It's Loretta

November 6th, 2009


The mystery of the mismatched twins’ names may be solved at last.

I’ve been operating under the natural assumption that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins were called Marion and Tabitha.  Yet in an interview with Access Hollywood, Parker reveals that it was James who chose Marion, and that “he wanted it legal.” Voilá! The parents kowtowed to their sons’ request and one twin adopted a second name, only that second name was put in the first slot.  Twins are called LORETTA and Tabitha (full names: Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick).  Sweet story.

Many of you wrote in the comments that you found Marion and Tabitha an unnatural pairing.  Do Loretta and Tabitha mesh better to you?  I actually think the first pairing is more complementary, though I do love Loretta and the bubbling Southern twang fad.

So what say you readers?  Is Loretta (v. Marion) a disappointment or a revelation?  Have any of your children gotten involved with the process of naming their siblings?

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  1. rockingfetal Says:

    Loretta and Tabitha do seem better matched. More frilly.

    I think it’s odd to give a child that much power. Why not Loretta Marion? Maybe let him pick a middle for each. I know a couple people that say it’s a PITA to go by their middles. At least James has decent enough taste to pick something nice and of substance.

  2. British American Says:

    Oooh, interesting. I know a lot of people were wondering why one child had two middle names and the other just one. I guess this is why!

    I do think I like Loretta better, especially with Tabitha. I wonder if the names get shortened to Lori and Tabi? I guess it sounds more ‘matchy’ to have both twin names ending in ‘a’ and I do like that.

    My daughter was 27 month when her brother was born, so too young to really have any input. I did have her say out loud some of the names we liked – as it was cute to hear them with her little 2 year old voice. I don’t really think I’d go for having actual input from my kids though.

  3. British American Says:

    Yeah, having him picking a middle name for each would have been nice (and balanced). And true that Marion is an impressive pick for a child.

  4. Laurie Brown Says:

    Maybe James liked Marion (Marian in the musical) from when Dad (Matthew Broderick) starred in a 2003 television movie version of THE MUSIC MAN.

  5. Bek Says:

    See, I kind of find that Loretta and Marion have a similar feel for me – both on the older side of middle aged. Maybe that’s because I have friends with moms that are named Loretta and Marion. Either way, I almost see Loretta and Marion as sisters, and neither with Tabitha…

    Interesting they went with James’s request in the first name slot…

  6. Julie Says:

    My second sister was born when I was five and my first sister was two. We wanted her to be named Jessica, but our parents wouldn’t go with it. At least until she was born. She was named Jessica because the name suited her, not because my sister and I had power. Although we thought we did. We tried the same methods with subsequent siblings and were not blessed to have a brother named Thomas. He was named Eric with the permission of our half brother, because our half brother’s middle name is Eric

  7. Laura Says:

    I really liked Marion! Especially due to Maid Marion reference to Robin Hood. I do agree however that Tabitha and Loretta are better suited, Marion is a more energetic name.

  8. Jaime Says:

    I mostly think it’s weird that they didn’t either put Marion in the mn spot and/or let James pick another name for the second twin so that they’d both have an equal number of names (and hopefully both go by the one in the fn spot).

    I think Marion and Tabitha go better than Loretta and Tabitha. I would’ve preferred to see Miriam and Tabitha. I don’t care for Loretta at all…wonder where they came up with that one? Etta is cute, but Loretta is way too country for my tastes.

  9. blissfully caffeinated Says:

    If we had let our kids pick our new baby’s name she would have been named Glitter Sparkles or, at best, Rose Sparkles. And I’m so not kidding. Still, I almost think I would rather have Rose Sparkles than Loretta. I like Marian much better.

  10. Jane Says:

    Loretta and Tabitha seem better matched to me than Marion and Tabitha. (Although, I prefer Marion.) Like some others of you, I also find it weird that they bowed to James’ wishes, but if they were going to do that, then why not ask him to pick a name for the other twin, too? Surely not a hard ask!

  11. Juliet Skye :) Says:

    I don’t understand why people complain about the twins names not working well together or flowing. They will grow up to be individuals- not the same person. What matters is choosing names that you truly love, that will age well, fit in the lifestyle the child will be raised in and won’t cause conflict for the child

    I think Marion and Tabitha does sound more pleasant.Loretta doesn’t appeal to me, so I’m biased.

    I haven’t had kids yet, so I can’t contribute on that

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