He gazed up to the sky, a long penetrating gaze, just after the ball grazed England goalkeeper Green’s fingers.

Hailing from Nacogdoches, Texas, Clint Dempsey (born Clinton) is our man.

Think more little Clints are in the works?  What about Dempsey?  It could go to a boy or a girl?

Landon Donovan is another from team U.S. who packs a double punch for potential namesakes.  Both Landon and Donovan have been on the rise for a while, but this may just be the boost the name needs to catapult him to stardom, especially if Donovan rises to the occasion during the games.

Beasley, Clark, Findley, Holden, Howard, and Spector all have potential to win over the hearts of American soccer fans with their surnames and make it to the birth certificate.  Bocanegra, after the captain Carlos Bocanegra, is a most adventurous option.

Men need an entry point.  It’s worth watching the world cup with them to see if you derive any inspiration together.  I myself tried to get to Josephine nn Josie via the Jozy Altidore angle (born Josmer), but it was a no go.  Perhaps you’ll have better luck than I had.

3 Responses to “World Cup 2010: Commiserating with the Boys”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    As an Englishwoman, it hurts me to read that Clint Dempsey is your man! Haha :) I wonder if the popularity of the name Robert will be damaged in England simply by association? Probably not.

  2. Emz Says:

    I love the US names. Landon! Clinton! DaMarcus! Brad! So American, and yet I still got excited. It’s like all the stuff I read online has suddenly become real. Landon Donovan is just about the most American name I can imagine.

    Of course I was cheering you on the other night as I’m Scottish so I’m in the ABE (Anyone But England – sorry Elizabeth ;) ) camp anyway, but Stuart Holden sealed the deal when he said he was playing for Scotland, the country he was born in, as well as the US.

    I love the World Cup. Shame Scotland are useless… maybe next time!

  3. Sebastiane Says:

    I suppose I could see Bocanegra on a girl. Donovan, Clinton and Spector I can definitely see catch on. Clark is due for a comeback and Holden is already somewhat trendy.

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