sign of Leo, you have a multitude of options should you be stuck

Luke, Lucian, Lucius- From the Latin lux for “light”

Mehrdad- Persian “gift of the sun”

Prakash- Sanskrit “light”

Ra- Egyptian mythology, god of the sun

Ravindra- Sanskrit, “Lord of the sun”

Roshan- Persian “light, bright”

Samson- Hebrew, possibly meaning “sun”

Somereld- Scottish “summer traveler”

Surya- Sanskrit, Hindu god of the sun

Wekesa- East African origin, means “born during the harvest”

Above:  Vincent Van Gogh’s The Sower

A previous version of this article was published at YCCII on June 20, 2008

11 Responses to “Summer Baby Names, In Anxious Anticipation!”

  1. Sarah Myers Says:

    Oh Aurelia is lovely (both sound and meaning)! I’d love to add it to my list, but her father has a difficult time pronouncing it. Leona is clever for the little Leos born in July/August!

    I’ve never seen that meaning for Vera, only “truth”. Either way, it’s a classic name – and on my list!

  2. Dearest Says:

    I have to add that Sol is also the Norwegian word for sun, and in Norse mythology, Sol was the lady who rode a chariot with the sun in tow across the sky every day :)
    Solveig is not related to the sun at all, the Sol in Solveig comes from ‘Sal’ which means ‘home/house’ and is generally interpreted as ‘battles for the home’ or ‘devoted to the home’.

    Also, Somerled is the Scottish form of the Norse name Sumarlidi.
    And Augustin is one of my favourites for a boy. I can’t stand Augustus for some reason….

    Kudos for including Solstice! It’s been on my mind lately as a nice word name possibility (along with Crescent, Firefly, Harvest and Tower)

  3. alyssa Says:

    Wow! These are beautiful! I love your blog. I can only dream of using Lavender but Alexandrine is heavenly!

  4. Sebastiane Says:

    One of my loves is Vasare, which is from the Lithuanian meaning, “summer.”

    Other favorites are the Icelandic Sumarlina and Harpa, the latter is the name of a month in the Old Norse calendar that represented the first month of summer.

    Dagmar, Dagny
    Ondine-my absolute favorite female name
    Shizuka-this is cool

    August, Augustus
    Julian, Julius
    Lucian, Lucius
    Ra-would make a cool mn

  5. alyssa Says:

    This is a beautiful post! I’m right outside NYC and haven’t heard many of these names used which is refreshing! LOVE Augustine and Lavender and Aurelia (that was my tooth fairy’s name growing up. Creative mom!)

  6. youcantcallitit Says:

    Dearest, thank you for your comments!

    I’ve encountered multiple meanings for Solveig and Somerled, it’s true.

    The Oxford Dictionary of First Names has Somerled originating from the Old Norse personal name Sumarlior, which they give to mean “summer traveller.”

    For Solveig, Oxford lists it as derived from ‘salr’ (house) + ‘veig’ (strength). However, in Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, the title character of Solveig is associated with the sun– so I’m not the first to reference this as a possible etymology! also gives the sun meaning.

    Isn’t Solstice lovely? It really works as a name, because we only have reference to it a few times a year, it’s both familiar yet exotic. Love Crescent and Tower too.

  7. youcantcallitit Says:

    Mind if I add Vasare, Sumarlina, and Harpa? Beautful names.

  8. Sebastiane Says:

    No. I don’t mind at all :)

  9. vomiting Says:

    Love this! June has such a different feeling for me though, it’s Winter here. :)

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    That’s a fantastic idea, I think I’ll name my childrens’ Tooth Fairy (since I name everything else!)

  11. youcantcallitit Says:

    When you’re done here, head over to nameberry’s list of summer names. They came up with quite a few alternatives:

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